Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am finding it harder and harder by the day to stop myself from diving face first into something like this:
Stew (bless him) mentioned dessert the other night... and I simply have NOT been able to think of anything else since then.... I WANT... NEED.... MUST HAVE REALLY SOON... something sweet or I am gunna to go MENTAL.

I am going to see my doctor again today after a 3 week break... I am expecting him to say he doesn't need to see me again... I'm feeling much better in myself now. Most stress factors that have been doing my head in over the past few months are behind me now... and some I have just had to accept as things I cannot change or do anything about.

"Situational Depression" is something I must be prone to... as this is the second time in 10 years I have felt that low... hopefully I am over the worst of it. (well... thanks to dem pretty wee pills) LOL!


Ummmm... THESE look delicious too...
I DID mention I'm ***drooling*** eh????

KATE mentioned WW Jelly... and I thought... Hmmmm , yep I'm sure I've got some of those:
AND I I made some....
They don't look anywhere near as pretty as that chocolate cake (*sigh*)... but it might work. How long do they take to set now? Will it happen faster if I watch them??? *tapping me fingers on the counter*.... OH hold on... they have to go in the fridge eh? Dum dee dooo.....
Well... my doctor is VERY pleased with me... he thinks I finally have my head screwed on right and am dealing with life's stresses much better.... and he said it is probably due in part to the pretty wee pills... and part due to me working through my issues in a better way. It's all good. I don't have to go back for 2 months! Yaaaaa.
It's now early afternoon and I'm taking a moment to relax... I had lunch in town... and indulged my craving with a small apple strudel pastry. I'm happy now. *smiles*
The family is having roast chicken for dinner... me? JELLY... ha ha ha! Biggest question of the day: Which flavour????
End of Day: and I caved in and had chicken... I just could not resist! I had covered the whole chook in a Honey/Soy Marinade and it was JUST SO DELCIOUS! I had chicken and peas with gravy made from the marinade. *drool*... you just can't beat a good roast chook. Don't even feel like jelly now... might later though! lol
nite nite.


  1. Shame on you for spreading your cravings! LOL I want some chocolate now. :)

    I think I'm going to make some strawberry shortcake tonight.. That sounds good! LOL

  2. OMG I want that top cake!!!!

  3. not sure how it fits in your low carb but how about some sugar free lollies...I bought some the other day from our chemist and they r chewy caramel/coffee/choc flavour and so yummy..they had mind hard ones too.


  4. ps
    dnt start eating ya cupcake runer

  5. Anonymous8:20 AM

    OH MY GOSH!!! WILL YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT YUMMY STUFF!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US??!!? I made a Red Velvet Cake last night with Cream Cheese Icing...yum...for company tonight. I'm sorry about you feeling down. Just think of each new day that you can make your own. A new slate to fashion any way you please. You can decide how and what you are going to that day and leave the past behind, it's can't be undone...but a NEW day!! Now THAT's something else!! ...debbie

  6. I want it all!! I'm there for you, Chris. It sounds like you are on a roll. Stay with it, and don't get upset if you take a step back.

    You inspire me to work harder at my weight loss program!

  7. I just had TO LOOK at that TOP cake didn't I that is the shiz of all cakes RIGHT stewed apple and yoghurt with cinnamin, OR pikelets? with jam, OR tempura batter fried banana with yoghurt? hope that helps your sugar cravings.

  8. Anonymous9:03 AM

    How about some Weight Watchers jelly? That usually keeps me going!

    Kate (

  9. My sympathy for the cravings and blahs and headache. So not fair.

    I'm not too fond of the artificial sweetener in WW jellies but they serve a useful purpose. I really enjoy them when I add plain Greek yoghurt, ( not too much), to chopped up jelly or sometimes a topping made by mashing a piece of banana to a creamy consistency with yoghurt or my favourite, fresh cream whipped with the tiniest smidgeon of sugar.

    Enjoy your jellies and this craving will pass.

  10. Anonymous10:13 AM

    ~GROAN~ Now I want dessert.

  11. Chris, the food tastes better in the head! Have a nibble if that will stop you going nuts. Just don't go on a binge. Stay strong.

  12. Anonymous10:42 AM

    STOP TORTURING YOURSELF! Just go to the bakery and get a small chocolatey thing just to get rid of the craving. If you try the sugar free lollies, don't eat too many of them or you will fart non-stop! (speaking from experience!)

  13. Weight Watchers makes these little cakes that are great when you want a little something sweet. They come in a box of about 8, and have several flavors, like chocolate, lemon, and carrot cake to name a few. I think they are only like 1 or 2 points each and they are really good. Do you have those over there in NZ? If not, let me know and I'll send you some. They are not like that decadent chocolate cake up there at the top of your post, but they sure won't do the damage that will do, either!



  14. Anonymous12:24 PM

    OMG I love the jelly colours... you could have a field day with those...

    And you could always make a couple up with vodka and have jelly shots all afternoon!!!

    I have a cake recipe I made up that's no fat and very low carb - will hunt it out and send it to you! But I am at work at the moment (ARRGH!) and will try and remember when I get home...

    Kate (again....)

  15. I was doing okay until I got to the cupcake pictures....I love cupcakes. I hope you are truly over the worst of the depression.

  16. Ohhhhhhh traffic light JELLIES with chopped banana and yoghurt!!! OR FFS stick ya tongue in the SUGAR JAR and lick!!!

    Sweet cravings IM SURE thats because of low carbs GRILL chicken breasts and eat with salsa!! AND DO IT QUICK now I'm off to work... and too anonymous EATING choc will make it worse way worse.

  17. Hello from Long Island! Great blog -nice to "meet" you - see you again soon!

  18. Did you hear about the research study that said people who eat chocolate are more depressed than those who don't? That made NO sense to me at all. Chocolate makes me VERY happy!

    Glad you got a good report from the doc. YEAH YOU!


  19. buy yourself some low fat icecream, and have one small scoop with that jelly. you shouldn't not have the things you want, just not all the time :-)

  20. Grimm8:42 PM

    I swear I think you and my wife are on the same wicked wavelength. I started running yesterday after a few month layoff and my wife proceeds to bake cookies...

    Just more proof that I am not allowed to lose weight while she is pregnant.

    Maybe this is something I should blog about.

    (I'll email ya in a few days.)

  21. OMG!! That cake looks devine... thats cruel...
    Stay strong know how much happier you are when you are down each week on the scales!!

  22. I'm glad you are doing so good!!


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