Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It may be hard to believe... but we have nothing planned today! How weird is that?

I took this really cute photo of Teddy the other night.. he is so nosey about what is going on in our street! Any noise whatsoever and he's up there looking out.. and if he sees anyone he barks and growls! Such a good guard dog !

I am seriously looking into getting another dog like Teddy, only a girl next time. Have my eyes peeled for one ....

Diet wasn't so good yesterday, so have to make a concentrated effort to be extra good today.

The nasty family situation has been postponed... due to unexpected circumstances... so it drags on.....worst luck.


I'm off to have morning tea with my aunt up the road in a mo.. on me own. BLISS. Then when I get home we will pop out to get some dog food before said dog starves.. and I want to buy a stamp I saw the other day..... hopefully it is still there!

Morning Tea = DONE

Dog Food = BOUGHT

Stamps = BOUGHT...

ABOVE: this is the one that tickled me fancy! No idea how I can use it in a card... YET.... lol!

ABOVE: I also bought this set of 6 little ones (suitable for little wee cards or tags as they are very small).... very cute though. So, I'm slowly building up some supplies.

We had lunch at the mall.. as per Stew and I had a carb-less kebab... so yummmm. Full now, need to go have a granny nap I reckon! It's a lovely warm afternoon.... ZZZzzzzzzzzzz....

End of Day: and I didn't have a nap.. I kept thinking of things I wanted to do... so got up and did them! Ended up making a couple more fabric flowers for cards.... they are quite fun to make. Diet good today.... weigh in at Dr's tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Two babies huh? Too bad your so far away. Coffee Bean's mom is breeding her pretty girl. Knowing you you will find a gorgeous puppy. Enjoy your day-- no plans can be just great. I thought ya might be gonna post a nudie photo of somebody-- the dog ya neva know!

  2. Bugger about it being postponed not what you need. Enjoy your nothing day :-)

  3. Hi. Don't eat the family situation. I have too many times. It is so difficult when things are delayed. I do hope that somehow the extra time will sort something out to make the whole thing a little easier for you.

    I'm looking forward to your evening up-date. Did you chill-out today or did you find something wonderful to do?

    I think we are going to have a wet day or did all the forecast rain fall during the night. We've got watery sun shining through the clouds. Catch-up later

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh a girl dog she could have dog fashion ITEMS imagine the shopping excursions FRO DOG FASHION sounds like a sewing day might be coming up and you could finish your PHD!

  5. Cute dog!

    Sorry to hear that every things been postponed. Hope its sorted out quickly

  6. New day today = new start to the day:) yesterdays gone..

    what sort of dog is teddy?

    I would like to get a toy poodle, so expensive though!!

    have a great day.

  7. So cute! I am thinking of getting a dog, but i have 3 maneaters next door and I am worried they would get in and eat it!!!

  8. Anonymous11:08 AM

    When I was younger, I did 3 dogs. Now I do fine with just one. But! they are great company for each other. I can't be without a dog. I have had dogs since I was a little tyke. Can't imagine what I'd do without a pooch!! Glad you had a good day. Do you collect stamps?...debbie

  9. How fun - Teddy and Tedette! LOL How old is Teddy? Does he do well with other dogs? I thought about getting a puppy for Noah, but I really don't think I could handle it. He's a crazy one. Plus, I do have the two cats.... LOL

    Enjoy your day, no matter if you do anything or not. And like MargieAnn said, don't eat your emotions. Take a step back and just let the family stuff roll on by...and, to use your "famous" word...Onward!



  10. Families ! Don't you love it. That is why I adore my friends after all they are the family you chose for yourself.

    Teddy is so mega cute, my Vince is a great guard dog, although I suspect he is like Teddy in that he thinks he is bigger and braver then he actually is.

    martine xxx

  11. ((hug)) the card stamps are lovely and I can't wait to see how you use them in your cardmaking. Hope all is well!! :)

  12. no not a week 5days actually

    I feel so bloody stoked

  13. Hello Chris!
    I've been reading your comments on my blog and I was always wandering how come you never post new blog.Silly me, I have to 'follow' you to receive your blog. Finally, I am your follower!

  14. I love the pic of Teddy at the window...its cute !!

    Loving all your cards....very talented you are.

  15. A day with nothing planned! Heaven! Glad to hear you enjoyed your day.

  16. That little Teddy is such a cutie! :)

  17. My dog has the same habit. Good luck with the weigh in. Congrats on being good at the mall.


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