Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today is ANZAC DAY ... here and in Australia.  It's the day we honour our fallen soldiers and Vets.

 As it's a public holiday, safe travels to all on the roads.
ABOVE: our darling Sienna... enjoying ice cream.  She has the cutest little button nose! And my eyes. (yeah, yeah Russell, they are your eyes too)

NEXT:  a few photos from last night, with Steve and his Birthday Cake:

ABOVE: the cake, it was a really moist, rich chocolate cake.  Worth having a wee bit.

ABOVE:  no words for that 'pose'.... he's a right dick.  Notice the 'Mini Steve' on the right?

ABOVE:  it's funny watching his face, but Brylee's is worth a look too.  *smiles*  I loved this series of photos... even though the lighting/setting on me camera was crap.

ABOVE:  finally, a nice one!  He's holding two glasses I got him...silver 'holders' and blue glass.  The holders have naked women as the handles and dragons all around the outside, and the blue glass comes out for washing.  He loved them.  He also got gift vouchers for clothes and a bottle of Vodka.  He likes vodka.

Next:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Shelley in Australia.  Must be nice knowing your birthday is ALWAYS a holiday!

As for the rest of today.... I hope we can go out for a nice walk on a beach.  I miss the beach.  We didn't go nearly enough this summer.


The shops open after lunch, so we are going out... to look at prams.

AND... just want to clear this up ... Steve is Griffin and Brylee's UNCLE... not brother.   

It's been a fairly quiet day here, we went out and priced prams for Lacy, but that's about all!
I had a 'nana nap' this afternoon, it's hard trying to manage on about 4 hours sleep a night.. which had dragged on for about a week now.
The cough is getting better, but I still have really gorgeous coughing fits at odd times.  

End of Day:  I started listening to my newest favourite singer (Nick Pitera) on Youtube late this afternoon and I'm still listening! 
ON TRACK:  yeah!  
nite nite.


  1. Sienna really is the cutest thing, Nana will go crazy when you see her!, How nice that Brylee and Griffin have a goofy brother and they can see how relaxed he is and fun, Lacy looks positively glowing in those photos, ME ANZAC day I'm SHOPPING for myself!!! I will see how far our woeful stores go but at least I,m shopping for me this time.

  2. Great pictures, Chris. I love the "mini me". It is clear that Steve is a role model and very special brother to Griffin.

  3. I bet I can guess how old Steve is!
    Here is a similar memorial day but not a holiday

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Thanks Aunty! Love Shell :-)

  5. Great pictures of your family! It looked like a good time.
    I saw on my calendar today that it's ANZAC day. Thanks for cluing me in on its meaning.

  6. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Those glasses are beautiful! Very appropriate for a 25 year old guy -with naked women on them! WOMBAT

  7. What a lovely family you have!!!

  8. Anonymous2:25 PM

    We have one of those glasses, they came as a set of 2 and one was given to my husband and his brother from their Dad. The naked lady is the handle but the silver pattern is grapes and vines. Funny - my husband loves it 2 lol. Steve is hilarious!! Enjoy your day. Bec

  9. Hello! It's still Tuesday here. Glad you had a great holiday, tho'.

  10. Boy I'm way out of the loop.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to Steve. Love the photos.

    it's a lovely anzac day. Hope you enjoyed it.

  11. oops I meant to put Uncle I was thinking how nice brother and sister set looked 2 older ones and the 2 younger ones my bad...

  12. Great pics, he's such a hottie :)


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