Thursday, July 09, 2009


It's not very warm around here.
Thank God our new heat pump is coming on Monday morning!

I am soooo not a nice person when I'm cold.

Ha ha, some would say I'm really not nice at all!

Sadly, I don't have much to blather on about today.
I really need to do some friggin housework... cos no other bugger is eh?
I tried really HARD to get Kelly to do a job for me... didn't happen. *sigh*

So, today is going to be devoted to the housework, maybe some sewing... and just keeping Brylee and Griffin amused.
Though, they are really good at doing that themselves! Playstation, Wii, toys, TV... pretty much keeps them happy!


Here's another little competition to enter: Run by Irish Muses, a patchwork quilter in Ireland. Pop over and check her out, she's a hoot!


I was good! I took the kids and Teddy for a good long walk.. in the brisk morning air even! lol

We did the 'block'.. it took us 40 minutes, which is a good walk for everyone.

Since then, I've done some washing and watched a couple of TV programmes that I taped earlier. It's a nice day!

Now... I'm feeling rather BLA... will come back later hopefully feeling a bit better. Just tired I think. And kinda crabby.

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm nuts.

I went down to the garage for something... and patted ROXY and asked her how she was. FUCK, I'M TALKING TO A CAR! Send for the doctors... I'm nuts.

End of Day: I cheered myself up by doing some 'tidying up' in the family room. Will show ya tomorrow. Going to bed early tonight, if ya call 10.30 early! nite nite.


  1. You're not nice at all? I don't think so. Maybe you are just a diamond in the rough. LOL :p

    BTW the Roman blind looks professional. You guys did a great job!

    Off to look at pepsi.

  2. Heat pumps are heaven. Low cost to run and instant warmth.
    You'll be able to keep your tousch warm while you're on the computer.

    We will be passing through Akld next wkd when we take Krystal back to Orewa. I do have your number so we may call in on our way home for a quick visit.

  3. i have lost the pepsi link... when i switched to the lap top... have a great day!

  4. I think you're nice;)) YOu are definitely a woman who speaks her mind and there isn't always anything wrong with that!

  5. I think it's the esther Chris, winter always makes me a bit blah!

  6. sadly, you are not nuts. I, too, have spoken to the car. My Toyota Teddy, when she mucked up used to get a stern talking to!

    Or maybe we're both nuts?

    Yay for the heat pump, this cold weather is horrible for the old arthritis! sigh, better than being too hot to breathe, I guess...

  7. Nothing wrong with talking to the car - worry if it answers back!!

  8. No, you're nuts if you have a birthday party and cake for Roxy!
    I'm freezing here too's supposed to be summer but we haven't had to turn the air conditioner on once.

  9. Oh Chris! ... lol ... if you really want to convince us you are nuts, you'll tell us the car answered back! :)

  10. Haha oh haha Chris Chris Chris talking to Roxy... haha oh my, as least she knows ya luv her girl.

    Just don't kiss her ah... you'll smudge the polish!!!

    luv ya sense of humour mate

  11. that's right... is it winter where you are? yesterday was 80 and beautiful and today looks like the same. about to go take the dog for a long walk to work off last nights gigantic ridiculous dinner. by the way, i only post once every 5-6 days so that people don't get tired of hearing what i have to say. thanks for watching out for my blog.

  12. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I laughed my head off about you talking to Roxy.Join the club, you are a lovely funny lady.


  13. Talking to cars doesn't make you nuts. It is when the cars talk back that you are officially looney! You haven't reached that stage yet!

    Hope you get cheered up soon - maybe by the new heat pump?

  14. Going nuts, you're not alone there my dear. Hope the heat pump guys show up as scheduled. Till then keep warm.


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