Saturday, April 14, 2012


*** I blog for three reasons:

1.  It's a great way for my kids and extended family to keep up with what is happening at home... and I know most of them like that.

2. It is like a diary for me... and it is neat to be able to go back and read what was happening, what we were doing etc in the past.

3.  I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers.

***Why I often want to stop blogging:

I get grief from family members because they don't LIKE what I have put on my blog.
I also get grief from readers (for various reasons) on and off.

So, I'm often left wondering ... why do I bother?
Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

And I'm also left wondering.... of all the negative comments, emails, phone calls etc... are they generated by anger, annoyance, jealousy, envy, disgust.... OR WHAT?

I 'air' family strife on here... and according to some I shouldn't.  
Ummmmm... to be honest I don't put the real bad shit on here!  I have a private blog for that!

Would everyone be happy to read about my day... without any personal stuff AT ALL?



Got to go get cash to pay for Joshua's trip back to Whitianga.
Then I have to spell out some 'ground rules' to a certain daughter BEFORE I let her through my front door.

And do the grocery shopping.
And the housework.
And after that.... pick up said daughter I suppose.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF.... I am 'supposed' to be positive and HAPPY... all the bloody time too.
Yeah... right.

off... skipping... ever so happily....♪ la ♪ la ♪ la ♪ la ♪ la  ...

BLOODY HELL... can anyone imagine ME skipping? I sure can't!


0 to fully wound up in 10 seconds flat!  That's what Stew just said about me.  Nice man!  But he's right I suppose.  I get wound up far too easy.

Anyway....  we've been out  this morning, buying light bulbs to replace a few blow outs... got cash for the shuttle.... Josh should be leaving in a few minutes.

Then ... lunch.... then.... move Griffin into the garage so Lacy can have his room FOR NOW.

End of Day: well Lacy is installed in the house... and we will take things one day at a time from now on I suppose.
ON TRACK: Yeah, not too bad!
nite nite.


  1. good luck to you and your family. Hopefully it wont be for long

  2. good luck to you and your family. Hopefully it wont be for long.I love your blogs and I nearly always smile when I read them so they sure as hell do me good every day and I am sure many many others who read it.

  3. Chris - wishing you all the best in this next adventure in your life.
    You are doing the best that you know how at the time and that is all anyone can ask.
    If only people could spend a day in your shoes/mind/life then maybe they might understand a bit more what is happening and cut you some slack.
    All the best

  4. It's your blog and you should put on it what you want. There are going to be negative responses but that is the commentors problem. I love it that you share your life with us, warts and all. Hugs...

  5. I'm always amazed so many people are negative towards you!

  6. Chris....I for one would really miss your blogging....Blogging to me is for the person doing it first & foremost.....secondly for sharing :) I love hearing about your days and all there ups & downs, hey that's life and if others don't like what they read....the answer for them is simple "don't read".
    Keep being the honest and open person you are.......your family are so very lucky that they have a mother/grandmother who cares. There are many people in this world that don't.
    Big hugs Chris as you go into the weekend doing what you feel is the best for your family.
    ps.....did you get that email from me about the craft and sewing tips and patterns I sent. xoxo

  7. In the end it is your blog, you choose what to write on it but there is always people that will agree and not agree with you, but that is what life is like. What you need to do is just take a step back from comments you don't agree with rather than getting all reeved up which you do, it is a public blog and you have to accept the backlash from bloggers or families if they don't agree with you. If you are going to write personal stuff on here and your family read that then expect some kind of response be it good or bad.I must admit you put a hell of a lot more family stuff on here than what I would ever do on my blog..... but again that is your choice but don't always expect the family to be supportive if they read stuff they may not like. Now you may not like the next part I write here but so be it..... To me it comes across that you like to be in the lime light, and by writing stuff on here that is personal brings many people in commenting etc as I know you thrive on comments,could you cope if you only got say 2 -3 comments regularly, I don't think so.... cause I notice when it happens you go on about being a boring blog etc..... my blog is for me first and if I get a comment or two great if not then so be it. Like I said above each to their own when it comes to blog writing but you must accept the good with the bad thats life.

    And on that note hope you have a good weekend :), and to cheer you up after reading this so you don't get shitty with me will try and put some photos up of Chico this weekend :)

  8. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Chris, I enjoy your Blog as it is. Your honest, funny, charming and I enjoy hearing about your family, dogs, buying sprees, vacations...everything...just keep doing what your doing. It's perfect!...debbie

  9. keep being u chris thats what counts...lifes too short to do what others want

  10. Hope your day goes well. You are doing your best.

    I'm with Jackie on trying to let some of the more hurtful comments slide by instead of reacting but I know that's easier said than done.

    One thing I learned a long time ago. Some people are not happy until they get a reaction and they deliberately stir things up. The only weapon we have is to not rise to the bait.

    Hope all goes well with Lacy. This is not easy for you I'm sure.


  11. Don't worry about what other people think. I often wonder why people take time to read something that obviously annoys them. Tell them to go read someone else's blog if they don't like it!
    If I tried to skip, I would probably break something...

  12. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I think your blog is amazing & I don't think you should change a thing. I like the personal aspect & that's why I keep reading. I also like being able to witness the unconditional love of a mother. Despite everything that has happened or how hurt you are you never give up on your kids and your door is always open. If I can be just a little bit like you with my own children then I will be a great person. To all the haters tell them to get f#*?#d! For all of the haters you have more people that wish they could be like you. They are not in your situation & are not as strong as you to do the right thing so I am guessing that's why the negative comments come. Hold your head high Chris because you are wonderful, Bec xx

  13. Nicole11:50 AM

    I love your blog and I look forward to reading it everyday. You are funny, happy and I am always blown away by the dedication you give your family. It's very easy to see that you are a spitfire and the glue that holds everyone together. You are amazing. Just turn off the comments and enjoy what makes you happy.

  14. Hooooo... boy. Welp. Yeah. Ground rules. Prayers for you all. Hang in there, Chris.

  15. I love reading your blog! Like seeing what you are up too,sewing projects,hospice finds,what the kiddos are up too! Dont change anything-if people dont like it,they dont have to read it. This is YOUR blog!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Heres hoping today brings some clarity and harmony Lacy and said baby need sfety and security I do hope it sails smoothly to a degree.

  17. I suspect Stew is right and it is a trait some of your kids have picked up. Que sera, that is who you are, I love reading your blog whether it is about your family dramas or what amazing bargains you found at the Hospice shop.

    Good luck with Lacy moving in and make sure the rules are clear & understood and what the consequences are if she breaks them and follow thru. Remember B & G are being affected by all this and they may not day anything.

    Relax & have a tipple tonight.

  18. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Chris I have read your blog for years now, I put my hand up yes im one of those people that rarely comment and when i do its positive things, Your Blog = You type what ever you feel like, one thing is for sure your very truthfull you say it how it is :) for the ones that have not so nice comment move on .All the best Chris your doing a great job! Regards Robyn Australia

  19. I don't know if my comment worked - I had to sign in and it disappeared.

    I blog for the same reasons! Mostly so Froggy and I can keep up with what each other is up to. I think I'm lucky because my blog is too low key and I fly under the Troll Radar.

    Because that's what most of them are. Trolls whose lives are so small and insignificant they need to hide behind the internet to hurt others. And it always hurts when family takes sides hey.

    I've read a few blogs that have stopped writing because the Trolls got to them. Please don't join their ranks! I love to read what you write; I enjoy the occasional 'peek' through the windows of someone else's life.


  20. Chris, today I attended a workshop and I learnt something. If we react out of our emotional anxiety, our response is usually negative. I usually don't buy into this motivational speaking thingy but this I'm starting to get. I hope things go well for you. It's hard for so many people to live together. I'm only a family of four but I came from a family of ten.

  21. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Dear Chris, I do love your blog, and the honest way you tell your life , I dought there are many families that are truely in harmony, true parents are there for their children, we may not always like our children, but we do love them. , I envy you all your family , you have more of your family living in your home ,than we have in our whole family full stop. You have grandchildren , we do not but we live in hopes lol. How you look so well, and in control , amazes me , I love looking at your bargains, and that darling son of yours. How good he is looking now he has returned home , and his lovely girlfriend., always remember it is your blog , so WRITE WHAT YOU WANT, and if we the readers don't like it , tell us to bugger off.
    Both you and your hubby work so hard to keep family together , a lot of people would fall apart at the first lhurdle, if the kids cannot get on , there the ones with the problem, I hope your daughter manages to get herself a home. I only know what you write on here , not privy to your other blog. But although I live in the UK., and short of winning the lottery I know I will never meet you, and I really would love to have a coffee with you.
    You have made house rules , stick to them,

    Sending you lots of hugs to keep you going.

    Joan in the U.K.

  22. chris i love you your my friend and your blog is who you are. you are not a fake or one to put on airs or try to market yourself here. it's just you reaching out to us and us reaching back. it's ur blog it's your life and I for one say don't change anything. just keep being you.

  23. I'm sometimes confused by the negative comments I find here. I know some are people who know you and want to somehow help, but it seems like the wrong way to go about it. Suggestions are one thing but to be told directly you are wrong and do it this way (because this is how I would do it!!!) is bordering of rude and intrusive.

    You are doing a great job with all your situations. Nobody is perfect and life just sucks sometimes.

    I love reading about your life and family and just want to give you encouragement and support to hang in there. There's nothing wrong with wanting a bit support or just an ear from your blog readers.

  24. I love your blog. I feel like we could sit down over a cuppa and have a long natter and not run out of things to say!

  25. Chris, I blog for my own personal enjoyment. If no one read my blog I'd still be blogging. Also, like you, I wanted to be able to look back. Don't worry about all the negatives. I get my feelings hurt when people are mean to me about my blog but I try to remember that it's just their opinion.


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