Monday, April 05, 2010


Yesterday in Matakana we watched Chris Dickson (famous NZ Sailer) take his 'boat' into the water... I will try to upload the video of that later on this morning.

ABOVE: the boat.. my video just WON'T load.. so I found some photos on the net... this boat is called a SeaLegs... it's an Amphibian Boat! You can drive it on the land then into the water ... it's totally cool! *drool* (bet it cost a bomb!)

I have been quite evil over the past few days, lots of carbs, a bit of chocolate.... probably going to show a gain next weigh in. BUMMER... but there ya have it. Lost the plot for a few days.. but on track again today... lost that battle, but not the war.

Not sure what our plans are for today.... might go nowhere! I feel the urge to do some sewing in fact....

ONWARD...we've been doing friggin housework all morning. AND I got Stew to put the laundry door back on so Teddy can stay in there tonight.. he was a right LITTLE SHIT last night! Kept jumping on and off the bed and licking himself silly... drove me nuts! He's OUTTA THERE tonight!

Teddy is on steroids, so we don't have to worry about him developing a 'hot spot' ... hopefully. He does not have fleas! There is no way in hell he would be in MY BED if he had freakin fleas... ikkkkk.

It has turned into a glorious day now.. we should be at the beach. Instead I'm doing sweet bugger all! Well... I have to polish some furniture in a mo so I can put the ornaments back on... but that's all. Just ate an Easter Egg... bloody nice it was too. BAD BAD BAD me.

End of Day: I have cooked Lamb Shanks in Thick Mint Sauce for dinner.... you can all start drooling now! They smell devine. Going to dish it up now... nite nite!


  1. Happy Easter {for yesterday}

    That cake looks delish!

    - marie x

  2. Sounds like a plan......and what's the het that a little cupcake pops up some time today in material hey??

  3. Happy Easter. We have snow again. When is it ever going to get warm? Send me some sunshine.

  4. My cat knows if he gets on the bed and licks and scratches he IS shoved off bed and banished to lounge IT didnt take long to STOP THAT a few nights of abandonment and he was sorted.

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hey Chris

    Happy Easter. Hope the water damage is cleared soon


  6. Chris,

    I think most of us fell off the wagon this past week! I'm back on as of tonight!

    The boat looks like such fun! Thanks for sharing.


    ps - wedding story in the making!

  7. How cool is that. Chris Dickson and his boat. Did the kids realise who he is?

  8. That boat looks really weird. But in saying that, i want one!

    Did you have Easter buns [carbs]? I love them. They are better than the eggs i reackon! I only had two this year. Every other year it would have been 4-5 packets!

    Does teddy have an irritation? Or fleas?

  9. Sounds like Teddy is having an allergy! I hate that. My pekingese started today licking up a storm - it is so bad on them and on the owner. If left untreated it can turn into a hot spot (raw ugly , terrible sore that can get infected)O - One tip I have learned- Look to see where he is licking . When you find it you can put baby ointment for diaper rash on it and Most of the time -that will shut down the itching. I believe it is the zinc that stops the itch. But, sometimes it saves you a trip to the doctor.

    I loved the picture of that boat! I had heard of them in the movies , but I had no idea that they really exist! Thank you for sharing !

    Happy Easter to your family -here I would be on time - but I guess I am late on your time??? Does that mean that "YOU" get a day older Before I do???????" LOL

  10. Anonymous3:07 PM

    It wouldn' be easter if you didn't have some chocolate!

  11. Cool boat! Hope you can get back on the no carbs good. Once I went off I could never get back to it.

  12. That was a totally cool boat indeed! It's cool that Chris didn't mind having his picture taken with the kids too. (Brylee's hair looks cute!)

    I loved the pictures you posted of the cupcakes, but they made my tummy grumble!

  13. Hope you are drying out and had a great day!!

  14. hey Chris Easter only comes but once a year so a little chocolte is ok.
    Unless you are a painfull angel like myself and havent even had a wee teeny tiny nibble of chocolate

    I know u r gonna call me a tart hehehe

  15. Excellent weight-loss efforts! You are doing so, so well. You must be very pleased. Keep up the good work!

  16. EAster (and any other holiday) sucks for people trying to do their best to lose weight. Don't fret about it.

    Keep it up!

  17. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Never saw a boat with wheels before. weird. There is no way in the world I'd let Lincoln even stay in the bedroom. We put a gate up at night so he stays in the front of the house. You are so funny!...debbie

  18. Happy Easter, Chris!

    I know how you felt with Teddy jumping all over - that is what Skor does on a daily (or nightly) basis!

  19. My dogs do that too and it drives me crazy! I think with one of them it's a nervous habit. :( I know neither of them has fleas.

    Hope your Easter was wonderful! :)

    p.s. cool boat!!!

  20. Darn Easter chocolate. I've been running hog wild this past weekend. Sorry to hear about the flood. That is just awful. Sounds like the weather is still nice. Hope the kids enjoy their break.

  21. sounds like you had a lovely Easter. Ours was busy. Poor little Teddy will be wondering what he did to be banished to the laundry. He is so lovely. Sometimes I wish we had a little dog who could sleep on the bed. Sometimes... I think he and the cat would end up taking up most of the bed!

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays. It would be great to have time off to do stuff as a family. Make the most of it. xxx

  22. Wow, that is a cool boat. Reminds me of the James Bond car boat.


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