Saturday, April 28, 2012


I seriously LOVE feijoas... and Bex bought a big bag of them up with her yesterday.

ABOVE: Kelly made a feijoa cake last night too.  YUM.  We ate it HOT.. OMG it was delicious.

I've actually got two feijoa trees out the back, but they are just baby's... so don't have much fruit at all... and they are piddly little ones.

MINI RANT:  I was getting all wound up yesterday, feeling very cross about the amount of running around I'm having to do for Lacy.  Feeling very put upon and wondering where the hell MY LIFE went.
I need a bloody BIG slap!
Because the biggest reason why I NEED to be doing all the running around is to make sure Lacy does not go into PREMATURE LABOUR and deliver her baby too soon!
This is a very real possibility due to her medical history.
Talking to Lacy's Midwife yesterday reminded me how this is very real... and the LAST thing we all want is for Miss Muppet to come too early and have to spend a long time in Neonatal Care.   So... I've just got to suck it up and stop getting cross.

I just wish I wasn't so tired all the time.  My cough is still present... comes and goes all the time... but the periods of extreme coughing are getting less and less, so I must be on the mend.

Just as well... Mother's should not get ill eh?

Amanda and Emily are visiting today... going to be fun with all the girls here.


ABOVE:  breakfast time...

ABOVE:  Granddad makes a nice milo....

ABOVE:  girls, girls, girls... they flock to this Dude...

ABOVE: Let me do your hair Uncle Steve...

ABOVE:  and your's Granddad...

ABOVE:  11am... time to get up you tart...

ABOVE:  Aunty Lacy stole my Teddy... OMG!  Then she cuddled me and it was OK again... until she opened her window... 

ABOVE:  then Rena said "Don't throw me out there!" ... lol

ABOVE:  OMG!!!   *screams of terror*  NO I REALLY DON'T LIKE DEM FROGS!!!!

ABOVE:  Grandma taught me a new way to have me milk...

ABOVE:  Yeah.. I like it like dat! 

ABOVE:  Rena's thinking... now why didn't I think of that?

ABOVE:  ***SHARE ! ***... nummy.

Stew decided to walk to our nearest Hot Bread Shop for lunch bread buns... he ended up taking Bry, Griffin, Rena and Emily.

ABOVE: he looks rather happy eh?
Well... he wasn't really, and that's why he's on the phone right NOW, to the Local Police Station!

The story:  He was walking with the kids, came up to the intersection controlled by lights, pressed the button and waited for the "Go Now"... when it buzzed for them to cross, he did.
He was only half way across when a red Holden car came barrelling up to the intersection in front of them... the driver stopped and screamed at Stew that he was going across the road on a RED light!
Stew said to him... NO, WE ARE CROSSING ON A 'GO NOW' green light for pedestrians.

The guy didn't listen.. just tried to gun his car through the intersection, in front of Stew and the kids. He came so close to them that Stew put his hand out and hit the car on the window!

The guy jumped out of his car and threatened to punch Stew in the face!  
Stew said 'Bring it on then', but of course the guy just backed off, swearing profusely at Stew,  got in his car and took off!

There was a lady across the road watching all this unfold, and she took the guys number plate and told Stew she was a witness to that... and she had been really scared for our kids.

So, it's been reported, Stew has a witness... and I hope the Police fine his sorry arse.

End of Day:  well it's been an INTERESTING day to say the least.  Good deal of 'non verbal' avoidance tactics displayed by a few.  At least everyone played nice.
ON TRACK:  well... probably not.... that Feijoa Cake is just so delicious, Kelly had to make another one!
nite nite.


  1. Ok, so I've got to ask, what is a feijoa? I've never heard of it!

  2. feijoa, sounds Mexican. But it doesn't look Mexican in the bowl...

  3. Feijoas who could not love them when we can't eat them fast enough we make muffins, all the girls together, nice have a great day.

  4. Yay I glad you came to this conclusion re driving Lacey around. I know it's a pain but it will be worth it when the baby comes and is healthy. I still hate picking up my kid from school! (as is 9km away and too far to walk!) He goes on bus in the morning but the time table just doesn't work out in the afternoon. Oh well he is off to uni next year so I will be free then!

  5. Have a nice weekend with all your girls :)...and yes a quick slap is what we all need occasionally lol at the end of the day it will all come out well. The fejoa cake sounds yummo and still hot even better...

  6. o you start and I'm wondering what kind of fruit that is and it looks kind of like a lime? What is it?
    BUT my freakin heart is racin from the story of that crazy driver who would risk running over your family!!!!! WHAT on Earth!?!?!?!?!
    I hope you prosecute him.

  7. I don;t know why you ever think your blog is dull!!!!!!!!

  8. O Golly Jeez- Chris,
    How terribly scary! How horrible- Stew and the kids could have been hurt by some idiot! I am impressed that someone volunteered to get involved -most of the time people will not go out of their way to help.

    You are so right about Lacy- we just do not wanting anything to go wrong with Miss Muppet or her Mom. Shoot, how long does she have left -she can use a little extra love now . Plus being involved with your busy family life will help her "remember" down the road when she needs it. You have such a lovely family! That little Kelly makes me think so much of you.

  9. Oh chris poor Stew and kids what a frightening thing silly silly man in red car his goose is cooked!!!!

  10. I agree that this time with Lacy will help her so much. I wonder if she really can "start over"... get more respect for herself that she realises that she deserves better than she has had? I hope so.

    Also wondering if her sleep problems are down to past drug use? I know that screws up your sleeping ability.

    Feijoas? Oh God I hate them more than any other thing besides coriander!! BUT I know loads of people who love them :)

  11. Judith Spiers from UK7:45 PM

    what on earth is feijoa? i am from the uk and have never heard of it!

  12. !!!! WHOAA. Thank God there were witnesses!

    Will continue to pray for Lacy and for your sanity! You really are an awesome Mum! :)

    Too bad if ya disagree. :)


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