Sunday, April 15, 2012


So.... the house has been re-arranged again... I doubt it will ever stop!
We moved Griffin into the Garage with Steve (and Bex when she is staying over)... and Lacy has Griffin's room upstairs.

Stew and I waivered all morning yesterday, second guessing what we were doing in taking her in... and I felt like that right up until I got to the Motor Camp... and actually SAW where she was living.

Now there is nothing wrong with living in a caravan... IF said caravan was in a half decent state.  The one she was in was NOT.
It was disgusting.  Damp, smelly, and the mattress on the bed was riddled with bed bugs.  Lacy is covered in bites.

 ABOVE:  doesn't look that bad from the outside eh?

ABOVE: it's a shame you can't SMELL the inside! It had a 'shower' that didn't even have any water pipes ... so it was just a damp 'box' in the corner!  Can you see the mould ?  I could smell it.

Not only was the caravan disgusting.... I felt the entire Motor Camp was right seedy.  
My Sister-in-Law Khady lives just up the road from the Motor Camp and she said it has a dreadful reputation for drugs and the like.
I'm so glad Lacy is out of there.

ABOVE:  Lacy trying to get her laptop to connect to the internet here.  She has a Vodum Stick?   but the reception here is not that good for some networks.  It took a while for her to get a connection.

Today:  well the only thing on the agenda is grocery shopping... we didn't get around to it yesterday at all.
And it has to be done.... much as I hate grocery shopping!

I just had a thought!  We can leave Brylee and Griffin here with Lacy and slope off to the mall for a nice morning tea, THEN do the grocery shopping and come home.   Yeah!


Grocery shopping done and dusted.
Morning tea with Stew... well not that nice in fact.
We went to the Coffee Club at the Apex Mega Centre, opposite Sylvia Park.
We ordered and sat down.
Stew's drink and muffin arrived in about 3 minutes.
Then we waited.
And waited.
And after almost 20 minutes my hot Chocolate and Ham/Cheese Croissant arrived. (meanwhile, Stew had finished his) 
The Croissant was bloody awful!
Virtually no cheese or bacon to be seen.
And it was chewy.

So when I got home I sent them an email and told them what I thought of their bloody croissant!
Cos I could.

Feel better now.  But only just.  That bloody croissant cost $8.50!  Rip off merchants.

Groceries away... lunch... then?
Return lightbulbs we bought yesterday... we got the wrong ones.  *sigh*

JACKIE:  I am a 'non confrontational' sort of person.... so an email is more comfortable for me.  I find you can say so much more in an email than face to face with a staff member.  This way, the email is read by management, and dealth with by management.

ABOVE: Stew cooked dinner tonight.  He used mince stew that I had made yesterday and turned it into Shephard's Pie... OMG it was so nice too.  I think I'm the only person who likes peas, so I got lots.  *smiles*

End of Day:  no problems today at all.
ON TRACK:  yes, not bad at all.
nite nite.


  1. Well it looks like your former life was a furniture mover eh, hopefully you can rest up today and maybe relax?

  2. Hope none of the bed bugs have come for a ride to your house. I'd seriously wash everything and maybe throw out everything that can't be washed

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It would have been a tough decision to bring lacy home however parents take care of their own don't they. I had my first child at 18 and would have been lost without the support of my parents. My son who is almost 15 now is the apple of his grandparents eye. Its tough on your own but you have to have a fire in your belly to want to make it work. I worked full time and studied part time and made it work. I guess what i trying to say is if lacy wants this to work and wants to make a good life for herself and her baby she is going to have to fight for it. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink as such. I love your blog Chris and have been reading it for a long time. YOU'RE an amazing person and would do anything for your family.

  4. How do you find enough time in the day? Even with mostly grown children, you are one of the busiest moms ever! Hope you're having a relaxing weekend:)

  5. You should have complained then and there......

  6. YEAHHHH make sure everything is washed! Shame landlords can get away with renting such a soddy place.

  7. You don't have to be confrontational you could have just said something and then they would have had a chance to sort it then and there. Emails they can just ignore....

  8. OMG that shepherds pie looks so good in the photo! And I don't like shepherds pie.....

  9. I'm like you Chris, non confrontational (possibly just a wuss). I would have sent them an email too. How the handle it will be the test.

    If the camping ground Lacy was in is the one I suspect it was it is a s@$¥thole. Many of the residents are druggies, alkies & parolees with no place else to go.

  10. I have a small room downstairs that has no ventilation. I had a mold problem with my scuba gear being all wet down there in the heat. I bought a knee high dehumidifier that was about $400 US that dries it out and solved all my problems. One of those would be good for your caravan, just run an extension cord out there and plug it in for a day or two..

  11. Oh yeah, the plate of food looks great! I love peas!

  12. I've just spent the last half hour readning your blog and catching up on everything. You know how I feel about your blog. Love it, love you. I love how you share everything with us. I feel honored to be included on the private blog as well. You just continue to amaze me on how you have time to do so much. I think you are fantastic...but you know that's how I feel. My fingers are crossed that things work well with Lacy...I really hope she has begun to appreciate you and Stew.

  13. On the photo of Lacy and her laptop, do I spy some blue and white Polish pottery!!?? I collect it and just love it - do you have much?

    Guess Lacy is feeling great being in a nice clean house with family around. You are a little star!!

  14. I looooove peas and all my kids and husband thinks it's so gross. Something is wrong with them.

  15. I hope all her clothes and such went straight into the wash so you don't get infested with the bed bugs. A girl at work had them and it cost her a lot of money to get rid of them!


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