Thursday, April 15, 2010


The 'nasty family situation' is back on today. I am going to do everything in my power to fill my day and not think about it.

For those who are not in the 'know'... just know that it is a very upsetting family thing that I can do NOTHING about. But it is affecting me something awful.

ABOVE: I made this card last night... and I totally LOVE IT! The fabric flowers are so neat don't ya think???

I made another 5 flowers last night too... so shall no doubt make some more cards today... I need to get some more card, probably go and get that too...

I have weigh in at the Doctor's this morning... I am expecting a decent loss.... then the kids and I are going shopping for more card making stuff... so will be back later with a report on how much I lost...


Weigh in went well.... lost 2.8 kgs ( 6.1 Pounds) on their scales, will weigh again tomorrow on mine to double check and record.

Took the kids out for lunch... I had a sandwich too. Got the supplies I wanted:

ABOVE: The card on the top has a 'pearlish' finish, which is just gorgeous! Also got a corner cutter thingee....

Have not heard how things are going with the guys, told Stew I did NOT want a 'blow by blow' account of their day... not something I can handle. Got nervous diarrhoea already! And I have this damn awful lump in my throat... finding it hard to swallow. Nerves I expect.

Nasty family situation is resolved. Not the best outcome we could have hoped for... but way better than it could have been we think! Now we can move on from it and 'the family involved' can start afresh. I am certainly feeling much better about it all now. It's the unknown that is so hard to take. ONWARD EH?....

End of Day.... and we are all having a drink tonight. Not to 'celebrate' but certainly to unwind! *smiles* nite nite.


  1. Hmmmm I see a new addiction coming on lol - hope all goes well for today. Take care.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Don't the 'experts' say that displacement activities help the brain from dwelling on the bad stuff. So keep on sewing, making cards etc (everything but eating!). It was great to meet you on Monday. You truly are a unique 'tart'!!

    Guess what..... my boy is so bad he qualifies for a reader/writer too!

  3. That card is very cute. I like the use of the fabric with the card stock...and I really like the flowers. You are definitely on a roll!

    I'm sorry that you have to go through a nasty situation today...I'll be keeping you in my prayers that all will go well.



  4. these cards are so cute--prayers for you going up.

  5. I admire you. You are keeping your hands and mind busy. I sat crouched over my laptop playing solitaire and freecell day after day after day.
    Eventually I came out of it but I never want to go into such a deadly place again.

    Will have you on my mind and sending good thoughts into the situation.

    No matter how much we are not part of the problem the problems within our family affect us because we love them and want the best for them all.

    All I can say is do whatever you must to get through this time.

  6. If today was bad may tonight bring you peace.
    Love the cards and stamps. My girlfriend had a sign in her house that said "I love homemade gifts, which one of the kids do you want?"
    Loved that sign!!

  7. Good luck with the weigh in.

    Keeping busy is a good way to take your mind off the situation, as you say, it is out of your control so nothing you can do is going to change that.

    Enjoy the day with the kids - they are back at school on Monday, hasn't that 2 weeks just flown by :-)

  8. First, you are sooooo talented. I love the card. Second, I must have missed the post telling us what is going on. I'm sorry about this stress in your life and hope that it is settled soon.

  9. Hope everything is going ok.

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Hi Chris

    I'm not sure whats happening with your family but I wish you all the best today. Good luck with weigh in and I am loving your new interest :O)

    Take Care
    Michelle x

  11. I know it will be tough, but you are tougher!

  12. Keep busy, the unknown is the hardest. Whatever is the outcome, when there is certainty, you will be able to deal with it.

    You have lots of good wishes going you way

  13. I'm sorry that you're going through some hard stuff right now...but I'm glad you have your sewing and cards to keep you occupied.


    And well done with your weigh in!!

  14. Cute card!

    and congrats on the weight loss! That's great! :0

  15. Still praying for your situation. You know, eventually, the truth will be known. Meanwhile, you are there for the people who need you even if it's in spirit!! :)

  16. Hang tough, Chris. I hope things sort out positively for you.

  17. Anonymous3:06 PM

    This too will pass Chris, It will be allright I just feel it.

  18. O Chris,
    Your cards are so neat! You have the card people put to shame! You are certainly growing into such a classy lady!

    I don't blame you for being tickled with the weight loss! That is amazing ! Congratsulation! Bigtime!

    My heart bleeds for your family problem . I have been through that myself and it really bruises your heartstrings. If I could take it away from you and bury it in the ocean - I would . But that is only possible IF you have a wonderful counselor like I have -who opens up a window -when you feel like the door has slammed tight on me.

    Stay true to yourself and talk to someone you trust to help ease the pain. Pull close to you the things that you love and let others work out Their problems .Let it flow like water off of a ducks back? Hum? Maybe your ducks were speaking to you ? Maybe you should google duck spirit guide? Check it out about ducks and see if it resonates with you?

    Some people just have got to blame some body else all the time and not take their own responsability for their actions. I hate to have you hurting - I know all about the diarrhoea and the hard to swallow part. That being human part is the pits! :)

  19. Well done on another great loss!

  20. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I'm glad your nasty family problem is now resolved! Now your stomach can go back to normal and hopefully everyone can live happily ever Your cards are super duper GREAT!! love your little flowers. You've got a great talent going on there Girl!! Love the colors! Also love the colors in your star quilt. So so pretty!!!...debbie

  21. Anonymous6:21 PM

    That card is beautiful, so original!

  22. Your cards are gorgeous Chris. I love the fabric flowers. Had a library book home about different ideas to make them but no time yet. Fantastic weight loss. You are an inspiration!

    I'm sorry to hear there has been more stress in the family but glad it is resolved now. Hope you can relax a bit. big Hug

  23. The cards are definately getting better AND ummmmm do you have envelopes to fit them? YOU have that drink you deserve it THATS for sure.

  24. I love that card too!
    [[HUGS] about the family thing. Family arguements are the worst :o/ [I still haven't resolved the thing with my sister from Christmas!]

  25. sorry to hear bout the family thing,i dont know anything about it but im glad you had some sort of resolution:)

    awesome weightloss chic!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lovely, colorful card! These are very special and all you.

    Glad the situation has been resolved and you all can move forward.


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