Saturday, April 17, 2010


Last night I wheeled and dealed... and found our new puppy!

MEET COCO... she is 6 weeks old and we can pick her up in about 3 weeks! She is living up north right now... with her 3 brothers and one sister. She is a Bichon/Shih Tzu Cross like our Teddy.

Teddy is going to be thrilled to bits to have a sister to play with! And I won't feel so bad when I go out and leave him alone... awwwww can't wait! Teddy is a neutered boy... so if we decide to breed with Coco, it will be with another boy dog.

Today Steve heads back to Palmy... we have loved seeing him and wish he wasn't going... *sigh*.

I need to pull finger today and get the kids uniforms ready for school on Monday... it's into winter uniforms now, even though it isn't that cold here yet. One of the HUGE benefits of living here... it simply never gets FREEZING like in Palmerston North! BLISS.


Our son Steve put this comment on PEPSI, so I am posting it here so you who are in the know can read it:

Levithaan said...
Thanks for all your support guys, I may not know most of you but your support meant alot :) I can now move forward with my life, and although the police force is out of the question, I plan to get a degree in IT, a passion of mine. I'll keep ya updated on how that pans out, I'll hijack mums blog and give you an update one day (I know her password haha). Steve

It is now 9.30 am and I'm still in bed! The family all slept in ... which was lovely. I suppose I should get up eh?...

ABOVE: my lazy-boy fell to bits! Luckily Stew has been able to fix it, cos it's a really comfy chair. It was held together with staples, into shit wood.. no wonder! I feel like my being fat killed it! Maybe not though.. I'm not THAT FAT! Well... I like to think not anyway.
Steve has left.. I made him a packed lunch of chicken sandwiches to take with him.... his parting remark was "I bet you go telling everyone you made me a lunch to take"... so I just HAD TO eh? lol
Now things can settle down again... kids will be back at school in 2 sleeps... and I can get my house all tidy again. I love tidy.
End of Day: quiet afternoon, Stew did the gardens/lawns, I had a granny nap then made a few more fabric flowers for my cards. Looking forward to bedtime, so tired! nite nite.


  1. Haha I thought so, boy two puppies in the house you are a sucker for punishment LOL.

  2. Oh! SOO cute! Coco is so precious. :)

  3. Coco is just so cute! Have fun with him when he arrives!

  4. awww so cute!!! congrats, will be great having two.
    I want one!

  5. Puppy breath .... Coco is so cute!

    Uniforms are great even if they cost a bit but they still cheeper than kids trying to impress the next friend with the lastest fashion.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Aww too cute... but you must have alot more patience than I have got.. I havent got time for one dog let alone training a second puppy!!!

  7. Oh my really were serious!!! Coco is an absolute doll baby...I'm sure you can't wait to get her home. Have fun with the "potty" training! Hee hee!

    Sorry your son's visit was so short...hopefully he'll get to come back again soon. Of course, now you'll have Coco to take up some of your time! :o)



  8. OMG!!! coco is just gorgeous!! The toilet training soon becomes a distant memory and is all worth it in the end. Teddy will be his own little wind up toy:)

  9. awhhh the puppy is adorable is she happy and playful?

  10. CUTE! She is adorable, her and Teddy will make cute babies :P

    Good luck with your IT degree steve!

  11. You got me Chris! I was sure it was going to be another original card.

    She is adorable and I'm sure Teddy will love her. And so happy for Steve! Woohooo!

  12. Anonymous11:02 AM

    What a cutie! Teddy will love her!!! I'm not in the know with Steve, however I wish him every success in the future!! Chris you and Stew are wonderful parents with some wonderful kids!!!!!

  13. What a prize that little Coco is. Can't wait to hear wht she and Teddy get up to when she comes home.

  14. 9.30 and still in bed u tart you

    me up at 6.30 and off to the pool hour aqua jogging and 30 mins spa BLISS.

    Then fell off the wagon and fell into temptation bought more clothes at TS14+ oops

    Great to see Steve comment cool

    Off to the hairdressers get new colour

  15. OMG she is the SHIZ!!!!! too darn cute!

  16. Aww Coco is cute. Two of them . be like having slippers moving around the house.
    Pleased everything is over for Steve. Thought that would have been over a long time ago. Hope it worked out okay. I'm not on Pepsi suks.
    Have a great day.

  17. O Chris,
    I have a coco too! But, as a nickname DH calls her COKE - A Cola.

    If you stick with the crate training when you are out of the house and sleeping - your potty taining will soon be gone. I actually have 3 of my baby chihuahuas that I could not part with and I had all of them potty trained by 8 weeks old. ( It was one of those cases of raising pups to sell! Yea - right!: )

    I could not bear to risk what ever might happen to them out in the big ole world. After I learned my lesson I worked hard to get all the babies and Mama neutered . :)

    I am sorry your chair keeled over! DH had one that did that with him . I tried to tell him that something was wrong with his chair because when I vacumned I found a big bolt. Of course he blew me off - until he found himself in the floor. :) I love the color of your chair.

    I was glad you mentioned about your weather - thank you for that! I always wanted a "penpal" from New Zealand when I was in grade school- it just took -what - 40 years to pull it off! LOL Thanks to you and the internet! ;)

  18. Anonymous1:44 PM

    CoCo is ever so cute!! Betcha' just caan't WAIT to bring her home! It'll be fun smelling puppy breath, and having her scampering all over the house!!...debbie

  19. Pleased to hear that Steve is basically sorted, although not aware of the full story, just glad things are sorting themselves out.

    We looked at puppies today as well - not to get though, just because I love looking at puppies.

  20. Your Coco is very cucu-te! Don't know what the problem is with the chair - possibly shoddy workmanship cos as far as I saw, you're not fat!

    Good for you making Steve's lunch. Once a Mum, always a Mum!!

  21. Oh so cute My Abby is the same mix. She is a doll. Good luck with her.

  22. Chris, you pick the cutest puppy.

  23. awww she's cute but I'm so over having a puppy!

  24. Coco is soo cute :-)

    Although I don't know the full story re Steve, I think I got the gist of it from earlier posts. I am glad for him it is now over and he can move on, it must have been horrible having that hanging over him.

    It is a testament to how well you have brought him up that he thought to make that comment on your Pepsi Blog thanking your readers for their support. It shows very good manners and you and Stew should be very proud.

  25. she's absolutely gorgeous Chris and it looks like a very welcomed addition to your family :)

  26. Chris, that puppy is ADORABLE. I might have to fly over to you just to give it a big squeeze. You seem so happy lately, which makes me happy. Have a great day kiddo, you deserve it and so much more.


  27. Adorable puppy! I can't wait to see Teddy and Coco playing together. I am sure they will have fun!

    Good luck to Steve in his future - I know he will do well!

  28. What a sweet baby girl Chris! Congratulations! I bet Teddy will just love her to bits! How exciting and crazy it will be in your house for a while. A new puppy is always so fun (and hectic)...I am jealous!

    Steve's note was sweet. It was nice to hear directly from him. I wish I could reach out and give him a hug.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  29. Give her a nuzzle and kiss from me!

  30. I love your little dog!! You are not fat you are beautiful!!


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