Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have had a blasted headache on/off since saturday... and now I am quite sure it is because my hot flushes have come back with a vengence AGAIN! Grrrrr... just when I thought I was getting over them too.

I am hot one second, cold the next... cardigan on... cardigan off... ALL DAY. And so by the middle of the day I have a freaking horrible headache, you know, the one that makes you feel like throwing up... SO NOT NICE.

I'm supposed to be going to a meeting today for parents of children who are starting the 'Jumping Jacks' Perceptual Motor Programme this term... *sigh*... I really don't feel like going! Probably will though... cos I should eh?

Probably won't get to do much else all day....


Been to the parent's meeting, it was quite good... the OT's explained a bit about the programme, what our kids can hopefully get out of it (lots of fun) and what we as parents can expect to get out of it (information about how our child 'works')....

It is a foul day here, blowing and raining... I am toying with the idea of letting the kids walk home in the rain... cos I just don't feel like going out again! Mean? Probably, but it won't kill them, heck they might even enjoy it! Rain never hurt anyone right? (I was going to say 'water'... but my Dad drowned in water, so it did hurt HIM!) I know, I'm a bit sick in the head.

HA! When I wrote the bit about the kids walking home in the rain.. it was only drizzling.... cos not 10 minutes later it was fair pissing down.....

So Teddy and I drove up to the school and waited for them... as they were already quite wet by the time they came out to the car! OH Well... plans are never set in concrete around here!

Now... what's for dinner??? *sigh*

End of Day: we had leftovers for dinner... waste not and all that eh? It got dark really early tonight... made it feel like winter was just around the corner! nite nite.


  1. so sorry you're not feeling well Chris, I can sympathise a lot with the hot cold hot cold part anyway... hugs and I'll be thinking of you throughout the day..


  2. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I am so sorry to hear about your headaches. Are you pre-menopausal? That would account for the flashes I think. I never had hot flashes like most gals going through menopause. Guess I'm lucky about that. My sister wasn't so lucky. Hope they don't last long....debbie

  3. Oooo, I feel your pain! I've had an allergy headache for three weeks now...it eases a little bit, but has pretty much been constant. It's about to drive me off the deep end. And I emphasize with the hot flashes, too. I'm still having them - and I'm still on HRT because I can't stand myself without it! I certainly hope you don't have problems like me! Wouldn't wish that on ANYONE, especially someone I like!




  4. Might be time to get yourself along to a naturopath and try A WITCHES brew (as my family so eloquently call my naturopath the witchy brew lady!)

    JUST noticed your sdie bar weight WELL DONE on reaching 10 kilo lost.

  5. Bugga hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. I hope you feel better and make it to the meeting without too much struggle. Tough to have an important meeting when you feel like crap.

  7. O Chris,
    I am so sorry about your headache. That stinks and it makes it so hard to do anything.
    You know I did read for a headache to get two pails of water big enough for your feet . In one pail you put cold water and the other very warm water -5 minutes in each for about 20 minutes.(be a good time to watch a tv program)
    It is suppose to defeat a headache because it changes the blood circulation flowing through the brain. Another freebie to try. ;)

    Hate that you are working through the hot flashes also. They are such boogers. When I went through them I actually had a doctor that put me on some hormones to get through the rough part.

    Then when my DH came down with prostate cancer and he took radiation treatments and hormones treatment and he started with the hot flashes - made him miserable. (Of course all the women who work in that field - always laughed their heads off at the guys going through hot flashes.)

    I hope you are feeling better real quick.

  8. Aren't you are a good mum picking them up. I had to walk home and got absolutely saturated. I could rink water out of my skirt !!


  9. Sometimes my wife has those type of headaches. She usually feels better after she does throw-up. I hope you get better soon.

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  10. Headaches - I wish they would find a cure for THOSE!

    Hope your headaches - and hot flushes - recede into the background again SOON!

    It looks like you certainly got some rain . . . .

  11. thats EXACTLY how it looks out MY window this morning :(

  12. It sounds like a miserable day....I sure hope you are feeling better. Hot flashes suck! Hang in there!

  13. Hi Chris,
    I hope your head is giving you some relief now!

    Wow, you are sure getting a big storm out there!!! We were supposed to get a storm last weekend, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It's been nice here... preparing for the super hot summer to come!

  14. Grimm8:50 PM

    Is it hard NOT to feel yucky when the weather is crap?

    It seems I always feel "under the weather" when the weather is raining and dreary (pun intended).

    There is a reason my name no longer has a link - I will explain later.


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