Sunday, July 05, 2009


But it won't be ME.
Stew is coming down with another cold... and so it Brylee ... so I'm going to be a gorgeous wife (well I am already of course!)... and let the man sleep in.


It's so hard being ... NICE.

I will go to Spotlight as soon as it opens and get the last loopy things so I can hang the Roman Blind. I stayed up bloody late last night ironing on some crystals (the BLING)... and now it's looking very pretty.

What else? Hmmmmm.... it's too darn early on a Sunday morning to be coming up with anything else eh?

LOOK!!! Photographic proof I can be VERY NICE:

Stewy got breakfast in bed.

ABOVE: The gift bags for my prize winners and Coffee Slut... all ready to be posted.

That was fun. Off to Spotlight now...

HA! I've been back to Spotlight twice today already! ran out of cord for the blind after already being there once today, so had to go back. Stew and Griffin went to the movies this afternoon, Brylee went to a girlfriends for the afternoon... I got to shop... and I didn't buy anything! Must be feeling ill or summit!

End of Day: it's been a rather nice evening, helped along by a couple of shots of that rather delicious Totara Cafe'... num num. and nite nite!


  1. Awwwww, what a good wifey you are today! Can't remember the last time I made the boy breakfast in bed.... might do that today since he is STILL IN BED!!!! Have a great day!

  2. How sweet, Chris. I notice Stew is nice and stays on HIS side of the bed, too. :]

  3. awh but down deep in your little pea pickin heart you know that a guy like him deserves some breakfast in bed! who knows what blinky bling will be comin your way next...

  4. Looks good to me Chris. I could have brekky in bed. :p

    Those bags are sooo cute!

  5. What a nice wife! Scott slept until 12:30 today!! I wanted to go in and jump on him and wake him up but I was nice and let him sleep :)

  6. Yeap, you are a good wifey Chris. don't need to ask if Stew wears pj's huh. Can't wait to see the Roman Blind finished. I had great intentions of making one for this flat.. I never did any of the things I was going do.. wonder why?

  7. love the picture proof!!!!

  8. We used to do breakfast in bed if it was a birthday or dad/mom day. The kids were little then and already up. Now we are the ones who are up at the crack of whatever, and the kids sleep in 'til noon.

    Oh, to be the kid again!

    (You're the best, Chris!)

  9. You are such a good wife for sure...I don't know how you got that pic. Joe would never have posed for that one!

  10. Stew is lucky. I've never had breakfast in bed.

  11. Breakfast in bed! OMG don't let my husband see that pic. I don't want him to get any ideas :-)


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