Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This year we have had an absolute BUMPER CROP of Tomatoes, I am thrilled to bits:

ABOVE: See? Don't they look fabulous???

Well... that is if you like TEENY TINY TOMATOES THAT IS!

This year they were the only ones to grew well at all. And I ask you, just what the hell are they good for...besides looking pretty? HUH?

I am not growing them next year, for sure.

I got a parcel in the post late yesterday! OOOOO I love parcels! It was some stamps from a really lovely blogger girl in the USA! What a lovely thing for her to do, sending me some stamps! THANK YOU Carla, you made my day. I am sure to get lots of use from the stamps.

ABOVE AND BELOW: The stamps Carla sent me.... aren't they just lovely? I can see me using that birthday candle one a lot! Imagine being able to put the right number of candles on a card just by using the one stamp! NEAT.

Today I have no plans... which is nice. I am not going to patchwork class for two weeks due to other commitments... so will just be staying home and doing me own thing. Not feeling so bad spending my days alone now, probably due to being on anti-depressants....but that's OK. At least I'm not miserable any more!

Now that things are settling down a bit on the family front I am not so stressed out... maybe I can stop taking them soon.

I had planned to go out this morning, but my Aunt up the road came around for morning tea... which was nice... so now I will go out and get a few bits and bobs that I want.... and stay away from the coffee shops and food court! OOOO but the smells can almost sway you eh? Fresh bread.... *drool*....


I need a medal! I went to town, I bought the things I needed .... then I came home and had a bowl of soup! It was darn nice too.... then I lay down and went to sleep for an hour! I was so tired! Didn't sleep well last night... stuff was going around and around in me head.

So, kids are now home and it's time to think about getting dinner arranged. Something with mince I do believe....

End of Day: Lovely dinner of Spagetti Bologneise... mine had no noodles. Doing great there. nite nite.

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  1. What lovely tomatoes Chris - can't you just eat them / add them to salads / halve them and stir them through hot dishes (obviously not pasta at the moment for you!)

    I wouldn't come off the anti-depressants at this stage ... I took myself off a few years ago (feeling better, so didn't bother to renew my prescription) and was that ever a mistake. (I'm not on them now though and haven't been for five years!) At the least chat with your Dr first to see whether you have regained all your natural resilience.

    Good luck!

  2. Chris, aren't they CHERRY tomatoes? They look beautiful! They are yummy in salads or just to eat plain.

  3. When I was a little kid my neighbor had a big bush of cherry tomatoes, I remember eating tons of them!

    How nice someone sent you stamps!!

  4. Hmmm....all I can say is what goes round comes round, give the kids 15-20 years and guess what...the same thing will be being said about or happening to them. They forget, kids grow up and are influenced by others(most commonly other idiots) and then....they see thelight and grow up even more and spend the next few years apologising to their parents for what they put them through as both teenagers and new parents... I know its not much help...but it will settle down. :-) Keep smiling, you are doing a great job.

  5. They're beautiful tomatoes even if they are smaller. Like others have said, I like them in salads or other dishes.

    I'm sure those stamps were a nice surprise, and I bet they were fun to open as well!

  6. those tomatoes are great! Eat them in salad they are sweet. do you can? you can stuff clean jars with them and add clean water and do a quick water bath to seal. they can be used then as any canned tomato. I think you lucked out! but then I love those and can just scarf them up.
    ditto on the comment from above don't be hasty in coming off your depression meds. your having success now, why rock the boat?

  7. We call them grape tomatoes. I believe there are several varieties and they are so sweet and delicious! They're so easy to eat too. Not all that cutting...

    Glad you're doing better these days. Sometimes it does take anti-depressants to gain perspective.

  8. Those tomatoes look tasty to me! I'd eat them just like they are~like candy! :)

    The stamps are too cute. What a cool thing for your friend to to! :)

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Chris!! those darling little tomatoes you use in salads and cold pasta dishes! I use them all the time! I hardly ever buy big tomatoes and only use mine in the summer! Your stamps are really cute! You are a lucky ducky for sure!...debbie

  10. Our tomatoes didn't come to anything much this year either, have had bumper crops before so will try again next Summer.

  11. yummy tomatoes!!! bubba ones...still nice in salads and stuff!

    Lovin the cards and stamps.

    Have a great day!

  12. Great stamps, people are kind aren't they. With the family stuff, there is something in the air I think - it seems everyone is having family issues.

    How long till Coco? Martine

  13. Oh we eat those little tomatoes like candy around here!

  14. Those tomatoes are pretty and perfect for salads!

  15. Perfect salad tomatoes, those are. Or cut in half in a soup/stew. Yummy!

  16. I love it wehn cherry toms BURST in ya mouth and squirt seed and juice EVERYWHERE I use mine in pasta on toast in salads chuck them in every casserole TOMATOES in tarts with garlic basil and olive oil!!!

  17. Roast the cherry tomatos and sprinkle feta cheese over them - yum yum!

    kazz =]

  18. Chris, you can't stop anti-dep cold turkey! Chk with doc for step down dosage. Take care.

  19. It looks like there are a lot of cherry tomato lovers. They look beautiful, but I am not a tomato lover. Glad to hear your stress level is down.

  20. Fresh bread.... *drool*....
    Hum?? Sounds like I need to pray that you get a "nose cold". LOL

    I love those little tomatoes! You had me drooling over them ? OOPs ! Over here we use the little tommy-toes in salads. Or pick up a salt shaker and head to the garden while they are nice and warm - YUMMY They are so much sweeter than anything you can get in a store.

    One time I did cut them open and put them in the dehydrator . Then I packed a bunch of them in glass jars until Winter-time and plopped them in spaghetti or chili beans.

    I am so glad that you are feeling some better. I hate for you to be sad, because if you are not sad then you can "birth" some new ideas and we can feel your joy.
    Those little stamps are so cute! What a neat idea!
    I was looking for an angel stamp one time on E-bay , but they were all out of my reach financially. Then one day I won one and I was thrilled-but the best part is that I made a wonderful friend and we chat back and forth all the time. So , stamps hold a magic for me ! :)

    O, I was thinking of how depression can hit me -out of the blue and when it does - it steals my creativity. So, sometimes I just sit down in a spot and tinker with what ever is facing me-trying to lose this beast that haunts me.Well, the other day I was reading the most wonderful book about decorating your house with ways that are unique to you. So, when she got to one part about how improtant it can be to "putter about"! That really sat me back because I was seeing "puttering" was just a waste of time and she was saying how valuable it can be. So , maybe we just need to "putter about" a little more often! :)

  21. Ugh. Our tomato plant did that too. I was looking forward to HUGE juicy toms and got baby ones. But they're good for salads!

    LOVE the stamps!

  22. Oh I love those little cherry tomatoes - my husband would eat them for a snack at every meal if I gave him half a chance. Sadly they don't seem to like growing in our garden.

  23. I mostly use cherry tomatoes! The only thing i use regular size tomatoes in sandwiches. I got like 6 cherry toms in my garden this year. I was very upset, and now after reading about your toms, i'm down right peeved!

  24. I cut up the little tomatoes and put them in soups and stews and stuff. They are the only kind which I can grow! The big ones just never seem to do well on my little patio.

  25. those tomatoes looks SO ripe and tasty!

  26. I brought some of those cherry tomatos for lunch today. Yours are probably alot more tasty fresh from the vine. Glad to hear family situation is easing. Sounds like you had a lovely day, with lots of nice surprises along the way.

  27. What great stamps! I wish I had enough time to be as create as you are!


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