Saturday, April 03, 2010


Humble apologies for lateness of this blog post! I slept in, and then Blogger was having a hissy-fit and wouldn't let me update. Pffffft.

Teddy is a bed hog! As he can't stay in the laundry at the moment due to all the driers etc.. he's been staying in our room... and LOVING IT of course!

Luckily for ME, he's been hogging Stew's side of the bed... which is so considerate of him. *smiles* He is so cute, maybe I will let him carry on sleeping with us! We will see.
Today's task is to do the grocery shopping... at least Stew can help me this time....
ONWARD... and the 'fix it' guy came back to take all the blowers and dehumidifiers away.... he has to get another bloke in to fix the carpet and underlay... so we are still in a mess. But at least it's not a bloody sauna now.
ABOVE: Mr Fix It... totally engrossed in the rugby on our tv.... he couldn't walk past without stopping for a minute (or 10!) to check out what was happening. And of course Stew engaged him in conversation about it too... so the job took a wee bit longer than expected! lol
Yaaa.. I have a new wireless router... I am outta the linen cupboard... and I NEVER want to be in there again! Thank god for an Internet savvy son, Steve talked me through the installation. lol
Sometime during the coming week someone will come and fix our carpet... and put the doors back on etc. Then we will be back to normal... *sigh*... it's been a long couple of days. And HOT. Actually, it's still hot.... we have concrete under our carpet and it's absorbed the heat... which would be really nice if it was winter (but it's not)!
We went out at lunchtime, got Brylee a haircut (will show tomorrow) and then lunch at Sylvia Park Mall and the grocery shopping done. Totally knackered now.
End of Day: and it's been a long day... I've had a headache since thursday.. and I'm over it. Tired. nite nite.


  1. I've been having Blogger issues today too....pffffft, I agree. Stew doesn't look like he minds having Teddy there. They are both cute.

  2. Hope your having a lovely weekend. I made the mistake with letting my spaniel sleep on my bed (once in a while) and soon discovered that he didn't want to sleep anywhere else (well why would he I guess) and would cry when put in the laundry. (almost drove me mad). Now many years later when I got my bichon I thought "I will train him better" and just let him sleep in my room on the odd occassion, man do I regret making that mistake twice. Some nights he's fine, but most nights he can literally cray the ENTIRE night if he's put elsewhere but the BIGGEST problem is that he now likes to go wee wee's around 2am and expects me to let him out for this event. (I'm kicking myself I tell you). It was semi ok when he would sleep through the nite, but I HATE my sleep being disturbed when he scratches at the door needing to get out.

    Teddy may be different, but my two attempts have not been overly sucessful (from the perspective of getting an undisturbed full nights sleep).

  3. Stew blissfully unawares you have blogged his half nakey body to the world!!! lol teddys like YAY my bed my bed!!! gorgeous.

  4. Oh, Teddy is never leaving your bed again. That boy knows he's got it made now. What is it about sports that brings all men together? I will never get it. Have a great day!

  5. Your Teddy looks like my Abby and she is a bed hog also. However she cannot jump up on my bed as it is too high. Hurrah. So she sleeps in her little bed at the bottom. On occasion I do lift her up and as soon as I do I regret it. She likes to kick.

  6. Oh so sorry to hear about your disaster. I hate water damage it is so messy and hard to clean up. I had a pipe break in my basement a few years back and it was a real mess. Hope all goes well for you.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Maybe you will let him sleep with you? To late now!! Looks like he is Daddy's baby, isn't that cute? How is the post flood coming along?

  8. I didn't know Stew had a whole COUNTRY tattooed on his arm! :)

    Chris, even in the midst of all this your house looks gorgeous. I hope you caught it all and got it dry and that there is no mould!!

  9. Don't ya love handymen? Happy Easter m8!

  10. Well, you have been busy flooding your house and everything!! Teddy is going to stay in that bed now., doubt about it. And so he should!!!!!

  11. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Maybe you could tile the floors instead of carpet in case it ever happened again and then it would be easier to clean up. But it might be a bit chilly underfoot in winter! Love Stew's tat of the land of the long white cloud! Teddy is a pampered pooch!

  12. OMG Chris - I feel for you, what a mess :-(( I hope you all back to "normal" real soon!!!

  13. Oh what a tough couple of days you've had! Hope that things get sorted out really quickly!

    As to a bed hog - oh I know that feeling only too well - Jessie likes to spread across where our feet belong (and isn't afraid to bite if we move during the night) and Tara is a pillow hog - makes life very interesting at times!

    Yay for wireless router! It's great to be mobile isn't it? I couldn't cope without it and thankfully I married a self-confessed computer geek so my gripes are usually tended to pretty quickly for fear of nagging ... lol

  14. Teddy and Stew look absolutely adorable together!

  15. Ya know, once those doggies get in the bed, they never get out! You've seen pics of Noah on my blog and how large he is...well, he sleeps in our bed EVERY night; in fact, he sleeps completely under the covers. (I don't know how he breathes under there, especially in winter with all the blankets and quilts.) He refuses to sleep any where else. So, Teddy will most likely be joining you and Stew on a nightly basis now!

    Wishing you a Happy (and dry!) Easter!!



  16. And this is why we never let the kids nor dogs sleep in our bed. We learned from our friends luckily. They couldn't get the kids out of their bed and couldn't train the dog to stay out after they realized that they were exhausted and weren't having any nooky!!