Thursday, April 08, 2010


I thought I'd show you all what Jackie and I made yesterday... cos it was really fun!

ABOVE: Jackie and the kids at the table... busy making cards....

ABOVE AND BELOW: the two cards Jackie made.....

And as for me... I decided to try using some fabric on my cards....
ABOVE AND BELOW: a card I made from fabric I bought to support Breast Cancer... I love how this card came out.
AND remember that cute fabric I won the other day? Well I used a little bit of it for this card:
ABOVE AND BELOW: Probably overdid this one a bit, but still cute.

Today I have a hearing test (it's free to us oldies!) then off to my Weight Loss Group at the Doctor's. Yikes, expect a big gain this week!
Apparently I have PERFECT HEARING! I wouldn't have thought that... as I often struggle to hear what someone is saying when there is other noise around! *shrugging me shoulders*.
Weight Loss Group: I gained a kilo... not the end of the world. I can and will continue to work on getting the weight off... slowly but surly... while keeping my 'whole' self healthy and sane! At the moment there is quite a bit of stress in the background which I am doing my best to overcome... mostly by NOT eating to smother the emotions. This in itself is a huge WIN for me... cos my biggest problem is emotional eating. So in all I am not unhappy about the kilo gain.. not at all. I am doing well.
HOLY HELL.. I went out to buy a wee bit of card so I could make a few more cards.... it ain't cheap is it? There are masses of other 'bits and bobs' I would love to buy... but it will have to wait! I could spend a FORTUNE on that stuff! The dilemma is.. I love my sewing ... is it possible to have two hobbies? Both that cost a lot???? I hope so! It is nice to do a variety of things ... innit? lol
End of Day: I had a nana nap this afternoon! Just ran out of batteries and flaked. Kids watched TV quietly on the most part, but freaking Teddy would not stop jumping on me and licking my toes. Weird dog. Had lamb chops in the crockpot for dinner... so didn't feel bad about doing bugger all for an hour or so. Looking forward to Coronation Street on the telly shortly... nite nite.


  1. I am loving the cards..good job.

  2. cute, cute! and looks like fun. i want to have craft time, too!

  3. Oooh love the cards! Looks like you had a good day yesterday.


  4. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Your cards are really cute and look professional!! What a fun way to spend some time! ...debbie

  5. Seriously, is there anything you can't do? You amaze me with your creativity!

  6. Your talent never ceases to amaze me - those cards - particularly the one with the lady on are just wonderful. Good luck at the WI. Zxx

  7. Those cards are adorable and what a great idea using some of your fabric to make them! I have a friend that makes all of the cards she sends... I'm sure it's a lot of fun, but I can only afford one hobby! LOL All my sewing stuff eats up my $$$!!!



  8. I really love and appreciate habd made catds, a lady I work with makes them and I awlays look forward to receiving one.
    Yours look great.

  9. Love the cards:-)

  10. Love the cards! I've made a few things at stamping parties, but am not able to find the time at home. You have a creative gift and you seem to find the most wonderful ways to use it.

    Keep it up. Good luck at the group!

  11. cards are very cute all of them.. YOU may surprise yourself you ahve been hucking out cupboards thats exercise and calorie burning stuff right?


  13. Great job on the cards. You two are so creative :-)

    I need to get my hearing checked too. Getting old isn't for sissies, as they say.


  14. Those cards are gorgeous.

    A kilo after Easter is a win, in my book!! And you are developing the right mind set which is the most important thing.

    Interesting about the hearing. I think a lot of us experience that difficulty as we mature. If it's not hearing loss (which is a good thing, of course!) I wonder what it is?

  15. Those are really cute, Chris !!! I've been having fun with cards as well. So much more fun than the ones you buy in the store..

    Just kicked myself in the bum and decided that I needed to get back into blogging. Realised I'd been hiding my head in the virtual sand for too long. Letting life beat me down a bit. But you know us kiwi sheilas ... like an Edmond's sponge cake..we spring back :-)

  16. Love the cards.

    Good on you for not eating your feelings!

  17. Hi Chris,
    I Love your cards! They are perfect - the red one you thought you had over done is my favorite! :)

    I have told him to go get it checked out
    Try to get to him that it is important. Mine did start with that ,and it might be nothing-but better to be nothing than the alternative.I think I love your Stew because he makes you happy and I believe that when a man takes care of his wife - that makes him a giant among men. :)

  18. Those cards are adorable!

    What a fun idea: using the fabric. :)

  19. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Sensational cards!!! I love making cards. never seem to have the time these days tho! I'll just admire yours instead!!!

  20. Definitely possible to have two (or more) hobbies Chris! I'm a papercrafter and a sew-er, and I love them both :) Lovely cards!!

  21. I couldn't help laugh when I saw your comment about your two hobbies and them 'costing a lot' as I only really have 4 hobbies and three of them cost a fortune.

    Love anything to do with the water, but this month alone the flippin boat has cost around $1800 and that is just towing it places and the petrol and general maintainance such as trailer rego and insurance. (it could do with a new cover, but have been quoted around $1200 so may have to wait until next summer). By then the water rat daughter will probably need a bigger wet suit and ski's so I guess I can kiss another $600 good bye for those.

    Other fun hobbie is getting my private pilots licence, but once again, at $100 a lesson it is going to take a while to clock up the necessary hours.

    Thankfully I LOVE reading so get great second hand bargain books off trademe to help balance out my spending in other areas.


  22. The cards are awesome. I have a friend who runs a craft studio, I needed some last minute invitations for my daughters birthday & as my printer at home is defunct, I asked my friend if she would mind printing me some off the internet. I went to her place & within a few minutes, we had use some of her " offcuts" and made out own - WAY COOL (especially for me who has no artistic bones).

    She sells stuff thru her web site which may be cheaper than the shops

    Also Trade-Me seems to have a lot of this sort of thing, you can pick up bulk lots really cheap then sell or give away or swap what you don't want or need.

    Week 1 of school holidays almost done :-)

  23. Cards look fantastic - I tried to get into card making a while back, but ended up making my wedding invitations and that was about it! If it brings you joy, then go for it!
    Kel xxx

  24. I got sucked into the scrapping world many years ago and have so much gorgeous cards and papers I must drag out and use one is fun though hey...hugs Khris

  25. Chris, I love the fabric cards you made. You have a good eye. You certainly can have more than 1 hobby. Sell your stuff to pay for supplies! There used to be a lady at MAAD selling cards with fabric. Now she sells at a shop on consignment.

  26. Anonymous11:02 PM

    love the cards Chris - is there anything you can not do?? -


  27. Well Chris,
    Thank you for popping back. I lost you somewhere in all the shuffles. Hope things are doing great.

    I have made a gain weight wise this week. all that beer on the weekend.

    Always next week.

  28. Those cards are lovely! Nice work!

    I am always a fan of naps.

    Congrats on the perfect hearing.

  29. Love the cards. Sorry to hear about the gain. Hope the stressful situation goes away soon. Good luck.

  30. I had a go at cardmaking once, but yea it was REALLY expensive!
    Yours a looking great :o)

    I added a photo to my blog to amuse you :oÞ

  31. Your cards are just so gorgeous...

  32. I love the cards, especially the one that looks like the Loralie designs. It is fun, isn't it!

  33. Your cards are cute and adorable. I also want to do card making for children.


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