Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been making flowers for my cards... but of course they can be used of most anything... like on bags, on clothes... bla bla bla. I got the 'pattern' for them from an awesome girl in Australia, named Khristina (awesome name, it's mine too , only mine is with a 'C').... There is a Tutorial on how to make them on her blog.

ABOVE: I made this little cutie yesterday afternoon too.... it's quite small but will be good as a gift tag I reckon.

Much celebration today... the kids are back at school, the man is back at work (I will miss him)... and I have masses of housework to do. Idle hands ... NOT.


I read something today on a blog....about me... that hurt very much.
Seems that no matter what I do/have done... I am a shit mother. Well... according to at least 3 of my kids anyway. Why is it that some of my kids can only see what they want to see? Why is it that a MOTHER is not supposed to have feelings? Is not supposed to look after her own mental health too? I am over it. For once in my life I have been looking after MYSELF..... and I am a shit mother for it. THANKS.

Rant over. Going to lie on the couch and sulk now. COS I 'F*&%$#G' CAN! so there.

ABOVE: been working on these two cards for a whole day already! Think they are almost ready for the glue! Might even get off the couch and do them! Just wish I didn't feel like crying right now.

Just been out with the kids, picked them up early from school so Griffin could go to the Super Clinic for a hearing test (the school wanted it done) and as I thought, his hearing is 100% A-OK! Awesome. No need to worry about that then.

Going to have a quiet afternoon... do a card or two... and just be happy.

ABOVE: the two cards I was working on just were not looking 'right' to me, so I changed the fabrics and a couple of other bits ... and now I'm happy with them.

Dinner is smelling devine.. I have cooked a pea/lentil and bacon soup in the crock pot... never done a soup in the crock pot before.. but it's looking/smelling super yum!

End of Day: and the soup was bloody delicious! Don't know how low carb it was, but it was filling! Over my hissy fit now... made a couple more cards, it's so relaxing. This is good. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    What a colorful bouquet!! You are very crafty!...debbie

  2. Wow love that card and those flowers look like they take a lot of work, but worth it, they are beautiful. You are so talented.

  3. Have a lovely kid free day today :-)

  4. I loved your flowers so I checked out the tutorial. Also loved the needlecase tutorial there. Enjoy the result of your housework



  5. Thanks for the tutorial link.

    Hugs. One day, hopefully, they will learn to be kind and appreciative.

    You love them and that's all that matters. They are adults and responsible for themselves and it's time they stopped acting like spoiled children.

    More hugs.

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Ah, fuck 'em. Who cares what they think of you? How many grandmothers would raise their grandchildren and do as great a job as you? NOT MANY!

  7. How bout puttin them on wires and makin a pretty bouquet for your table? You could wrap the wires in florist tape and make some leaves and have such a lovely centerpiece for your table! They are really pretty. I have been getting some comments on my bag!

  8. I'm guessing the blog was written knowing that you would read it so it is a cowardly way of getting to you.

    Sadly, our own flesh and blood have the ability to hurt us more than any one else - but only if you let them.

    The cards are lovely. I'm off to look at the tutorial. like I need another hobby to half finish!

  9. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I agree with beetricks chris
    just remember karma and they will need you before you need them
    kids just suck at times but they will come round and if they dont thats their problem huh!!! YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON

    donna @ work lol

  10. Chris, just wanted to say thinking of you and hope it works out - you don't deserve to feel like that.
    Also the cards lok great =)

  11. Chris, when I hear anything negative about me, I go and make a beautiful bag. Think you did the same too. Your 2 cards turned out real good.

  12. You know, kids are the most selfish creatures around. They don't realise what they say hurts others, and they are spiteful little shits.

    Deep down, you know they love you, they just mouth off without thinking. Maybe it's best not to read that person's blog again. You don't need to subject yourself to those kind of comments.

    Stick with the kids who love you and the rest can fend for themselves. Guaranteed they will come running back when they need something. Then it's up to you whether you choose to provide it.


  13. Honestly, families ! That is why I have friends. You have every right to be upset. Sending hugs to NZ. Martine

  14. Chris, those flowers are just too cute! Love them! :)

    As for adult children: ugh! As much as I love my girls and as close as we are there are still times that they shock me. :(

    Hope it all works out. :)

  15. Love the flowers and cards! You always choose the brightest colors!

    You are a great person who is living her life quite admirably. It only matters what YOU think of yourself, not anyone else.

    Have a great day!

  16. Hi Chris,

    I'm sorry you now feel like shit.

    I would have been so happy to have had a mum like you.

    Your flowers look fantastic. I wish I had a creative flair like you.


  17. Don't let it make you feel bad. Those who really matter know how good you are, and the others may come around.
    Fill you life with those things that make you feel good, and ignore the others

  18. Sorry to hear that you're the brunt of ill thoughts/words. I know that it's hard to "be a duck" and let the words and actions just roll off your back like water. (Easier said than done, that's for sure!)

    If my opinion counts, I think you're doing a great job! I don't know too many grandparents who would step up like you did to take care of their grandchildren just as if they were their own kids.

    You're a special lady who has endless love and talent who many of us admire. Have a much better day tomorrow! xo

  19. those flowers are so freakin cute!

    so sorry that someone hurt your feelings. i know that many times i've been ungrateful towards my mother & even seemed to imply that my issues are her fault. i hope that over the years i've mended that pain i caused her as an annoying teenager.
    hopefully, your kids will come around and see how much you care about them.

  20. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Griffin probably just has 'selective' hearing like every other male on the planet! As for the other 'kids', don't let them drag you down. You're still their mother so tell them off if they give you the shits! They must be miserable arseholes if they like to make other people feel like shit, including their own mum. Wouldn't waste my time, tears or breath on them!

  21. Those flowers are great. I'd probably buy a bag with them on it.

  22. Ignore the idiots who think your a bad mum. The rest of us can clearly see that you ARE a good mum. You would do anything for your kids.

    They're lucky they have you considering some of the shit they've put you through!!

    Anyway thats my 2 cents. Hope your day got better.

    Love the flowers x

  23. Wow, Chris, I am so sorry that someone has hurt you. And if it was one (or more) of your own children, well, that's even worse. I don't live with you, but I read your blog and I can see how great a mom you are. You have raised your own children to adulthood, and when it should be your turn to enjoy the things you want, you are now raising two of your grandchildren. That certainly doesn't sound like a "shit mom" to me! You have every right to sulk if you want, but once you're done, pull yourself up and tell them to kiss your ass! You don't deserve to be treated that way. I know you love your kids, as you should, but they should respect and honor you. Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box now!

    You amaze just keep coming up with those beautiful cards. To coin your phrase, you are one "clever tart"! :o)



  24. WEll "our dear Chris"
    Sounds like you have been getting some wonderful advice!
    One thing I have NEVER understood is WHY Kids Hold Their Parents up to a "HIGHER" responsiblity than any other human on the face of the earth????? Like jeeze - when do they ever grow up and take on their own responseabilities ?????????

    Sometimes when some of my kids get together and start talking about "old times" - I really wonder what planet they were on when all those things happened???? It does NO good to put in my two cents - I just HAVE to let them have it their way , as I smile and wonder how different people could live through the same experience - but have a totally different memory?????

    One thing I have learned is to associate with people who make you happy -if not kids then friends who love you. The problem is their problem - not yours so don't waste your energy on something you cannot change right now.

    Another thing I have learned is; :What goes around - comes around" given enough time.

    We all love you , sweetie - just look in your heart and love yourself for the unique person that you are. That way you will have love to share with your sweet Hubby! Enjoy it while you can - I only say that because one of my dear friends lost her sweet hubby last Thursday and he was only 56. You never know what is around the next corner - just live like today is the last and have no regrets!

  25. What's up with those kisd of yours?!? Maybe time for a Pepsi update or are you over what ever is going on? Just let their comments ride over you, you deserve better than that.

    Hey - can you share your soup recipe??

  26. your a great mother!!!!!!! Me on the other hand...anyway...

    I have to get my daughters ears checked to cause the school asked about it, her eyes to?? I think half the time it is the teachers!!!!

  27. Bugger kids...whats up with are a great mum, we know you are, you know you are !!!

    Love those cards, clever chicky you are...

  28. You know we don't get to choose your family Chris....sad but true that sometimes as much as you love your kids you might not always like them for what they do....some people will only see what they want to....and thanks for sharing my tutorial...big hugs to you my friend...Khris xxx

  29. I have a son who tries his best to blame my husband and I for his sucky life. Geez, he is 21 and can make his own decisions! I can barely tolerate being in the same room with him. I did the best I could and if that wasn't good enough - he needs to get over it and make his own life. Gee, nothing like venting on a stranger's blog! LOL.

    Another thing we have in common is that my husband and I are raising his sister's daughter. It is a joy and a challenge!

    Love the flowers, but I am so not crafty.

  30. While I don't know exactly what is being said about you on some other blog . . . the things I read that you are doing for the kiddos you have at home seem to make you a pretty damn good mother - in my mind, at least!

    Don't let it get you down. Do what you think is right and what you can live with. That is all you can do!

  31. Sorry to hear of your problem, don't believe a word they say. You know your a good mom. Glad to see you perked up by the end of the day. Don't let them get you down. ((Take care))

  32. When I was a little girl, my best friend lived in a very little house, but always went on these great vacations with her family. I asked my father how they could afford these vacations because they lived in a little house. He told me that you can't ever count other people's money because everyone saves and spends differently. Well, same about parenting. We can do a great job and still have messed up kids. Those looking and judging just see the end result, not all the time and love that was pushed aside or ignored. You know who you are and the type of mom you are. Improve where needed, but don't beat yourself up. Haven't met a perfect person yet!!

  33. Love the flowers!

    I've learned that my oldest uses me for a punching bag whenever she has something bothering her. It's not right and it sucks but that's how she "downloads".

  34. Your flowers look awesome!

    Don't let the kid stuff bother you Chris. It will just make you crazy. Worry about the things you can control, like your weight - which, by the way, you are doing FANTASTIC with! You are really on a roll! Keep up the great work!!

  35. Im back I LOVED the first flower cards thought they were amazing I duly love the second redone batch of cards BUT not as much as the FIRST (kids (phooey to them) go lay in the sun and blob)...


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