Friday, July 03, 2009


Well... sewing has taken a back seat this week!
I have done N0NE.
Luckily it is something I can pick up at any time... it's not like it's going to get ruined from waiting for me eh?
This is good.

Today I hope to do some sewing.... I really would like to FINISH something soon!

What else? Oh yeah, I'm still stuck at home... no wheels. Got feet. They just don't DO IT FOR ME though. I like having wheels.

I so want next week to get here FAST. Then I can drool over ROXY again... and a ROXY who is INTACT again. *sigh*


I'm actually not having a good day today.... and it's only 9.30 am! It sucks having a LARGE family sometimes. There's just that many more opportunities for things to go wrong.

GOING TO GO EAT CHOCOLATE NOW... if I had any that is! AND I can't even go buy some... GOT NO WHEELS. Pfffffffft! GOD DAMN BUGGER AND BLAST!

-We ordered a lovely big heatpump for the family room last sunday.
- I was supposed to hear from the installer by tuesday. I didn't hear a word.
- I rang the shop yesterday to be ASSURED the installer would ring me last night. He didn't.

SOOOOOOOooooo don't mess with me when I'm in a shitty mood! I rang the shop back just now.... GET YOUR INSTALLER TO RING AND ARRANGE INSTALLATION within the next hour or I am cancelling my order!!! He rang me back in 2.53 minutes!!!! ON. TO. IT.

ONWARD.... oh and I found peanuts and cashew nuts too... and had a couple, then thought "NO .. ... it's not worth it. SHIT HAPPENS".

It's nearly 5pm.. I got some sewing done.. I fielded lots more phone calls today... and now....

I am going out! There is a "Girls Night Only" on at the kids school tonight and I'm going. We are going to watch presentations on Makeup, clothes, colours etc... and the school got a liquor license to serve wine... so it should be fun. BEFORE that though I'm joining a group of the school Mum's for drinkies at one of their homes... see... I'm making friends! I'm taking my Totara Cafe'.... yum yum.

End of Day: well I've had a really lovely evening! Drinkies with the girls... on to the Style evening, which was a bit like Trinny and Susanna.. and quite informative. MUST STOP WEARING BLACK! Yeah right!! nite nite.


  1. Aww Chris ... . sorry to hear your day isn't going so well. Now chin up chick ... and get on with that sewing and finish something ... you'll feel so much better! (Maybe Roxy being in the crash shop is a blessing - you can't have that chocolate so easily which will make you feel that much worse at the end of the day!!).

  2. I am sorry you are having family hassles, hopefully your day will get better.

  3. Sorry to hear the fambly is giving you grief again.

    Good thing you don't have chocolate in the house, eh? You could walk to the shops and then the chocolate wouldn't count!!

    Hope your day gets better and you get some sewing done. Much better than chocolate!

  4. well the good news is that you can't blow your diet.

  5. HaHa!! Nothing like a grumpy female to get things happening! Now get sewing, woman. You will feel much better.

  6. Great work honey! Not having wheels can help enforce a good diet :)

    Sit down have a DC and maybe a bath or something relaxing. Spoil yourself for a bit cause you deserve it.

  7. Hope your family situation clears up. I have a small family, and even that can get dicy. Sorry about Roxy- hope you get her back pronto, and she's as good as new.

  8. I once bought my husband a glass that said "shit happens". Lets face it, without hassles we wouldn't know the good times when we had them!

    Great news about your mum yesterday pet. Excellent news!

    Kisses all round


  9. I can't believe that after citing your car's safety features only a week or so ago you've gone and put them to the test! Thank God everyone is okay. You must have got such a huge fright. You poor thing. Great news about your Mum. What a mammoth relief that must be for you all. What did you end up doing about your water heater thingy?

  10. You are doing a fabulous job at making friends... it hard though huh? good on you.

  11. Yes, I read that you'd had a small bingle in your beloved Roxy... my heart sank when I saw the photo... :(

  12. Hope you managed to have a good evening out inspite of all the stessful things going on right now. Take care and try and have a nice weekend.

  13. seems like something ALWAYS happens with a large fam...I so understand that...I am still so sorry about your beautiful ROXY....soon very'll have 'er back....I did go back to Weight Watchers on Wednesday and have tracked and counted points for two day like a good girl now if I can just be consistent.....

  14. GO YOU with the heat pump guys! i will have to remember your approach and threaten to cancel next time something I want isn't on time! :)


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