Friday, April 13, 2012


I bought a punnet of supposedly 500 mealworms a month or so ago... and now we have an adult mealworm beetle.  Just waiting for a couple more to evolve and we will be 'breeding' them too.

ABOVE:  this is the adult beetle! When I first saw it I had no idea where it came from... but after reading up on mealworms... now I know. 
It is almost as interesting watching the mealworms grow and change as it is to feed them to the frogs!
I know, gross.  

The kids have been enjoying the spa, I got this photo of our Joshua last night after his spa!

ABOVE:  mad hair!  It's so tempting to give him a haircut.... but he's not my kid so I better not.  It's an awesome photo eh?  *smiles*

We bought the dogs a ball each yesterday, Coco LOVES her's... Teddy?  Not interested at all.
I got this cute little video of Coco playing with her ball  last night:

ABOVE:  see how clever she is, she 'throws' the ball with her mouth!  Teddy is not impressed.

TODAY:  well, Bex goes home at some point... and it's the last day of having Joshua as he leaves tomorrow.  So, we will have some fun.

I've got three fridge magnet kits from my Mum for the kids to make.... so that's what we are doing.


The kids made the fridge magnets, and as we had masses of plaster left over, we decided to go down to Spotlight to get some more moulds, paint etc.

ABOVE:  It took some concentration to fill the little moulds just right...

ABOVE:  Spotlight were selling these really lovely bathmats for half price, so I got us two and Bex got herself one too.  And then at Briscoes Bex bought 'the house' a dish drying rack.  
We generate so many dishes during the day that we fill the dishwasher twice over, so I have decided to do the daytime dishes by hand.  I refuse to run the dishwasher twice every day.

I spoke with Lacy today... things are unravelling for her and her partner.  Something happened last night that is very worrying, and she may yet have to move home for a while.

I will be updating Pepsi shortly.

I'm pretty sure Lacy is coming home tomorrow.  
We cannot stand back and allow her to live in a caravan. In three months she would be there with a new baby... on her own, in winter.  We hope Housing New Zealand can get her into her own flat asap.... but we will not be holding our breath.

End of Day:  eventful.  What else can I say.
ON TRACK:  Stew bought me jellybeans.
nite nite


  1. He's a cutie! I really liked Trevor's hair when it was longer. Kind of sad he wanted it shorter again.

  2. what a cutie coco is teddy typical male and older brother just sitting watching lol...cute grandson too chris enjoy doing craft with the kids. I did reply on my blog to you but...the bottom of the tattoo was quite painful but above the ankle was ok :)

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    No comments today? Is blogger playing up? Beautiful day in Melbourne today! Just thought I would say Hi and get that kids hair cut! Just text his Mum and ask if she would like you to do it:)
    Have a great day!
    Love Chris xxx

  4. Sounds like a busy household for you. Hope all goes well re Lacy.
    Did you get my email about crafty things?
    Have a good day and must say it's great that you have such a willing shopping partner in Bex.. :)

  5. Mad hair and gorgeous eyes!

  6. ewwwwwwwwwwww at bugs, and that hair PEOPLE pay serious $ for hair like that, the dogs funny as HAD another BBQ day got suntanned and after serious descrubbing in shower I is all clean.....

  7. On track.. does that mean you eat the jelly beans or not? Stew should know better then to bring a diabetic jelly beans.

  8. Anonymous12:15 AM

    You are soooo good at finding fun things for the kids to do artsy things!! The beetles are...welll...interesting. Do the frogs eat the beetles?? Love Coco's video! That was cute. Wonder why Teddy doesn't play? Maybe he was just grumpy that day! !! ...debbie

  9. Have a good weekend. Good luck with Lacy.


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