Saturday, July 04, 2009


It's saturday.

It will be all day.

We have absolutely NO plans... that is so weird!

I might have to go shopping, as I've been housebound for three whole bloody days!

I feel like a chook with it's head chopped off! WHAT TO DO... WHAT TO DO?

I fully intend finishing the Roman Blind for the Hallway window today.

****Our Heat pump is coming in two weeks! The Installation people called in yesterday to measure etc. Talk about PROMPT when you threaten to cancel your order! OOOO ERRRRR. Works for me.

I'm so happy Steve has decided to stay in Hamilton and give it a 6 month trial... after yesterday I thought he was going to go back to Palmerston North! He just needs to give the place a chance.... and the other 'thing' too.

That's IT for now... I promise to come back later with a photo or two... don't know what of... but it will be a photo ... cos I didn't have even ONE yesterday did I? JUST NOT ON! HA HA HA.

First off... we went to weigh in at the Doctor's..
- I stayed the same (AGAIN!)
- Stew gained 2.5 kilos. Not too sure how he managed to do that!

Then we went over to Albany Mall on the North Shore and did a bit of shopping.. I was gathering gifts to send to my competition winners and Coffee Slut...

AND of course Stew managed to buy more Playstation Games for 'the kid' who must have more. (grrrrrr).

ABOVE: the Tupperware I got the other day... I just love TUPPERWARE.

Now we are home, it's cold... I feel like crawling into bed to warm up... and I might yet!

End of Day: well I almost got the Roman Blind finished, but ran out of the little loopy things that go on the back... dammit. Have to finish it tomorrow now. nite nite.


  1. A day with no plans sounds like paradise. Enjoy it while you can!

    Happy 4th!

  2. I guess your Saturday is over an done by the time I'm writing this. I hope that you had a very relaxing day. Right now, it's still Friday here, but everyone is beginning to party today...for our big 4th of July celebration. People have been shooting off fireworks since the beginning of the week! The poor dogs all over town are howling and hiding!

    I really LOVE the background for your blog. Those colors are my favorite. Good luck on the hall blinds!

  3. We got our heatpump from a company which specialises in heat pumps, so they install, sell service etc, we have it ducted out to the bedrooms to via a heat transfer system, then in the hall have a nobo slimline, thats all we need to heat the whole house.

    Enjoy your day, I spent too much yesterday, so will give it a rest today!!

  4. I was not well, so my plans was to stay home. I agree with Joanna that no plans can be very nice, as it can bring surprises.

  5. Happy 4th of July to ya, then! :]

  6. pictures or not.....I ♥ your much as you are on the need a few days to breathe I think....

  7. oh me like the top picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I love your quote about your body keeping a journal. Perfect and so true.

  9. you can never have enough playstation games... trust me.

  10. Enjoy your relaxing day! I love the Tupperware you got - such bright colors!

  11. I love Tupperware. I would die to have some of the old stuff like my Mom had. The new stuff is good too, but I like the older better.

  12. I LOVE Tupperware too! Can't bet it I reckon :)

  13. I love Tupperware, haven't bought any in ages. That grater/slicer contraption looks interesting.

  14. It was Independence Day over here, but we missed the fireworks this year. The kids were too tired.

  15. My Saturday was super quiet as well. Good you didn't gain, hope next week you see a lower number.


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