Saturday, April 24, 2010


OK... I HATE FITTED SHEETS! I just cannot figure out how to fold the bloody things.. so they end up in my linen cupboard looking like this:

Quite literally a screwed up ball.... just a mess! So.. who can tell me just how to do it? On me own... .cos Stew is never around when I'm folding the linen.... *sniff*

Today? Well a bloke at Stew's work told him about an awesome Scrapbook Shop on the North Shore... that his ex-wife owns... so we are going to drive over there for a gander (look see) today. Neat. Maybe I will get some ideas for the cards I'm making?

I'm running out of ideas pretty fast... considering I've only ever been to one card making demonstration.

I have my eyes on a PINK Cuttlebug thingee... not 100% sure what it does but it sounds interesting, and it's on sale right now..... so we will see.

*~*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE~*~* 23 Today.....see you in 5 weeks!
ABOVE: working on this one right now..... got lots of ideas off thanks LUCY!

Our trip to the shop on the North Shore went really well... an amazing shop filled with a million things I want! And the lady who runs the place was so helpful and full of advice.... I ended up putting on order a Pink Cuttlebug:

I can pick it up in a week or so... neat... and the lady gave me a demo so I could see what it does! LOVE IT.

After there, we were going to have lunch at Sylvia Park ... but I have a killer headache and so we came home so I could go to bed for a while.... feel quite ill.... bugger!

Two and a half hours later.... I'm awake, I feel much better, still a bit 'foggy' in da brain... but that's normal eh? lol

I glued all the bits onto the blue card... then opened it up.... oooops! I'd glued everything on the wrong side.... so had to chop it in half and stick it onto another backing... so now it looks like this:

Still pretty. I think Amanda (daughter No#1) is coming for the night so I better think about dinner....

End of Day: Amanda arrived safely... having a wee tipple with her... the man is .... WATCHING RUGBY... no surprises there... nite nite.


  1. Haha got to laugh at your fitted sheets, mine look a fraction better than that, I know there is a special way to fold them, I fold them so all the crunched up bit is hidden under the tidy bit.

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Have you looked at www dot splitcoaststampers dot com They TONS of card ideas....Enjoy!


  3. Oh my goodness... that is how you fold your fitted sheets??? They are easy!!

    I fold mine in half then in half again so it is a quarter shape. I fold in the elastic bits and then fold it like a regular sheet and you could hardly tell it is a fitted sheet when put away. I bet there is a Youtube video showing this as well... might go and look :)

  4. Here you go Chris.......from Martha Stewart LOL


    or there are heaps on "you tube" LOL

    I learnt this years ago and never have any problems!!!!! Yeah right!!!! LOL

    Have a great day :)

  5. Okay, Chris, this is how my mom taught me to fold fitted sheets:

    Take one corner and tuck it into the adjacent corner; do the same with the other end. Then, tuck one end into the other end - now you kinda have a square. Turn down the elastic part, then fold the sheet in thirds; then again like you would a flat sheet - done! Okay, that is probably as clear as mud - but it really is easy! I just don't know how to make it sound easy! :o(

    Good luck!!!!



  6. or this...

  7. Thanks for the tips on your comments for folding fitted sheets.
    TWJ ants to watch the video.

    I call the man of the house TWJ for a reason. Stands for 'The Wonderful John,' without a hint of sarcasm because that's what he is. Drives me crazy. Go green all you lady homemakers. When he retired he began pinching all my regular jobs. I just sit back and let him now. I've learned to turn a blind eye to the 'not as I would like it done' and less than perfect finish because he is more orderly than me. It took a lot of discipline on my part.LOL

    It's made me incredibly lazy but I can live with that as I have a lot more things I'm interested in to entertain me and never enough time to indulge them all.

    Be warned ..... make sure your man has many interests outside his work. Make sure he will entertain himself when he retires and leave you with some space. Do this well in advance as once they retire from their normal jobs it's too late.

    Talking around it seems to be a man problem. We women are always juggling so many balls that retirement does not bring on lifestyle crisis.

    Now back to folding fitted sheets. I've set up the links.

  8. LOL... ME AGAIN!!! OK so I looked at the correct way and it is not easy, my way is much easier. As I said I fold in half and half again, flatten out and then fold like a regular sheet. Mind you, I'm going to master the way they show on the video just because I like a challenge :)

  9. I've never been able to fold a fitted sheet very well and I probably never will. Oh well. I had a friend once who folded everything, including fitted sheets, with such precision that it was almost scary.

  10. There's got to be a You Tube vid about folding them. I know how but there's no way i could tell you in words!

    If you are stuck for ideas, Google card making ideas :o)

  11. Fitted Sheets? I feel your pain!

    I love to see how excited you get with your projects! You really have a wonderful creative gift! Good luck. Hope you find some special tips, tricks or ideas at the new shop!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Okay, I just watched the youtube video that Lynda posted earlier. That is EXACTLY how I fold my fitted sheets and what I was trying to describe above. It really is easy once you do it a few times! And it's very neat in your closet! :o)



  13. Looks like you got a LOT great advice on the sheets! Always nice to see what everybody else is doing.

    Congrats. on your new "toy" -can't wait to see you in action. Seems like a LOT of folks are playing with scrapbooks and pretty things. I really like them.

    My sister-in-law made my DH a birthday card for about 3 years and then last year she just gave him a regular store-bought card and he told her that he liked the ones she made so much better. She must have taken the hint because the other day -she gave him another handmade card! LOL

    I really love ANYTHING handmade instead of store-bought.I believe it might be because some of the essence of the creator comes with what ever it is that they have worked on.

    I have a wonderful friend who makes wonderful cards and sends to me. I fell in love with them and started standing them up around my computer . Then I decided to take picture frames and frame them and hang some of them on the wall. I REALLY love them. :)

    I am really sorry about your headache! Have you ever tried acupressure points?

    When you open your hand and look at the webb piece of flesh . Go back about half an inch and take your other hand and pinch in the flesh where you can feel the bones in your hands. Hold for a few minutes with a strong pressure . After a few seconds you will start to feel the pain in your head easing up gradually. Doesn't hurt to try and it is free. :)

    We certainly do not want you having pain because we need you free to do your creating! :)

  14. Shoot - I forgot to mention that I was tickled that you have a "tomato eating pooch "too! They are so funny. I bet he is going to be so happy to have a playmate soon. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Ooh, my husband folds all the laundry so I have NO IDEA how to fold a fitted sheet. Looks like you're getting serious about scrapbooking with that investment in the pink cuttlebug. Can't wait to see what you gonna do with the embosser/cutter stuff!

  16. Well I cheat I have never folded a fitted sheet with out HELP cause IF I DID I WOULD slit me wrists!!!!! literally. (I love the blue card very nice)

  17. HEY! Yes, I do love that Greeny bag!! I never noticed that caption before! :)

  18. Chris I am so glad that you posted that cause that is what my fitted sheets look like and now I also know how to fold them. They are such a bugger.

  19. I love finding new scrapbook and craft shops even though I'm not very crafty.

    Hope your headache's all gone.

    happy weekend,

  20. Anonymous6:13 PM


  21. Lol ... I'm sure fitted sheets are not meant to be folded. At least in this house they aren't - I just wash the sheets, get them dry quickly - an hour or two on the line usually does it (or clothes dryer at a push), then straight back on the bed. I only use the one set of sheets - washed religiously every week. I do own other sheet sets but they are still in their packets until this lot wear out. :)) Easy!

  22. Hope you enjoyed the " wee tipple" with Amanda.

  23. Hey... look at this:

  24. Check out Martha Stewart she shows how to fold fitted sheets. I lay them on the bed smooth the fitted areas down all the way around and then fold them up. they aint perfect but they are folded sort of.

    Love that purple bag. I am taking my bag every where it is perfect for spring and getting attention!!

  25. With my sheets, I hang them on the line with the right side facing, in half over the line. The side "flap" that goes down the side of the mattress is on the outside. Before you take it off, fold one half over the over while it is still hung over the line, so that the side flap bits are on the inside. lift it off at the centre, then keep folding in half, in half again. Practice a few times and you'll get it right :-)

  26. I hate fitted sheets too...but I love the card and flower.....

  27. You need a cricut if you are going to get all into card making :) Much more fun than the cuttlebug!

    For sheets I just line up 2 sides with the hems and then fold in half over and over until it's a good size! I think Martha Stewart did a segment on folding fitted sheets once lol. Probably find it on You Tube somewhere!

  28. I hate fitted sheets too. Hard to fold and hard to fit around the bed too.

  29. Grimm9:22 PM

    So you are telling me that fitted sheets are NOT supposed to look like that?

    Well crap. Here I thought that was the way to fold them.


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