Sunday, April 04, 2010


I can't remember where I got this photo from... but how darn cute is this cake??? And I don't even LIKE green! But I am just dying to have an excuse to make cupcakes like them. Maybe in fabric!

Daylight saving has FINALLY ended here in New Zealand, and I for one am relieved. 6 months is too long. Now I get to spend an extra hour in bed.... yaaaa.

Today, if the weather is nice we are going up to Omaha Beach... just for the hell of it. We have been cooped up inside our house for too long. Need air... fresh sea breezes and cool water. BLISS.

Teddy spent the night on our bed again, and he was perfect! He hardly moved all night... so we are thinking he can stay with us from now on. He's so good! My only concern is... what do we do when we wanna have 'hanky panky'??? Chuck him in the laundry? Yep, I bet he will howl the house down. ha ha ha! That could kill 'the mood' eh?


ABOVE: the weather on our way to the beach... hmmmmmmm!

ABOVE: Once we got to Matakana it was a bit better... cloudy but not pissing down. We got some lovely food and sat down by the old wharf... and a man most adult New Zealanders know turned up... so I asked him to 'pose' for a photo with the kids:

ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin with Chris Dickson and his wee dog! Chris Dickson is a world famous New Zealand Sailer... he's won most of the big world sailing races. He didn't mind having his photo taken either, such a nice bloke! *smiles*

ABOVE: after lunch Stew and the kids had a long swim... apparently the water was lovely. I didn't feel like swimming today so just sat and watched them.

We are home again now.... and Stew is watching rugby (typical) and I'm going to sort out our dinner....

End of Day: had a 'silly bugger' dinner ... kids had spagetti on toast and Stew and I had fresh fruit salad! nice. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I used that picture on a post I dedicated to a friend celebrating her 50th birthday. (Happy 50th Girlfriend on bizzymissliz) Maybe that's where you got it. I, too, fell in love with it!

    Glad you are having nice weather. I would LOVE to be close to the water these days! Make a sand castle for me, okay?

  2. You make me laugh.

    Green Cup cakes Phew!
    Definitely better in fabric *smile*

    Have a lovely day. Looking good here.

  3. That sure is one fine cake... Love it... Like you O am trying to loose weight... I have managed to loose 25 kgs so far... and still working on it.. I agree with you diet coke rocks.. have drank it for over 30 years..

    Cath's Blog

    Cath Ü

  4. And if Teddy thinks YOUR in pain from any strange noises in the hanky panky session he may bite or growl BEST not go there!!!

  5. Last year I bought gifts for my husband's office staff. The holder was made of fabric and looked like the paper cupcake holders. Inside was a felt-like fabric wrapped to look like icing witha flower on top. When you open the icing, it turned out to be a long scarf with a flower at the end. Maybe you can make one of those.

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    What a darling cake n cuppies!! It does make you wanna eat one! Odd color green, but I like it!! Have a happy Easter Sunday!...debbie

  7. I love that photo, and it is very me - I love green. Next thing we know you probably will replicate that - is there anything you can't do. Have a great Easter ! Martine

  8. Have you checked It's hilarious.

    Oh those little doggies in bed are so cute, but sure can kill the mood!

  9. . fresh sea breezes and cool water

    O Yes Chris!
    Now that seems like a way to enjoy your family that you work so hard for.
    I too, loved the green cake! Humm? Does "green cake " boil down to "green money"! ?? :)

  10. Hi Chris, I'm back from vacation and catching up on your blog. You've been busy! That gorgeous ocean pic at the end looks tough to resist! It's stunning.

    Sounds like things are all good in your part of the world. Enjoy!

    Happy weekend,

  11. Ohhhh those cupcakes look delish. And I love the pics. So cool that he came along.

    I'm a new follower...I'll be back, I like your style :)

    xx Maggie

  12. The cakes are cute and maybe some doggie eye patches?!? HEHE! He'll probably only know what u r doing if u r doing it doggy style!! lol!

  13. It looks so nice there by the water! Rusty sleeps with us and he's not too happy when he gets "thrown off" lol

  14. wow, daylight saving sounds so exciting. here we have regular hours of daylight.


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