Thursday, April 22, 2010


I need one! My fingers are getting ruined from hand sewing freaking flowers! I did actually buy some the other day from the bookshop.... a box of rubber ones... but when I got them home they turned out to be too darn big. Grrrrrr.

I might just go to Sylvia Park today and exchange them for smaller ones. My fingers are REALLY sore I tell ya!

I am getting bored with being at home all week... so going to the mall might just cheer me up? But I doubt it. You can be surrounded by hundreds of people and still be lonely eh?
*sigh*.... endith the pity party!

I want to have a nice day, and I will .... so there! My diet is going SO well still, I am gobsmacked at myself!

ONWARD....I will take my camera out with me and try to find something worth taking a picture of eh?

Before I brave the weather (it's raining) I just read about another Giveaway:
So pop on over HERE for a chance to win a few goodies! Right, I'm off to the shops....
I didn't go to Sylvia Park afterall... only went to the 'local' Mall instead... decided it wasn't worth driving all that way just to swap some thimbles! I ended up buying a bit more card, posting a parcel to the USA (keep an eye out Carla V!).... and then I came home.
ABOVE: it's a grey day.... can't see us using this area again for ages.
ABOVE: and the grass STILL is showing no sign of re-growing here.
ABOVE: we planted two baby feijoa trees 15 months ago... they are still twigs....
ABOVE: but one of them actually had some fruit this year! OK, not many... but if that is anything to go by once it's a big tree is should be a prolific producer don't ya think? *smiles*
ABOVE: Our darling Teddy loves to lie by this window.... today I took pity on him and gave him a cushion to lie on so he could bask in what little sun there was. He 'guards' the house from this spot. So cute.
So there ya go... some photos! Boring... but better than nothing!'
Kids are home again from school.... got a chook to put in the oven shortly.....
End of Day: Dinner was yum... how can a roast chook be anything else?
Feeling flat this afternoon/evening. Tired I expect. Can't wait for bedtime. nite nite.


  1. The mall sounds nice.. I wish I could join you!!
    Hope you get some new smaller thimbles to protect your fingers!
    Can't wait to see the pictures you take!:)

  2. Enjoy your day, have you thought about volunteering again somewhere like Hospice etc???

  3. Camera, Walk ... Good idea. Do something that feels good without busting the diet. I wish I was closer we'd giggle over sore fingers and thimbles, oooh and aah over your work and drink a good coffee or chilled diet coke.

    Only 10, or is it 9 already, sleeps.

    I'm hopeless with a thimble and prefer hand sewing. Why are needles sharp at both ends?

    Oh that's right.... so I can pull it through backwards without breaking off thread when I make a mistake. Well try to at least.

    Wishing you a better day.

  4. Didnt you have thimbles you bought for last time hand sewing? Have YOU thought about A FLOWER handbag? just to add to your ever growing PHD!!!

  5. Thanks for your comment Chris... I can't believe you remembered!!! ... I'm really touched!

  6. Chris, your diet is going so well even your fingers are getting skinny! Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey Chris, hope you had fun shopping! That picture with the turtle at the top of your post cracks me up! :o)



    P.S. You've got sore fingers and I've a sore thumb - whacked it with the hammer yesterday while putting grommets in a bag! Grrrrr!!!!

  8. O My Chris,
    So sorry about sore fingers! That was a lesson I learned when I was younger - watch out for sewing needles and guitar picks-they will both Hurt you!

    Now that I have survived a few years - I had to laugh at DH . He had to have his teeth pulled and get a set of dentures -which he Hates.

    After 6 months of Trying to learn how to use them and they ended up spending more time in their container home than they did in his mouth.

    We had to take them back in the last few days and they did a job they called reline them , which was adding something to the part of them that fits on your gums and they actually fit a lot better and he has tried to wear them for the last 2 days .

    But the last 2 days he has learned that his teeth are a "leathal weapon" . When ever they take a notion - they take a big bite out of his jaws!

    I think these things should be labeled a leathal weapon. :)

    I really LOVED the colors on the give away . I Love Homespun magazine and I adored those adorable pink and green pin-cushions. Funny how I never know what I will like until something slapes me up side the face!

    I love your flowers you are working on!

    I learned a valuable lesson a couple of years past when my girlfriend who worked at a nursing home (for the elderly) invited me to come to her place of work to meet a most remarkable woman. She was so special , talented and sweet -all tied up together. She was one of those gals that you fall in love with immediately.

    But the reason Debbie wanted me to meet her was to show me Flowers that she made. She would cut out the different petals accordian to which breed of flower she was working on. She used organiza - all colors and just shimmering! She would put these on the little center pieces that was store bought . I wish you could have seen them -because they looked so real and so beautiful that it took your breath away.

    She told me that the pattern pieces that she had in her bag - she had actually taken her flowers apart and used themt o make the real pattern -that was why they looked so real. I was mesmerized with her love and her skill.

    A month later she was gone and it broke my heart. I was just so thrilled that I got to meet her. I asked what they did with her belongings and they said the family sorted through to see if she had any money and everything else they throwed in the dump!Now that really broke my heart.

    But , your flowers made me think of her work. You have about 35 more years to get to her level - so enjoy each lesson that you tackle, because you never know who you will affect along the way. As long as you are happy creating - you are feeding your soul.

    I did know what you meant about being alone in the company of lots of people. ?? I thought that was neat how different people all are. I like that feeling because to me it is like I am invisable in a crowd. That would be because I have lately learned that I am an introvert and that is why I have trouble with people - I prefer to be alone. I remember Mama had a brother who had been in some war and when he came home -he was so changed that he built himself a shack way in the back of their land and you had to walk a couple of miles to even see him. He never had a phone and it was so nice and "quiet" at his home.

    One day I told Mama that I was more like my Uncle than anybody else and she said she sure hoped not. :) I don't know what makes people so different, but it is amazing - and a magical journey.

  9. Oh now you have me so excited. I love posts. You are such a wonderful friend. Love the pictures Teddy is such a love. He loves sunshine like my Abby.

  10. hi ya,

    if you want to speed up the pace of any fruit tree, don't let it fruit for the first 4 -5 years. (take the buds off) Let the growth go into the plant rather then into producing things (initially).

    Most fruit trees will grow almost twice as fast if they don't fruit, f'jos are a bit of an exception though as they are relatively slow growing anyway (compared to a lot of other fruit trees) so if you want a decent crop (anytime this decade) this would really help.

  11. What r those fruit? I have never seen those b4! R they like anything else?


  13. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I like your back patio. Looks comfy and rather cozy. what happened to your grass? Did you have a garden there? I don't know how you can be bored with all the things you do! I am breathless just reading about it!!...debbie

  14. I really like your table and chairs!

  15. I've never been able to find thimbles to fit my thin fingers. Sometimes I tape masking tape on my finger tips to protect them.

  16. Never heard of feijoa, had to look it up. Will have to keep my eyes open to see if any ever come to my grocery store. Good luck and the giveaway.


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