Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so excited! Stew and I can't wait to get Coco... we have not told the kids as they would just nag us constantly, wanting to know WHEN we were getting her! No definite date yet.. but probably in two weeks!!!

Today.. well I SHOULD be doing some housework.. but I'm thinking if it's nice enough we will go for a drive somewhere. I am sick of being at home.... and the housework can wait until tomorrow, when everyone is back at work/school and I can do it uninterrupted. (which I prefer)
Diet: is going GREAT.... it is so good to feel in control again...
Exercise: well I almost feel like doing some... now that other things are not on my mind so much anymore!

Family Stuff: well it's good to know that some of my kids are on an even keel again... I am getting quite good at forgetting some of them too! You just have to sometimes or you will go nuts, and some of them are soooo not worth going nuts over! Sad, but true.

We have nosey children in this house! So much for keeping Coco a 'secret'... the little buggers looked on my compter and saw today's entry... so now they know... and Griffin has hardly stopped asking 'How many sleeps till we get her'! Grrrrrr, just what I didn't want. Done now.. moving on!

We have just done the grocery shopping, it is so good taking Stew, he gets to do most of the physical part of it! Yaaaaa.

End of Day: I will have to put the 'sleeps' up on the whiteboard... so the kids can cross off the days obviously.. or they are going to bug us every day with 'How many sleeps?". nite nite.


  1. Sounds like all is good for now. You've lost 20 pounds, your family problem is coming to an end,you are on a roll making your cards, and you've found the most adorable coco. Stay happy!

  2. It's a wonderful feeling when one of our children show us we're doing a good job.

    Love the pup ... you are so mad, brave, crazy .... 2 children a 2 dogs ..... don't you want a rest!

    Have fun today.

  3. When someone asks when something is going to happen, say "six to nine weeks". Then when they say "6-9 weeks?!?!??" So "NO! Sixty-nine weeks"

  4. YOu should think about selling your cards Chris. They are too gorgeous not to share and a money earner. They're a present on their own. I want to put some of those flowers on my swap blocks now.

  5. Coco is beautiful!!!!! Im searching for a toy poodle over want a dog and I think a little one is the way to go..I was looking at your breed cute:)

    have a great day!

  6. You are on a roll. I hope things keep going really well.

  7. Coco is PRECIOUS!
    Glad things have calmed down for you!

  8. Coco is gorgeous - but just remember that two can get up to twice as much fun and trouble as one - and believe me they will! Well done on the healthy eating - you are smokin'. Zxx

  9. She is so cute - but like you when I got a friend westie for my first westie I thought they would entertain each other if I ever had to leave them at home alone - they don't it's just double the depression and even harder to resist :)

  10. Dear Chris so glad to hear you have some resolution with your family problem. Now you can all move on without it hanging over your heads. Also impressed with catching up on your weight loss efforts. Keep it up and it will help you to continue to feel good.

  11. What between cards coco and cute you have the market well adn truly cornered!!!

  12. Way to go, Chris! Bravo on the weight loss, the family situation being resolved, and for adding such a cutie pie to your family (Coco, of course!). You are on a roll, so keep on rollin'!!! :o)



  13. I love how ya'll say, "how many sleeps?" that is just plain cute. Um and the puppy is adorable.

  14. OMG Chris, Coco is so sweet! I'm sure my Charlie would like a little sister to play with too. He obviously gets very bored when we're all at school . . . he ate a stocking and nearly died!!

    Bad luck about the kids finding out. Maybe you should do what I do at school when we're looking forward to something. Print out some big calender pages and Briley and Griffin can take turns in marking off the days. Then they'll know exactly how long. Might work. Lucky kids, lucky Teddy!

    So glad to hear that the "nasty family situation" has been resolved and that your family aren't driving you toooooo crazy at present. After all insanity is hereditary, we get it from our children!

    Fantastic to hear that you're in the groove with your weightloss--almost 10 kg gone, how good is that?! Lesleyxx

  15. Anonymous5:41 PM

    oh Gordon is me, I must have been signed in via my partners account.

  16. coco is beautiful and I think we are as excited as you are about her imminent arrival! Can't wait!

    I loved Steve's note. Very nice of him to acknowledge your friends. You have a lot of love around you, girl!

    Enjoy your peaceful day tomorrow, you deserve it! Make sure after the housework is done you have a small "feet up" moment to savour the quiet...


  17. Stick a post it note on the fridge with the number of days. That way they can look for themselves

    Coco is so cute!

  18. ahhhh bugga the kids found out...but heyyyyyyy now they can cross the days off, something exciting for them to look forward to...

  19. Teddy's sister is so cute cute cute, he may be a bit miffed in the beginning but he will soon realise it will be fun to have another dog to play with. Martine

  20. Coco is adorable! They are so soft when they are babes...just like us!

    You sound great. Keep things moving and you will continue the positive feelings!

    Can't wait to see you all with Freddy and Coco!

  21. Your cards are gorgeous and Coco is adorable! I know she'll be one happy little girl in your house.

    Good idea about writing the number of sleeps on a white-board. That's an easy way for the kids to keep track, and it's fun to cross days off as well. :)

  22. oohhh I had a thought...not it didn't know how you are putting the flowers on the front...why not put them on a brooch clip and pin them to the card...the the person who gets it can use the brooch for whatever she likes...I do that when I put them on a bag. The person can take it off and use it on a hat or their blouse..hugs

  23. Oh my, Coco is SUCH a cutie! I can't wait to see her and Teddy together!

  24. Wow, Coco is so cute I wanted to adopt a puppy too!


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