Wednesday, April 21, 2010


ELEVEN SLEEPS.... until we need these things:

I don't know who's more excited, me, the kids or Stew! We have to drive a good distance to pick her up, but that's ok.... she will be worth it. It is going to be such fun to see how Teddy takes to her... I am hoping he will just love her to bits.

Today: well it's just an 'around home' day for me. I might even do some sewing today... STILL have not finished the Cupcake Table Runner! How evil is that? I have been so engrossed in my card making that it has taken a back seat! But... it's not going anywhere, and there is no rush. I have no deadlines! This is good.



Feeling a bit down today... not dreadfully.. just a bit. Got no motivation to do anything. I have done the housework... so that's one thing to feel good about.

If I don't come back for a while it's cos I'm lying on the couch watching mindless TV.
So... it's been an interesting morning.. one that has had me in tears... and then feeling hopeful. Cryptic... but won't go into details. Suffice to say I sat on me bum, watched tv, hand sewed a few more flowers:
And replied to multiple text messages on me phone... which has been running hot for a few days. Weird, cos for at least two weeks it has hardly rung at all! OK.. I did turn the bloody thing off of a while too in that time. Phones... they can either be really nice, handy things to have, or downright horrible things!
Off to do more flowers... and continue to be hopeful ....
End of Day: nothing else has transpired from this morning's flux of text's... which is good I suppose. At least no one is screaming or swearing at me ..... at the moment! Going to have a nice evening with my best friend/husband/ lover.... namely Stewy. nite nite.


  1. I'm so excited for you! I'm sure Teddy will be in heaven when he has a little playmate!!
    Enjoy! I'm sure it will feel like forever until you get to bring the puppy home!!!

    hugs! :)

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM's a darn shame that nobody wants a new puppy in your house...poor thing, unloved, unwanted...sniff, sniff...debbie

  3. i want another puppy!

  4. So fun to be excited about a new arrival. They are so cute and cuddly I hope Teddy takes to her well. Good luck on the drive.

  5. You should get the lady to send a blanket down rubbed on the NEW PUPPY so Teddy gets a sniff a what is coming ALSO Teddy may not like her? what then...... OH this girly puppy I can see is sooooo going to be spoilt (well maybe a little).

  6. Getting a new puppy is so exciting and so much fun. I am sure that Teddy will take to her quickly and they'll become best buds. You, Stew and the kids are all so excited, I hope that you CAN sleep! :o)



  7. Love a spoilt puppy! She'll be in heaven!

  8. And they call it ... puppy love.

  9. Fun is coming your way with that new puppy. I love that you have things all ready for her with eleven sleeps left to go.

  10. ...And she is going to be fed the best possible food you can give her! :o)

    Cheer up ol' chook!

  11. How exciting. Darling Teddy might be a bit miffed at first - after all he thinks he is king of the household but I am sure given time he will love her. Try and get a photo of them both together (That is Teddy and Miss Coco) Martine

  12. AAAAAHHHH! The joy of a new puppy- can't wait to experience shoes that disappear , little wet spots on the floor to squeeze between your toes and little messes to get down to clean them up . Such wonderful exercise for the body and mind. LOL

    I must love it too because we still have 10 and I would not part with any of them for a million bucks - hummm- do you have the same currency ???

    if ya had a stream in your backyard! SADLY I don't. *sniff*
    LOL - I really do have a stream in my front yard -probably a hundred yards down the driveway - but when it gets angry you better watch out! We have been pretty lucky and only lost our driveway a couple of times. The last time was terrible because the drain across the road got stopped up with trees and it forced all the water to bounce up onto the main road and flood down our driveway . By the time it was finished our driveway was cut off from the main road by about 6 feet - gone. You could stand on the ground and look UP to see the main road. I couldn't decide wheter to be horrified or amazed?????????????

    It if wasn't for our wonderful son , he worked with heavy equipment and his boss let him borrow some equipment to come save us. Children can be the most wonderful gift. When Cory was a litle fellow I used to buy him puzzles that were shaped like cars and trucks! See, I started his training back in diapers and it paid off bigtime for me -because he rescued us. I always said that God gave me two boys so I would learn that there really are good men in the world. But , as much as I hate to admit it - I flunked out with my little girl. ???

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    You will have to make Coco a pretty pink bow for her hair to match that cute collar!

  14. So pleased to hear that you are taking care of yourself and trying to stay positive during *more* stressful times in your life. A hobby helps, doesn't it?

    Today I bought some lovely beads to make a necklace to match a new top I bought... so that's my hobby... not that I have too much stress right now, but it's still a good thing!

    PS: Oh, I can't wait until you collect your new doggy! So. Freakin'. Cute! xxx

  15. I am sorry to hear you are still having a stressful time (can't be good if it is reducing you to tears).

    Make sure you take time to look after yourself too. Maybe you should turn your phone off again for a few hours.

  16. Continue being hopeful...fingers crossed xxx

    Enjoy your evening with your man...

  17. I can't wait until little Coco joins your family! Just don't be too upset if it takes Teddy a little while to get used to her. Remember, she is coming in to his "home turf" and he might not be too happy at first...I know that each time we introduced another Golden into our family it took a little adjusting, but it ALWAYS worked out wonderfully!

  18. Can't wait to see more pictures of the new puppy. I can tell you and the family are excited.

    Have a good day and stay hopeful, Chris.

  19. You mean they aren't going to stop yelling at me after they move out????

  20. Can hardly wait to hear all about Coco's adventures. Sorry things are so stressful.


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