Sunday, April 08, 2012


Yesterday we got a pre-dinner visit from some lovely friends of ours... Jacqui, Martin and their kids.
I was having a lovely cluck over wee Sofia Grace... till Steve got home from work!

ABOVE: next thing I know.. he's got his mitts on her and I don't get a look in!  She's such a happy wee girl! 

Steve downloaded a new game for the X-Box.... called 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".... and we have been really enjoying playing it. 

ABOVE:  the first 2-3 questions are fairly easy, so either Brylee or Griffin have to read them and try to answer them.  It's really good for them both, but particularly Griffin who struggles to read.  He is enjoying the game though!  We all are.  We haven't managed to get to the end of a single game yet... and sadly, the game is rather addictive.
If you have an X-Box, I highly recommend this game for it's educational capabilities if nothing else!  It only cost $10.

Stew's sister Khady is having problems with the neighbours cat sitting on her deck and scaring HER cats, forcing them to stay indoors all day.  So Stew suggested she squirt it with a water gun.  She ain't got a water gun... but we do.  So, Stew got her one and showed her how to use it:

ABOVE:  she figured out how to use it real fast!  And what a shot... it was the only one I took of her trying out the water gun, and I caught her perfectly!  Doesn't Stew look happy too?  Don't see too many smiles on my man's face lately.
Huge stress at work, stress at home.  Poor man never gets a break.

 ABOVE: Showing Rena how to squirt the water gun too.  

So, yesterday was lovely.  Here's hoping today is more of the same.
Stew got a sleep in today... I carefully stage managed it (and all the kids) so he could.
He slept in until almost 11 am!  Poor bugger needed it obviously.

We had planned on going out to Maraetai today, but the tide is going to be fully out in the afternoon, so we have changed our plans.
NOW we are going for a walk down by the waterfront, and then have a Movenpik Icecream.

Best laid plans!  Sometimes don't work out.
We left for the waterfront, and Mission Bay this afternoon... all went well until we had to stop/start all the way along the waterfront in our cars.... until Bex's car DIED ... so we had an impromptu stop while her car cooled down... which was OK as it happened right beside a lovely kids park.

ABOVE: Luckily, it started again within 5 minutes.  

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex being silly in the park.

After spending a little time at the park we carried on around the waterfront to Mission Bay.  Sadly, Bex's car stopped AGAIN right at the main intersection in Mission Bay, so Stew, Steve and Kelly had to get out and push it through the intersection.  
After they got it going again, Steve and Bex decided not to risk it again, so went home.  
Kelly, Rena, Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I stayed for an icecream... but because there was a very long queue at the Movenpik Shop, they just got a regular ice cream from the dairy.  I didn't.  Wasn't hungry.

ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena in the kitchen.
End of Day:  another really lovely day!  Usually it rains and blows a gale at Easter, so it's been so nice to actually have glorious weather for a change.
ON TRACK:  yes... all good!
nite nite.


  1. Looks like a really nice family day, oh look out for the water fights now!!!!

  2. glad it was a good day hope there are many more to come

  3. Steve sure is a baby guy. Hope when he's married he has lots of them.

  4. Rena is growing up so fast!
    Happy Easter Break

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me. That little Sofia really is a doll - she is almost too pretty to be real and it looks like she adores Steve.

    That was neat of Stew thinking of the water gun. I used one to train all 3 of my kitties -I did not want them on the kitchen table and I did not want them attacking my birds in the house and it worked like a charm. I have 3 of the best mannered kitties in town. So, I know it works and does not hurt anybody.

    I Hate to hear that Stew is dealing with too much stress-that is so very dangerous for him. He needs to find someway to destress.
    Stress is a real killer.

    Happy Easter to one and all!

  6. Happy Easter Chris and family!!! That Rena is a doll baby, so beautiful.
    I love the water gun idea. I have used it before and works quite well!!
    Your home is so pretty and looks so comforatble and inviting.

    God bless~

  7. Sounds like a fun day. I am glad you got to spend time with the family, it sounds like Stew needs the break too.

    Hasn't this weather been amazing, especially considering the crap weather they said we would get.

  8. Anonymous12:41 AM

    HAPPY EASTER!! DO YOU CELEBRATE WITH EASTER EGG HUNTS for the little kids? We're having one today. Everyone is coming at 1 pm for dinner and egg hunt! I love your kitchen! ...debbie

  9. Love reading your blog . I stole your colour scheme for Easter . Beautiful baby . Happy family

  10. You like to live life dangerously, don't you. Water gun inside the house?


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