Monday, April 16, 2012


I was listening to songs on Youtube yesterday and heard this guy singing.  OMG!!!
He is AMAZING.  The first song is him using his deeper voice, but OMG his range is unbelievable.  PLEASE try to listen to a couple of them!

ABOVE:  Nick Pitera.  I feel he sings covers better than the original singers!  I'm in love with his voice.

- Make a Dr's appointment for Lacy.
- Get a new midwife for Lacy.
- Ring WINZ to find out what financial assistance she can get towards getting her own flat/house.

Lacy also needs to see how she can get her furniture down to Auckland, at the moment it is in storage up North.   If we can get it down here, it will need to be put into storage here as there is NO ROOM in my house for anything else right now.

I also want to cook a big pot of vege' soup, so Stew and I can have it for our lunches.  I'm sick of salads, stir fry's, smoothies and the like.  Need something different.
Omelettes.... I like them too... so will alternate soups with omelettes for a while.

Everything takes time.
Dr tomorrow.
WINZ on friday.
No idea how she's going to get her furniture down here.... 
Or where to put it.

I'm getting wound up ... and thinking we have made a major blunder bringing her here, as the welfare authorities are bound to take one look at our home and go.. Oh she's in safe housing... so she will go to the bottom of the list.

Dammit all... when is life going to get a bit easier for Me and Stew?

LYNDA:  I agree totally!  I rang my Dr for an appointment for her... so SHE can organise a new midwife.  SHE has been on the phone ALL MORNING trying to organise things.
I love the idea of the tent!  That is a really good idea... maybe if she's in a tent HOUSING NZ will bump her up the list!
NOW... all I need is a tent!

Yeah... that won't happen I think!  
As for moving the gym equipment back into the garage... can't happen.   Steve sleeps in the garage and if the gym equipment is down there Stew will not be able to use it at 6 in the morning.  
There was a reason why it came up into a bedroom.

Griffin will only be in the garage with Steve until Lacy moves out... which hopefully won't be too long.

And strangely, Griffin is loving being in the garage with Steve!  Steve is his HERO afterall!  lol

MEL:  Let's not go there.  NOT an option.
SANDIE:  same reply.  

Lacy and I got lots sorted out this morning.
I WILL help her as much as I can, as it will benefit US to help her move into her own place asap.  

End of Day:  a good day.. some bumps ... but good at the end.
ON TRACK:  bit of stress... some emotional eating, but still not too bad.
No jellybeans!
nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris, you mentioned bed bugs yesterday. You MUST get Lacy's bedding hot washed or dry cleaned. We took bedding to a holiday camp in the UK and bought bed bugs home with us. Once they were in the house we fumigated twice (using all sorts of hideous toxic spray that meant we had to be out of the house for 24-36 hours) and finally gave up and purchased a new bed, mattress and linen.

    They are a nightmare to kill!!

  2. That voice amazing the internet is so cool for finding amazing people.

    Busy day ahead for you then. Omelettes are myfav snack at the moment.

  3. That voice amazing the internet is so cool for finding amazing people.

    Busy day ahead for you then. Omelettes are myfav snack at the moment.

  4. Sure a full house at your place. Caravans can no place for mom's and babies good on ya for taking her in.<3

  5. You did what you thought was right, don't second guess your decision. I would go the family violence angle and Lacys ex knows where she is etc. That its unsafe for her and your family her being there? Just a thought! Good luck!

  6. Life will get easier when you stop enabling her behaviour. She should be in the garage not Griffin! She should be worrying not you- he'll put a tent up and tell winz that! Time to move the gym back to the garage perhaps.

    It is up to her to find a midwife and doc. Stop taking on HER problems. I understand that you had to get her out of where she was but that is all you should do. Tough love Chris.

  7. Totally agree with Lynda, G should not have been moved to the garage, and yes maybe consider moving the gym back down and give G a bedroom back.

  8. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Chris, I can't see how things will get any easier for you. I know this idea might sound like a real dumb-arse idea to you and I don't want to offend you, but would Lacy consider putting her baby up for adoption? I have friends who failed to conceive during their first IVF program but are trying a second time as they really want a family. My own brother was adopted as my parents also had problems conceiving - there are loving families out there who would cherish the chance to adopt. I can only see a long road of struggles for Lacy and her baby.

  9. It's a big trend now with many youtube singers doing covers. Teens are the major supporters of such singers. My girl loves the covers more than the original. Some of these singers hold concerts in different countries.

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Google emergency housing Auckland
    Lots of options

  11. I've heard that guy before. I can't believe he can sing so high.

    I haven't been following the Lacy thing but I'm trying to figure out how far along she is. Hope everything goes okay! :D

    If it were my pregnant daughter it would be really, really hard not to want to protect her. I'm not there yet so I really can't judge.

  12. Bedbugs? O Golly , what horrible memories for me. We were young and dumb and not much money so I purchased a used mattress set. Didn't think to link the itching that started to the mattress. Went to the doctor and he said FLEAS! Every "itchy-problem" we have ever had the doctors want to blame on Fleas! Finally got somebody with some sense that ran the right tests and said bedbugs!I came home and drug that evil mattress out the door and over the railing down into the yard where I set that booger on Fire!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that young man's voice! You were right -he is a winner.

  13. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Just do what you think is right Follow your gut so to speak.
    D-stress Well I go for a walk or bike ride do a bit of gardening & just generally think happy thoughts
    Watch a mindless TV programme
    I refuse to let situations stress me out end of story.
    Mary H

  14. I am really looking forward to hearing how you get on with hnz, we housed the daughter, boyfriend and baby in a cabin for 4 months while they waited for a house but because they had a place to live they werent a priority, then when they found a rental and were only in it for a couple of months before it got sold and they basically had no where to go as the cabin had gone back they still werent a priority, they told me even if they lived at home with me in a one room house they werent a priority because they had somewhere to live....absolutely hopeless and such a load of crap this no emergency try to do the right thing but often its the wrong thing but heart breaking at the same time.....Hope HNZ in Auckland is a lot better than down here....

  15. I love his voice!

    And I love your disclaimer...
    either it's new or I've been lame in not noticiing it before. I think it's excellent!!!

  16. I think you are an amazing mother that will support her children no matter what. That is unconditional love in my eyes, so well done to you and Stew. It's not easy, can totally see that though.

    I work with these sorts of situations alot. Honesty is the best policy. Go to meetings with her, and be frank about your situation and not being able to have her living with you. Put it into writing and originally signed to take with you so that its all there for people to see, rather than heresay and third party comments.

    HNZ, Salvation Army, womens refuge and WINZ will all be agencies available up there to support her. I don't know many other local ones, but there will be other individual agencies too. Women's refuge is ofter looked down upon and seen only for domestic violence - however they help ANY women, and especially those with young children or whom are pregnant. I would suggest giving them a call. They can help with housing, clothing, groceries, "stuff".

    You're an amazing mother - doing what you need to do to support a child. Don't let people tell you otherwise.
    Karma always comes back to you, it may be stressful at the moment, but it will ease.

  17. whoa sorry that was a book!!

  18. I'm sorry I watched all 3 videos & I don't like him, he is too breathy when he sings & is over angsty - just my opinion.

  19. Send Lacy to me, she would probably hate me after a week because I don't put up with any crap, and would definitely tell her straight to sort her entire life out. My first gripe would be with her lack of work ethic, but then expecting the NZ tax payer to support her lifestyle. I've worked right through two pregnancies and don't believe a person has the right to continually bludge for years on end. The benefit system was designed as a stepping stone for people who found themselves needing temporary support, not a system to allow a person to live for years without contributing. Yep, I'm sure she would hate me after a week, lol, but although I'd definitely tell it like I see it, but would just expect her to step up and contribute. I know she is pregnant, but that shouldn't be an excuse to do nothing. Hope sue is pulling her weight around your place.


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