Friday, April 30, 2010


A couple of days ago... I had my thinking cap on... and thought.. Hmmmmm... wonder if I can make some cute little blocks to put on cards?

ABOVE: This is the first one I am working on.... nowhere near finished, but already looking so cute! I am having so much fun with these!

Today? Well... I have the RTLB Teacher coming first thing this morning to talk about her observations of Griffin working within his classroom.... she's been doing observations for about 6 weeks now. So, she's coming to discuss it. Interesting.

What else? Only two more sleeps till Coco comes home! Jiggling with excitement...

AND it's weigh in day.... which I will do a bit later...

ABOVE: the heart blocks I made yesterday afternoon, they are so quick and easy! I'm thinking.... they would make a cute quilt too... with a very neutral sashing?

Onward... still in me nightie!

The Meeting: went OK.. not sure just what she thinks she can/is doing for Griffin though. She also let me know that the 'Special Class' Griffin has been going to for half of his day has been dis-banded, and he's now just back in his 'normal' class all day with NO help. I am furious, the school has not told me about that development!

Now what do I do for him? If the school is not providing the extra help he needs??? I'm ringing SPELD for a start. Pffffft to the school and their 'We are doing everything we can for your son' bullshit. I'M FURIOUS.

And while I'm feeling crabby... I only lost 300 grams this week! Holy Hell... that is annoying considering how bloody good I've been. Grrrrr.

Off now to eat freaking JELLY.... its WATER afterall!

JANE P: You are right of course... it does seem a waste to put the blocks on a card.. which will probably be thrown away... so I'm making a whole lot more of the heart blocks and might just make them into a cute kids quilt! Thanks for making me think about it from a different perspective.

End of Day : I've made a few more heart blocks... fed the family Fish 'N' Chips... my day off! going to chill out now and watch some telly. nite nite.


  1. I love that block Chris! Good luck with the meeting about Griffin and the weigh in!

  2. Those blocks are great, they would make a great quilt. Just love the fabric

  3. OH OH! She thinks and is creative. What next.

    I think that block would make a very fetching quilt. Anyone getting engaged or married in the family *smile*

    When I first glanced I thought you meant flowers on blocks for a quilt. Could be a little fussy if over done but might be cute on a cushion. Think about it.

  4. Ohhh, those are pretty!

  5. The hearts are gorgeous. I can't bear to see you "waste" them on cards.

  6. Really love your blocks; that's a great design and the colors are fabulous! So sorry to hear things aren't all okay with Griffin's school and what they are supposed to be doing for him. I hope you give them a tongue lashing! And I hope things get better for him (which will, in turn, be better for you, too!)!



  7. The heart blocks are fabulous SHIT you are a creative tart honestly I WISH I had 1/10th of your talent..... (and as for your loss IMAGINE how shitty and crabby ya would have been if it had been a gain NOW stop whining and SEW god am it!!!) lol

  8. What a great idea to put your fabric blocks on the cards, but - dare I say it??? - you could always glue a few tiny coloured seed beads on as well, to give them a bit of 3D dimension... and they are nice and sparkly!

  9. It would look gorgeous as a little girls quilt!!
    i may have to commission you...a cot quilt?

  10. wow, the heart blocks are stunning and way too good for a card Chris. The cards arrived today. I showed them off after work to a couple of girls but will show them around next week too. You are so clever. Love your creativity and ideas and you too .. of course!

  11. Chris what about the lighter blue that's in the heart. But then I would also lean towards black for a darker quilt. They are lovely to good for cards. Have a nice weekend.

  12. I love that block! LOL I was reading your sidebar---you can call me a "Tart" any time! snarf

  13. I really like your cards. Good luck with the new addition. Can hardly wait to see how the introductions go. Congrats on the lose better a small lose than none at all. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. i love it! i think its awesome how handy you are...

  15. I agree, I think the heart blocks would make a beautiful quilt!

  16. Don't you just LOVE when it seems you are the last person to know about your child at school?

    Aggrivates the hell out of me.

    And don't feel bad about losing just 300 grams. Since the wife became with child - I have been gradually GAINING weight.

  17. Those blocks are gorgeous!!


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