Sunday, April 25, 2010


I would appear AMPUTATION was on the cards as well...... *sigh*.... warning... don't leave ya action hero dolls out.

Tis a nice enough day by the look of it... as Amanda is here for the day I'm sure we will go out somewhere ....

And yes ANONYMOUS... I will get back to the cupcake table runner.... asap!

Maybe tomorrow! Today is family time....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY.... over in Ozzy...... We hope you have a lovely day today.
We have had a lovely day, we went to Omana/Maraetai Beach's... walked along the foreshore... had a picnic... looked at houses...
And the weather couldn't have been more lovely.
It is VERY quiet in blogland today! Not that I can talk, I've been out all day!
I'm going outside now to chop down the two magnolia trees we planted a year ago.. WHY? Cos I want to plant fruit trees instead! I know... what a waste.... but it's a woman's perogative to change her mind... lol! Edited: have not chopped them down, was suggested to me (thanks Magpie) that I put them in pots. Stew is THRILLED TO BITS to know that he now has to dig them out and pot them! LOL ... THRILLED I TELL YA!
End of Day: I have a curried mince in the Electric Frying Pan... will be had with rice... and I am going to have a teeny bit of the rice too. I have been EXCELLENT all weekend! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Teddy must be really bored. He won't be when Coco arrives! She will keep him on his paws! Hide your tupperware in case he's got a taste for plastic now!

  2. oh dear we HAVE a pussycat that chews LEGO if it is left out WE learnt that very early on PUT LEGO and toys away!!!!

  3. OOps about the action figure...I can imagine that Griffin was not a happy boy when he saw that!!!

    Just think how much worse it will be having COCO chewing things as well!!!

  4. Some things never change! LOL - I do remember the kids action figures all looked like that -sooner or later! LOL
    O, and when we used to go "yard saleing" I saw LOTS of action heroes like that - so it must be a world wide epidemic. LOL

  5. Whoops maybe Teddy is feeling like something is amiss. Maybe he can tell coco is coming but does not know that Coco is a girl.

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Chris, why don't you put the magnolia trees in pots. It seems terrible to kill them.


  7. I'm just glad the poor pup didn't EAT HIS BRAIIIIIN! LOL

  8. Glad you had a good day hon. The beach looks lovely

  9. Thanks Aunty! Appreciate it! xx

  10. Oh I am glad the magnolias survived Chris. I LOVE magnolias. They're my favourite tree and I want to be buried under one. Or married under one...More chance of being buried I think!

  11. chop down a magnolia oh my god what were you thinking

    I nearly cried when I read that. Like Kayjay these are my favourite tree...took me 20 yrs to grow in Twizel then I had to leave them behind...drove past when I was there this week and u guessed it all gone...sad but I hav to move on

  12. The BEACH is FANTABOLOUS!!! WOW I am about to die I want to go to the beach so bad. How soon can June get here? Do they sell Kong toys out there for dogs? Hope he didn't swallow much of that decapitiated toy. That'll teach a boy to pick up after his little self now, won't it?

  13. Oh Teddy - don't you just adore them when they do that? We have to hide our shoes and the kids toys otherwise they end up being chewed in this house!

    I bet Stew loves it when people give advice that leads to work for him, poor man ... lol

  14. Oh the pics are gorgeous, it looks like you had such a nice time and the sunny weather, how nice. Poor action man!!!!! He looks well chewed!!!!!

  15. It's so beautiful there! I wish I could get my man to take day trips like that.

  16. Grimm9:03 PM

    Those pictures are absolutely beautiful and I long to see the water like that someday in my life.

    Hopefully you will have better luck with the fruit trees than we did. Turns out we couldn't keep the deer away - (and unfortunatly my lawnmower).


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