Sunday, April 11, 2010


*SIGH*... too bad. I am gunna show you some more I made yesterday.... cos I can!

In the last 3 days I have made 16 cards... there's a couple that are not quite finished... and most of them need 'words' stamped in them yet... but as I don't have said 'words' yet.. it will have to wait.

I look at some and think "Hmmm.. .needs something else"... but I don't want to end up putting too much on them... so will just sit back and wait and see. It has been fun... and I'm sure I will make more once I have more supplies and stamps.

Diet... is going great again... still doing low carbs... which basically means NO: Breads, Pasta, Rice, Starchy Vegetables, cakes, biscuits, crackers and the like. It is not a hardship at all as I am seeing the results and I do not feel awful or deprived doing it. I ROCK... and can feel my motivation increasing every day. HELL... I might even get back into exercise one of these days too!

But I am not pushing myself to do anything really... I have a big crappy family situation coming up that I am trying to keep from swamping my emotions... DEEP BREATHS.... my Doctor has said my best weapon to overcome it is to pretend it isn't happening! I can do that! I don't have to 'engage' in what is going on... and once it is over and resolved (either for the good or bad)... then I can deal with it.

ONWARD....It's another gorgeous day, and Stew is home... and I love that man so much! I'm a Soppy Tart.

As it's been such a glorious day today.. we went out for a drive. We ended up on Milford Beach, which is on the North Shore of Auckland. Such a nice beach too. Stew took some photos which I will share tomorrow.

I even had an ice cream... bloody nice it was too! Got to have a treat now and then eh? And anyway, I stepped on the scales today and have lost about 2 kilos since Thursday! AWESOME.

End of Day: made a few more cards this evening... got the bug to do them it would appear! nite nite.


  1. Chris I have some stampa for you I wil send them next week check out my blog and see if you like them.

  2. Hi Chris - re your comment, damn our trip is planned from the 15th May so it looks like we will miss you:-(

  3. Boy you can sure push out the cards at a great speed They are all fantastic I love receiving homemade cards (and especially ones made by children they are always funny,cute and random).

  4. You DO Rock! Way to take your mind off bad things that are going on! :)

  5. The cards are great. I especially like the one with the flip flop. Great attitude on the diet.


  7. Hi Chris!
    I Love your cards! They are so precious and handmade makes them even more special ! You are so very talented.
    You might consider working on one for Stew(romantic) and then we have Mother's Day coming up ??? :)

  8. Beautiful cards. I wish I was "crafty", but I'm not.
    I did the low carb diet years ago and lost tons of weight. It was great. Unfortunately, these past few years, I've snacked a little too much, (stress eating. YUMMY ice cream sandwiches and Peanut Butter Cups!) I'm trying it again, like you...
    Lindsey Petersen

  9. Anonymous3:17 PM

    No, Chris, we aren't getting tired of your nifty cards! I think they're really cute! Happy Sunday!!...debbie

  10. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Hi Chris

    I like the gardener's card


  11. I love your cards Chris! Again, your talent shines through!

    I hope the family stuff works out...try not to let it stress you too much....I know, easier said than done.

  12. awesome cards!!!!!!! you are so bloody creative woman!! cool:)

    weightloss is great to, y9u do rock, makes adifference when you dont feel deprived, im looking forward to the weeks to come for me to on the low carb sort of thing!

    go girl:)

  13. Yaaay for soppy tartiness! There's not enough of it these days! ;o)

    I'm not getting sick of the cards either. They look great :o)

  14. Hey Chris

    Just had a catch up on your blog after being away for 2 weeks in Bali. Looove the cards! Is there no end to your talent? Great news that your weightloss has been going so well. I was getting my groove back . . . then went on holidays. Too scared to hop on the scales but will have to do it sometime, I guess. Have a great dayxxx


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