Sunday, July 12, 2009


We were supposed to get gale force winds and rain overnight.. DIDN'T HAPPEN. I just got Stew... snoring his bloody head off for the umpteenth night in a row. I have been soooo tempted to smother him... but cos I love him I haven't!

He's recovering from a cold. I FORGIVE HIM.

What we did get was kids... giggling Gertie's the lot of them! There's two in Griffin's room playing PlayStation, and two in the family room playing Wii.... LOUDLY.

Stew has just gotten outta bed... I'm hoping he will go out there and feed them all... and bring me a nice hot drink while he's at it! WAITING....

Got diddly squat plans for the day.. it's wet and friggin miserable outside... not exactly conducive to doing much. Maybe we will think of something a bit later on..

I should have stayed in bed! It's freezing! I'm freezing, wrapped up in a blanket in the family room... can't wait till tomorrow when the Heat Pump arrives.

ABOVE: Amanda and Joel. Cute. They just left. It's been a long day... just hung around the house.

I have been looking at patterns on the net of bags and soft toys.. and I even ordered some over the net. Isn't it neat when you can shop from home! AWESOME!

End of Day: it's been long, it's been cold.... and I'm glad it's over! Roll on tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. Sounds like a good day to take Roxy out 4-wheeling.

  2. *whew* glad the storm troubles are over. That's scary stuff.

  3. its a bit like that in sydney too. Have a good day.

  4. Brrr for you! The weather is all weird here today. Rained a bit and it's all muggy outside.

  5. come to the south dear we are sweatin buckets...

  6. Wow, I just caught up on your blog all the way through July 3rd! That is pretty good I might say. One thing, my husband and I have never been able to figure out how to make our wifi secure. Anyone can tap into our internet and I have no clue how to change it. I've done soooo much research too.

  7. Here it is summer and there it is winter, can't get used to it! Don't worry, your days are getting longer, and it will be warming up there soon!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm posting a link from mine to yours!

  8. I hate the cold... the older I get the worse it gets! Of course I hate the terrible heat and humidity we can get in Philadelphia, so perhaps Arizona is the place for me.

  9. Right now I would "love" to have some cold, rainy weather. I could stay in my jammies all day, watching TV and getting absolutely nothing done! What... it could happen!

    Good luck on your next project!

  10. Glad that the storm is over and you had a good day!

  11. Did you ever finish the book? Nice new computer! We could use a 2nd one around here, we all fight over it lol.

  12. Looks like you jad a very busy weekend. Always lots of activity going on at your place. Congrats on the new computer and thermopump. Looks to be stormy just about everwhere. Keep warm and have fun with you new guest.


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