Friday, April 23, 2010


Two days ago I decided to give Griffin an afterschool 'job'... his first ever 'real job' around the house! YOU know, one he has to do every day! Brylee has to unload the dishwasher, and does it just fine.

But Griffin? Well the first day was FINE... he thought it was quite OK to scoop the dog poop.... it wasn't really NICE for Mum to be doing it afterall.... he reckoned.... so yesterday he had to do it AGAIN! Like, there were two poops to scoop... hardly much at all considering how LITTLE Teddy is! BUT OMG! He moaned and groaned and bitched like an old man! You would think I had asked him to scoop every dog's poop in the whole city the way he was going on!

AND he kept saying things like 'Why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?"..... "What do YOU do?"..... ahhhhh EXCUSE ME? I could only laugh at the end of the day.... he was pathetic. And he will be scooping poop for the REST OF HIS LIFE if he's not careful! LOL

ABOVE: one hard done by 'slave boy'.... LOL. He looks so uncared for eh?

So today? Dunno.... probably a bit of housework... sewing? Cardmaking?

ABOVE: I made this one last night.... it's the first one where I've taken the advice of Khris in Australia, and put a brooch clip on the back of the flower so that it can be taken off the card and used on something else! Thanks for the tip Khris!


Ha ha ha! Lots of your comments have made me laugh... and I'm thinking it will be such FUN to show Griffin this blog entry one day when he's a grown up!

I've had a really LOVELY morning today! Lyn came around for a yak... which was so nice! I love it when I get a visitor... so does not happen often. Anyway.... after 2 hours of yakking she has had to go home to feed her kids (they are on holidays).... and I am left thinking... LUNCH.... I'm starving.

Just got on the scales too.... weigh day.... and it's all good! Another good loss of .800 grms. Really pleased with myself. I am a third of the way there again!!!!

KELLY: yes I am still doing LOW CARBS... which basically means...


Bread, Pasta, Rice, Starchy Vegetables (potaoes, kumera etc), no sweets, no cakes or puddings.

I am eating most other veges and all fruits.... and protein, Meat, Cheese, Eggs.

A typical day goes like this: Breakfast - Diet Coke and me pills

Lunch - soup with cheese added, or an omellette with ham/cheese, or bacon and eggs, or a steak and salad... or a salad with chicken....ETC.

Dinner - a small amount of meat and lots of veges or salad... or just the meat and some gravy.

NO SNACKS, I don't feel the need or want for them. I drink Diet Coke and have an ocassional Latte.

Every week I allow myself one day 'off' where I might have an ice cream and fish and chips for dinner. But I don't go totally overboard and binge on stuff all day.

And NO ONE have a go at me about not having Breakfast! I have never been a breakfast person.... it makes me feel ill. I am healthy, I am losing the weight again and I feel good. WORKS FOR ME.

End of Day: and I've almost made another card... they take a long time to get 'just right'! It amazes me just how bloody long it takes me to make up my mind how to 'compose' the various bits together! But.. it's fun! Stew is watching the rugby... the kids are playing and I'm going to read some blogs now! nite nite.


  1. Hahaha! That gave me a chuckle. If he only knew how good he has it!! At least Teddy isn't a Rottweiler! :) He better get practice with Coco coming soon! :)

  2. lol. I love it. My son ions ago, had to do the same thing and acted the same way until his father caught him one Saturday and they had a little chat, and from then on there was minor grumbling under the breath!! I guess kids are all alike!!They might as learn early that life isn't always a bowl of cherries!! Like your card!...debbie

  3. I used to have to do the poop patrol, but sadly, those two dogs have passed. Our Iggy is the best. He's a bush/perimeter pooper. He never poops on the grass. Yea!!

  4. Loved the post about your son, and I just adore your card. Khris always comes up with good ideas!

  5. Love the photos!! Can relate to how he's feeling, we have grandsons that have that look from time to time!! Love it!

  6. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Griffin is going to be a typical whinging male! Ask them to do one little thing and they go off their nut! I ask my husband to do a little thing and it's "after this over" or "I'll do it at half time", so I get the shits and do it myself and then he gets shitty because I did it! I suppose I shouldn't ask during footy or cricket but if I'm doing housework while he's laying around watching TV then too bad. I keep telling husband that the reason us women nag all the time is because men don't do as they're told or they can't do a simple little job around the house!

  7. Boy do I know that look. Poor hard done by young man. Keep up the pressure you slave driver.

  8. Poor little dude. His life is just so hard. Imagine, having to take care of your pet! Lol

  9. oooooooo boy complaints at my house get a person an automatic REALLY BIG list of chores. No body here compalins unless they want to weed for an hour or wash my car or take out all the trash in the whole house or let me see, oh yeah vacuum my car. Dust under every stick of furniture. So Griff would have a lot of complaining to do about one time. You might tell him if doesn't quit it your gonna ship him to me.

    Heh heh if he thinks it's bad now just wait till the puppy gets there!!!! BWAHAHAHAAA

  10. Geez Griffin, suck it up!
    My 10yo son, Jason, only has two jobs whitch he gets $7 a week for: He empties the kitchen bins rubbish and recycle] and sets the table for dinner. Well he moans nearly every time he empties the bins. But then that's because sometimes he gets 'bin juice' on him lol

    How are these boys going to cope in the grown up world, with a job?
    Good luck saying, "I do everything, what do YOU do" to his boss! lol

  11. "Why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?"..... "What do YOU do?"... I love it. Have Griffin read you blog to get a clue about what you do. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard a kid say "it's not fair".

  12. Haha what a whiny little pansy. I bet ya, if I told duda that I always use to do that job, he wouldn't moan and sulk anywhere near as much. Or you can just tell him that if he doesn't start acting more like a man and doing things without bitching, he won't ever be like uncle Steve :) Oh and I must say the card looks good mum, I really luke the removable flower, it makes the card alot less gay hahaha

    Love ya

  13. Oh poor Griffin!!!
    You are doing so well on the weight loss Chris, take it you are still doing the low carb thing? Do you find it hard, got any tips or do you just do it! What would be your typical day as far as food goes. Would love to be as motivated as you, just not in the zone at the moment!! Take Care Kelly

  14. Uh oh...Griffin is in for it. He's bitching now about having to scoop poop...wait until Coco arrives. Double trouble! LOL!!!! You could always send him to my house to scoop the litter box...I can't even get my husband to help with that one. Men!!!!!

    Way to go with the weight loss, Chris. You are really in the zone! Keep it up, you slave driver, you! :o)



  15. Too funny! I remember being in charge of emptying all the garbage in our house as a child/teen. I probably griped about it too, but eventually it just became a normal thing to do.

    I wish our dog used the bathroom in one spot. She goes allover the yard, so we have to search for her "land mines". Ha ha!

  16. Oh I love it when I get the whinging about how they have to do everything & how unfair it is - then I give them a rundown on what I do - in addition to working full time!!..

    Remind griffin that if he misses a day picking up poo then there will be twice as much the next time.

    Congratulations on how well you are gojng with your weight loss - good on you.

  17. AND he kept saying things like 'Why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?".....

    ROFL~ I had to look around to see if one of my "kids" had magically turned back into that age! LOL Maybe that is a "universal language " that all males have privy to?????????? LOL

    Congratsulations on your weights! But, I would much prefer that you send it somewhere , other than the USA - because I am putting it on and keeping it safe for when you need it again! That way you won't have to look so hard! :) LOL

  18. My surgeon has always said to me...don't worry about the breakfast thing. If you don't feel like it then don't bloody force yourself to eat just doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things and he thinks it is a bit of a beat-up really. Caveman never had breakfast...or indiginous people. They spent the day looking for something to eat that evening if they were lucky!!
    I love the poo story. What happens when you get the other one?? Twice the work for the poooooorrrrrr little mite:)

  19. You people PAY your kids to do chores SHYTE send them to my house MY 13 yr old SINCE age of 5 has been A: putting his clothes away in his own draws (I had big pics of things blutacked on draws!), he has been making his own bed since 5 (although the blankets were crumpled and crinkly IT didnt matter ITS the attempt I PRAISE and woohoo over!), HE puts all his clothes out AT THE WASHING MACHINE every day NOT ON THE FLOOR, his weekly chores since 7 were wipe skirting boards vaccum edges and put away dishes NOW as a 13 yr old he does edges windowsills and skirting boards VACCUMS lounge and bedrooms hangs puts washing on hangs out washing and picks it in AND YES HE FOLDS IT! When he gets home from school he empties bag and then REPACKS 50% of lunchbox to make a headstart for next day THEN checks his timetable TO PACK necessary items for next day (he misses things sometimes BUT HEY NONE of us are perfect!!!!) (I am open to arranged marriage anytime after he turns 16 THANKS!!! lol)

  20. Webbsway's comment made me laugh. My sister and I always joke that the world needs a certain amount of weight on it to hold it in place because whenever one of us loses the other one gains!

  21. My girl is exactly the same. I rarely ask her to do anything becos it means I have to listen to her endless gripes. When she asks What do YOU do? I always say "I gave you life."

  22. I reckon i've got a couple of Griffins living at my house!

    Be lovely if they realised how easy they have it, wouldn't it?


  23. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Well done Blondie 1! You would make a fortune if you wrote a book on how to train kids! That's great he does all those chores, at least he's prepared for the real world (and a wife!)

  24. congratulations on your weight loss.. at the end of the day as long as it works for you that's the main thing...

  25. Chris, congratulations on the loss that's fantastic..

    on the breakfast thing, yeah, I'm not very good at it either, especially lately with all this stupid infections..

    but I need to have something cause of my antibiotics.. so have resorted to Goulburn Valley tub of apple puree, only 76 calories, just enough to kick start my metabolism and allow me to have my antibiotics without side effects.. and I call it breakfast LOL :)


  26. Dear me you are such a Task Master. Poor little fellow! Don't let all his complaining break you. Congrats on the lose and keep up the good work. What works for you works that all I got to say. Have a fun weekend.

  27. The idea to make the flowers on the card a removable brooch is fabulous!

    Griffin made me laugh - we all have days when we feel exactly like that.

    Way to go with the weight loss, Chris! You are amazing!

  28. lol, Griffin will get over it soon enough.
    Gratz on your weight loss again:)

  29. Laughing my head off at Griffin's photos here! Poor guy! :)

  30. Isn't that why we have work for us???????? HAHAHAHAHAHA Love it!

  31. yep, I'm with blondie, my daughter has been doing jobs since around age five and its only in the last 3-4 years that she has started getting pocket money (half of which has to go in the bank).

    Fortunately for me she doesn't seem to have ever considered the fact that she is hard done by as her jobs are just part of her daily routine.

    She is twelve but is responible for
    1. feeding the cat
    2. feeding the two dogs
    3. watering the pots in planters
    4. making her bed
    5. keeping her room tidy
    6. emptying the compost
    7. emptying the dishwasher
    8. mowing the front lawn
    9. vaccuming her room
    10. helping fold the washing (her clothes).

    she quite often does over and above this though as she LOVES baking so will normally want to make at least one slice or batch of biscuits at the weekend.

    She also likes to earn extra money if she's saving for something she really wants, so will sometimes look for extra jobs to do and at christmas ended up washing two of the neighbours cars, plus mine, and my tenents in the granny flat. At $5 a pop (to vaccum and completely clean the inside) it didn't take too long to make the $20 she wanted.

  32. That's how my oldest is, you'd think I was killing her if I ask her to do anything!!

    WTG staying on your diet!


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