Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Stew and I need a break.


On our own.

So, I finally did it... I booked us a weekend away ... in an area we both love so much.
Matakana/Omaha Beach.

We are going to stay in the country, at the cutest little cottage on a farm....

ABOVE: how cute does this little cottage look?  I am going to love staying here, I just know it... COS... it's got COWS over the fence!  I really like cows.  And the smell of a farm... takes me back to when I was a little kid visiting my Grandmother on her farm.  Lots of lovely memories.

ABOVE: the interior.  Looks comfy.  There is a seperate bedroom too.  And this place is DEAD CHEAP!  Like, I could have booked us a place at Omaha Beach, but it would have cost DOUBLE ...  and I don't need to be right beside the beach to have a nice break away.  

I just want to be able to lie in bed for as long as I want!  And have some silence... and just be with Stew on my own. 
 And eat grapes in bed.  
And maybe a chocolate too.

I'm going to make up a basket of goodies for us... lovely fruit, crackers, cheeses.... maybe wine... BLISS.  Any other ideas for me basket of goodies????

I can't wait.
We are going on Friday 11th May, coming back on the Sunday.   BLISS.   That Sunday is MOTHER'S DAY here in New Zealand, quite possibly this will be the first Mother's Day I get to sleep in!

TODAY:  going to pop out and do a bit of banking.. pay a bill or two... maybe buy some fabric!  I don't think I've bought very much this year at all... and I feel the NEED to buy some.
And pay for our little weekend away too.


ABOVE:  and the day has started off SO WELL.

So. The girls and I went shopping.
It was actually FUN!
Like when is shopping NOT fun?  Derrrr.

ABOVE:  I bought two identical teddy's for Miss Muppet.... so she can have one and one can be in the wash... I did the same thing for Brylee and Griffin.  

ABOVE:  went to Spotlight:  got lots of orange fabrics cos I want to make a couple more Giraffe wall hangings.   
I can feel me creative juices flowing again... I want to SEW!   
Bex and I also got some Smiggle stuff... cos we wanted to!  No other reason.  hee hee.

The girls and I also had a lovely lunch at Sylvia Park mall, then we stopped in to say 'Hi' to my Aunt Ethel, who lives just around the corner from me.  We haven't seen her in a while.  Too busy.

I'll say!

Feeling quite happy today.   Maybe cos I can see a nice relaxing weekend ahead for me and Stew... some time out!  Countdown .... 10 days!
I am almost twitching with glee... weird... I know!   Jeezzz I'm a sad tart.

TRACY:  here is the link to Matakana Meadows.

End of Day:  a really nice day!  Any day spent buying fabric has to be!
ON TRACK:  yes... I'm being a good girl.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Good for you, it sounds wonderful , hope you have a wonderful time , there are times when one deserves to have some time away from family etc.. And this is it .

    You watch they will want to come with you .....lol .


  2. maybe some strawberries and cream,nice bottle of wine,a new sexy nighty! Have fun,it looks like a great place to visit!

  3. That looks awesome Chris - Enjoy your time away, and your relaxing mothers day!

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    How exciting!!! It looks like a beautiful place, Bec

  5. What a bloody good idea!!!

  6. Anonymous8:52 AM

    looks lovely. I hope you have a relaxing time.


  7. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Chocolate body paint, massage oil etc! WOMBAT

  8. What a lovely wee cottage, can you put the link up? I would love to stay somewhere like that for a couple of days.

    Add salamis, pickles, pates & other yummy deli stuff to your hamper. We sometimes do that & just graze instead of sitting down for a feast. Visit somewhere like Farro or Noah to stock up on a few special things.

    You guys deserve the break.

  9. Just make sure you relax when you go away and don't stress about the home.....the place looks fab :)

  10. Looks fabulous ENJOY you two deserve it ......

  11. That will be wonderful for you. You deserve a sleep in:)

  12. Tomorrow we're taking off for two days too! The cottage looks very nice.
    I love cows and farms too. My Grandfather was a farmer and my favorite person ever. He was born in 1895 and died in 1976.

  13. What wonderful News! Hope you two kids have a blast.
    I love the little cabin.

  14. I would love to get away. Good for you for taking care of you:) Love the family photo!

  15. A getaway with Stew is a great idea! It's so nice to re-charge the batteries every now and then!!! xxx

  16. I'm so pleased you have managed to find somewhere to have a break. Even a weekend away will hopefully help you re-charge. I just hope the cell phone coverage doesn't mean stressful calls from home. Strict instructions to Steve perhaps?

    I say that with a history of being at home fighting with my sister and wanting to call Mum - Dad tried to protect her from the stress. You both need the break though.

    My suggestion for the basket is your favourite tipple. What was it again, Totara Cafe? Haven't tried it but if you like it, it should be in the basket. Also, I like to take my favourite hot drink if you can't get it there - for me it's plunger coffee, but a favourite tea or hot chocolate might be in the cards. Or, now I think of it, some Diet Coke!

  17. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Does look very cosy, for the basket - some nice Lindt chocolate balls (or any nice chocolate). Not necessarily in the basket - but some bacon & eggs for a late breakfast. I'm drooling just thinking about it....

  18. Anonymous6:14 PM

    oooh the most yummy fabric... i have a fabric problem.. i could almost open my own Spotlight so any stash I tend to drool over.


    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  19. I love the little cottage - it looks divine - and bonus, it has broadband ;)

  20. What lovely teddies :-) you knew I'd comment didn't ya Lol now I reckon 1 for muppet and 1 for me :-)

  21. Anonymous1:59 AM

    How wonderful that you and Stew are going to be BY YOURSELVES!! Nothing like a short road trip to make you happy and young again!! lol, loved the fabric!! ...debbie

  22. Sounds lovely, you deserve a break. Enjoy!!!

  23. Relax, uncork the bottle and relax some more

  24. Linda from Glasgow, Scotland6:12 AM

    Me mind boggles girl! Naughty naughty is on me mind!

  25. Good for you. My wife and I need a break too, but we would worry to much about the kids. Especially the youngest one with all his allergies and bad skin problem.


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