Friday, July 31, 2009


The boys and I are off to the gym again today... and I'm hoping to have a spa afterwards too. That should be nice.

Griffin's ears are much improved... thank goodness! Nothing like a grizzling bloke, even if the bloke is only 7! LOL

After gym... home... then I hope to pop out again and get some material for the Convergence quilt block I did yesterday. Stew really liked it.... that's nice eh?

I'm glad it's almost the weekend, I'm feeling very jaded ... and would love a sleep in. Do ya reckon Stew and I will get one... with two big boys here it COULD happen! yeah right, IN MY DREAMS.

I got some mail yesterday! From Kim in Australia, she got a sticker : "DIET COKE ROCKS" for my lovely new car! It's blue.... I will take a photo later to show you! Right now.... got to get moving....Breakfasts and lunches don't make themselves ...

ABOVE: this is the graphic for me car... we will put it on Roxy SOMEWHERE this weekend. Not sure exactly how to do it... but I'm sure it will work out.

The boys and I are heading out for lunch soon, I'm sick of being inside the house! ONWARD...
HA! I went down to my room to look for my old workout sheets... which I thought were in the bookcase:
ABOVE: and I ended up tidying it up... and I didn't find the workout sheets! BUT I did find about 6 patchwork books I forgot I had, and some DVD's, and cooking books.... and a whole pile of books to give to the Hospice Op Shop too. WELL DONE. *sigh*
WOOO HOOO ... I feel so much better now! I've been shopping.
hee heee he!
ABOVE: I got the border material for the Convergence block I made yesterday, and....
When I took the books to the Hospice Shop I saw this cute wee fish candle holder... and it was CHEAP AS, so I bought it!
Then the boys and I went to Sylvia Park Mall for lunch and I bought something there too! Will show ya tomorrow.... got enough photos on for today!
End of Day: I've been sewing most of the evening... nite nite.


  1. Your right about food not preparing itself - that would be something wouldn't it? Happy your convergence quilt is coming along.
    I went to the new crochet/knit shop up here by my house lastnight for the first time to participate in the 'bring your current project and sit and chat awhile!'
    I got help on my current project and met some neat people!

  2. Have a good weekend Chris and keep smiling:-)

    So wish I had your talent. We got drapes made for our bedroom and there is a little material left - and I thought that if I were you I would whip it into something.

  3. I had to laugh when you went looking for something in your bookcase! I know EXACTLY how that goes!!!!!!!!!!

    It always amazes me when I do that because I feel like I have found long lost friends that I have taken advantage of - BY FORGETTING THEM! lol

    I sure wish "Food would prepare itself" too! Yesterday I picked green beans and then life got in the way and it was after 2 in the morning before I got them washed and snapped . I put them on first thing this morning to make sure I got them cooked , but still have not got a chance to enjoy them! Hoping to do that tomorrow. Why is it that life just always seems to be SOOOOo busy! What ever happened to 'stop and smell the roses??????

  4. Nice quilt. Sounds like sorting through the books was a work out in itself. I always find something else that was lost when I go looking for something.

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. good for you for keeping up with the gym!

  6. love your quilts! just got back from vacation on Cape Cod. weather was great, played lots of tennis, rode the bike all over the island, swam at the beach and ate with abandon [actually, the calculator in my head never really turns off] and am now a little scared about getting on the scale tomorrow. it's been 8 days and i was already a little up before the vacation started. Meanwhile, maybe it's time i started quilting again... keep my hands busy. ciao


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