Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We have sorted out Lacy's furniture dilemma .... Stew is going up to Kerikeri on Thursday with a furniture trailer to collect it.
It HAS to be picked up by Saturday, as it's in a friend's garage, and they move out of that property on Saturday.
So.. Stew to the rescue.  And maybe Steve.  He is going to try and get Thursday off to help his Dad with the heavy things.
Fingers crossed on that one.

Today:  after some big BUMPS in our relationship lately... Amanda and her kids are coming to visit today.  So... all going well we will bury the hatchet and move forward.

Family ... you can't live with them... or without them!  *smiles*

Later on today, Lacy is going to register at our local Medical Centre.  And probably ring a new midwife that a friend of mine recommended.  

See... things are coming together.

The furniture was a big worry... now not.
Housing for Lacy.  Well I am sure something will work itself out eventually.
We are resigned to it taking a while.
Which is OK.  

As long as everyone is healthy... it's all good.
Being positive.  Cos the alternative will just make us stressed out, to no avail.

I had planned on making a big pot of vege soup yesterday.  Didn't happen.  Will do that today too.  

Blog reading/commenting?  Too busy mate! Sorry.
'DAYS OF OUR LIVES'.... just keeps going on and on and on....


ABOVE:  I finally got the soup on... just before Amanda and kids arrived.

 ABOVE: Hmmmm, now what is in here I wonder?

ABOVE:  No Grandma, I will NOT share my raisins with you, nope, not at all!

 ABOVE:  but I will turn the dishwasher on for you?  

 ABOVE:  I take that as a 'NO' then?  *sniff* 

 ABOVE: the 4 bigger kids... playing QUIETLY for a change.

 ABOVE:  Joel asked me why I always take photos of them?  I dunno... maybe cos you are rather cute?

ABOVE:  another nice one.

We are heading out in a minute, Lacy has a Dr's appointment... and Amanda is going to meet us down at the mall for an ice cream.

the afternoon went to plan, right down to the ice cream!  Only a single scoop though, so am not beating myself up over it.

I burnt the soup.  So Steve is going to make everyone toasted sandwiches for dinner.

Did I mention I've got a cracker of a sore throat today?  Well.. I do.  Bound to be just a viral thing... so no point going to the Dr.  

End of Day:  an excellent day in all... very happy all is well with Lacy/Amanda again.
ON TRACK:  sort of?
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Your Stew is a wonderful man, you got a good one Chris. Hope you enjoy your day with Amanda, kiddies and not to forget B & G too!

  2. wow thats great news on furniture, Amanda and Lacy I am still seething at my day going pear shaped .........

  3. Such an awesome husband and daddy!!! Glad to see Amanda is coming for a visit. fingers crossed the stormy weather has passed for you all now.

  4. Glad to hear things are turning around for you - enjoy the time with Amanda and your grandkids
    Have a great day.

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    As long as everyone is healthy... it's all good.
    Being positive. Cos the alternative will just make us stressed out, to no avail.

    Just remember this always always

  6. Reminds me too much of some of the crisis we have faced.

    I will never forget a Dr. telling us that once you have children you are always a parent, never off the hook. That was about 20 years ago when we were experiencing our first time on our own in 28 years. It lasted 3 months plus the time Greg was in hospital after the accident which turned him into a paraplegic.

    His words echo through my head almost every day.

    You never can predict what life will throw at you.

    I hope you can help Lacy find somewhere nice to live. In the meantime wish you all the best for today.

    Oh! And I never take the blame for my adult children's behaviour. They make their own choices. But often we, as parents, are the only ones who care enough to give them the hand up they need.

    Stay strong and take care of yourself too.


  7. I hope the day went well and that things stay positive for you for a while...it sounds like you are on a good track.

  8. Glad you had a good day and all is well with your daughters again... xxx

  9. Hope that sore throat doesn't hang around. You take care of yourself and take it easy for a little while if you can.
    I absolutely love the disclaimer on your blog. I agreee with you.....if they don't want to read about "real life" in your household then they should click that X in the top corner.
    Happy that all went well today and that things are slowly getting sorted out.
    Big hugs from the other end of the Island :)

  10. dang! the soup looked so good to chicken! But toasties sound pretty good!

  11. I always like it when you post pictures of the kids.

  12. Good to hear things are sorting themselves out and everyone is coming around. Bummer about the soup it looked good. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. I miss Emily. She's so darn adorable.


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