Wednesday, July 29, 2009


He has to stay home from school today... his ears are really sore.. So no school for him.

And No gym for me .... I will stay home with our wee man and do some sewing. Nothing wrong with that.

Steve and Mike are going to the gym this morning.... Mike is right into his gym workout... and is worried he's losing his muscles!

I have done bugger all blog reading over the past few days.... no apologies... my mind has been elsewhere. And today I am going to sew... and sew... so there!

ABOVE x's 2: Teddy is in seventh heaven.. spoilt little bugger!


ABOVE: My 'Convergence Block'.... NOW all I have to do is add borders, maybe some applique'.... *sigh*..... it was fiddly ... but fairly quick to do.

- My blasted sewing machine kept jamming up today... but I did get some sewing done.
- I am feeling much better today.
- I took Mike to the Doctor's this afternoon to have ANOTHER cyst cut out of his face... photos tomorrow!
- Roast chicken in the oven... Stew is bringing home salads...yum.

End of Day: I feel a bit guilty about not getting around the blogs in the past few days.... but as I know I'm one of the most DILIGENT readers/commentors I know... I'm forgiving myself! LOL. nite nite.


  1. Your dog is simply adorable! :)

  2. Too bad about the ear thing...ouch!

    Too bad that got in the way of your gym day too :-( hope you can make it up tomorrow!

    About Mike losing muscle....just tell him to keep the protein up...chicken breasts, egg whites-and the whey.....he won't lose muscle then! (he looks like he's coming along nicely!)

    And bacon to me is what avocado is to you-though avocado actually has heaps of nutritional benefit and bacon is just icky

  3. You've more patience than I'll ever have to do any kind of sewing!

    You do realize, girl, that if I EVER come to NZ...I'm looking you up! Just warning you...hehehe!

    cheers mate! (see I'm learning-haha!)

  4. cool quilt an spoiled teddy :) such cute laps to lay about on... hope the G man feels better fast!

  5. Cool block!!

    Teddy looks like he's just living it up there lol.

    My brother drinks that whey stuff to I think, he's all muscle, he's always either at work or at the gym.

  6. You are pretty much the *only* person who comments on my blog, besides the lovely Hayley. So thanks!

  7. Oh! I have seen one of those quilts before at classes but was called something else........gorgeous!! Sew away babe!

  8. Yes, Teddy looks like he's in 7th

  9. Your convergence quilt is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before.

    Sorry about the earache. I know it isn't fun for either the person who has it or the people who try to comfort that person.


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