Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Is anyone else out there having computer issues?
I am.

Almost every night my MSN Messenger keeps disconnecting from the net.. which means I can't read blogs, comment, or do ANYTHING!

I am wondering if someone is tapping into my computer and using my connection?

HELP! I am not up to the play on this shit. I USED to have a secure network.. until STEVE decided to use it and 'unsecure' my internet connection. Since then.. no end of problems.


Today: as we have 'wheels' again.. we are going out to the mall. I have some parcels to post, some window shopping to do... and yeah, just get outta the house for a while.
It's the school holidays and the kids are champing at the bit to get out too.
AND while I'm out:


LYNDA: I read all the updated blogs through Google Reader.. which is accessed via my Hotmail Account... which in turn works through MSN Messenger ... well that's how I work it! AND my whole internet connection goes off not just MSN I think! I am not THAT computer literate... maybe it's a problem with my internet connection? So frustrating not knowing.

We went out... did 'The Mall'... had an early lunch, went out to the airport to watch planes come in... only two piddly arse ones arrived while we stood in the freezing cold.. so came home again.

Kelly and Co. have just gone home... now it's time to do a bit of housework then relax for a wee while.

Driving ... went well! I wasn't as jumpy as I thought I would be. Not too confident with the backing yet... it's a beast to back! I'm not used to having a big motor out the front ... but I will get used to it over time I'm sure. I'm just happy I drove it and didn't feel really scared.

ONWARD... the vacuming awaits. OH YA!

Did I do the vacuming? HELL NO! I fell asleep on the lounge chair... HA HA HA!

Then I was rudely woken by someone knocking on the door.. after I sorted that out I kinda gravitated towards me sewing 'room'... and started working on the Frangipani Project again. I'm hoping to actually start the satin stitch edging tonight! Awesome.

Darling.. if you are reading this... I need more Diet Coke! lol

*sigh*.. yes Steve.. *sigh*.. you have got your *sigh* point across! Now build a bridge and GET OVER IT... *sigh*... I will take your word for it that no one is interferring with my internet connection.


End of Day: it was a neat day.. I got out and about again.. and loved driving the new car again too. nite nite.


  1. Secure your network else anyone near by can use it, people will also drive around and find an unsecured network and download big files....

  2. I'm not sure about your computer problems except that you must have a firewall (whatever that is) and why do you need MSN Messenger to read stuff?? I don't ever use messenger but use my computer... You need to explain that one :)

  3. Love the remember the diet picture.

  4. ug. That would be annoying. When I have computer problems I pace and curse. It's the very mature way to handle it. :)

  5. OK so I do that too. I use google reader using my hotmail email address, not sure what MSN has do do with that but it sounds like a computer problem then, not MSN or hotmail. Sorry I have no expertise at all :)

  6. Like i said last time mother, your wireless internet is not unsecured. I will bet you any amount of money that nobody else can use it. And as for the internet cutting out all the time, there is multiple reasons why it could be happining, and i can guarantee you its not happining as a result of anything i have done. So quit your bitching and ill fix it when i get up there ok.

  7. Lately MSN has been a bitch aswell! Just randomly signing off and than the screws up the rest of the wirerless internt. *i hate being internet-less*.Anyway, makew Steve make it secure again.

  8. HAHAHA love that kitty toon!
    Glad you have your wheels back!
    Not sure about your net connection as I'm kind of puter illiterate too!
    good luck - those kinds of problems can be mega frustrating!

  9. LOVE the look on that kitty's face!

  10. Hi Chris,

    I never knew you could read everyone's updates though MSN so there you go :)

    With your connection, I think you should secure it again with a password, that way only people that you want to give access to it can use it.

    Otherwise, people with iphones and stuff could connect if they were driving past and use your downloads etc. I don't know much about the whole thing but hope this has been somewhat helpful!

  11. Wow I didn't know that about networks. See, we plug these things into our telephone line and then internet magically happens.

  12. hope the net mess gets better!

  13. That's why I have not gone wireless yet. I'm afraid of people using my Internet connection or hacking into my home network.

  14. Heh, I liked Steve's comment. If he says it's secure, then he would know, but it could be dropping out because of a high usage at that time of the evening in the area, or simply that you have used your quota and they are slowing down the connection for the remainder of the billing period.

    If it keeps up you could try contact the service provider, or try using it at a different time of the day. And use Google to read your blogs, it may help...

    Sorry I am not geeky enough to be able to fix it for you! Must be the season for computer hassles!

  15. Steve6:13 PM

    Ok just to clarify things, the term unsecured is refering to the fact that there is no password on the wireless connection. Passwords are too easy to bypass, so in my opinion rather pointless in this situation. So instead i have set it up so that only allocated computers/devices are able to connect to the wireless service. I welcome anyone to try access your internet mum, ill give them $100 if they can, considering they would have to break into your house, find the router and manually reset it, then reconfigure it by plugging their computer into it and changing the settings.

    Have i got my point across yet? Or shall i continue?

    Steve a.k.a son who knows wat he is dam well talking about!

  16. I'm so glad you have "Roxy" back!
    I know NOTHING about computers ...I need to take a class or something!
    You are so sweet didn't have to send me anything!

  17. Glad you got your car back, and I hope you get your computer/ internet problems sorted out soon. I'm very grateful that my husband is a computer tech and he knows better than to let my computer issues linger ... lol. It sounds like you better invite Steve over for lunch soon to get your computer problems sorted. Have a good Thursday.

  18. Remember the wise man said

    * to err is human , to really screw it up u need a computer *

    see ya

  19. Glad that you got your car back, but sorry that you are having trouble with your internet connection.

  20. I love Steve! He tells it like it is...hmmmm wonder where he got that?

    I just want my computer to turn on and go where I tell it to. I don't want to know how it gets there! (Diane Keaton talking about the water at her country home in "Baby Boom.")

    Love the cat picture! I feel its pain! Thanks for stopping by...I didn't even read the caption when I copied could very well be Nicole.

    Please send me some of your cool weather! It's going to be 90 today!

  21. Steve's funny! I know very little about HOW connections work, but it sounds like he does.
    Glad you got your girl back. Safe travels!

  22. I have been having problems with Blogger but not my computer in general. It is horrible when the computer acts up, isn't it? Glad you have such a nice car to drive in to feel better!

  23. I'm glad you got Roxy back and that you aren't jumpy. It all takes adjusting to, doesn't it?

  24. I LOVE the "diet" thingie, hee hee.
    I know nothing.


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