Saturday, July 25, 2009


STRESS = Can't eat. Can't eat = weight loss.

So, at weigh in this morning I am bound to have a good loss... can't see how I can do anything else really! I have hardly been able to eat since monday... throwing up when I do eat... constant diarrhoea from stress.... OOOO yaaaa.

I do not recommend this form of DIETING though.. it really isn't good for you... I wish I had lost weight the 'usual' way.

And knowing my luck once I start eating again I will gain back what I've just lost.

Not many plans for today apart from the visit to the doctor....

I lost 2 kilos this week, Stew lost 4 ! The Doctor has given us a CD of meditation techniques to give a try, he thinks it might help with our stress levels. I am prepared to give anything a go right now.

ABOVE: Mike and his poor broken ankle.... he might be here a while ... he can't drive, can't put any weight on it, and has to keep it elevated a lot to stop the pain.

ABOVE: Dinner last night, with Teddy doing his usual "Feed me, I'm starving" thing! Steve was able to ignore him...

ABOVE: The '5th Bedroom' ... for as long as it is needed.

ABOVE: I don't think Steve has even realised yet that he's got a 'girly' duvet on his bed! Do ya think it will worry him? NAH! Not him.

We went out at lunchtime, we had lunch at Albany Mall... then went out to visit my SIL at Bethells Beach... West Auckland coast... Stew and the kids went for a lovely beach walk while the SIL, Mike and I went for a drive up a friggin GOAT TRACK to take in the view! I was shitting myself driving up a road that was only partly sealed and incredibly steep! But the view was awesome.

And it tooks one's mind off present crap weighing me down.

End of Day: in all a nice day... it's lovely to have both the boys safe here at home. Long may it last. nite nite.


  1. Hang in there Chris, I totally feel for you!

  2. You're on the "Up Coming, and Out Going" diet.

  3. Its hard to watch someone you love battle with the weight. I'm proud of yours and SB's determination.

  4. Hope the stress takes a sudden decline very soon.

    Perhaps just put the energy into the things that a) benefit you & b) you can add value to, everything else can and will take a back seat until later.

    Those that can share/ease your burden will...

    How is your gratitude diary progressing?

    All the best & I wouldn't mind seeing more tiki tour photos of Auckland, if you are out & about today :)

    xx Shona

  5. hope you feel better. At least the sun is out today so that should make you feel better. *hugs*

  6. hope you feel better. At least the sun is out today so that should make you feel better. *hugs*

  7. What a (cyber) world we live in where I can be buggered all day about the angst in the life of someone half a world away. I ran across your blog a while ago through some kind of six degrees of separation from my blog and have been, I believe the unflattering word is "lurking" for a while, though I did enter the car naming contest. I have enjoyed your humor and honesty. I do a wee blog, not near as interesting or frequent as yours, but it serves my purpose of helping me note the events and non-events(the one's it is really all made up of)of day to day life. Just wanted to send thoughts for less stress and good resolution for you.
    FAMILY-Yikes-You can't live with them and you can't shoot them....all the best to you

  8. I do exactly the same as you when stressed - I can't eat! Not a nice way to lose weight. Hope all works out for you. Keep smiling:-)

  9. Sorry you are stressed at the moment, I suppose I can imagine reasons why...

    That spare bed is much better where it is now! Imagine it up permanently by the doorway, not good.

    I hope things come right soon :)

  10. Take the two kilos down as something good that has come out of this not very nice week. And as the stress subsides nourish your soul and you will not need to feed the body as much.

  11. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Chris,The good Karma will come to you, just try to look after you as well.


  12. I hope your feeling better soon. Congratulations on the weight loss, I agree not the ideal way to do it but good on you any way....

  13. Wow! I've missed SO much! :(

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  14. He might like sleeping with a bunch of girls.

  15. Enjoy those handsome boys of yours. Hope you feel better soon... xxx

  16. See - there is a good side to stress. Not that I think stress is ever fun. I hope the calming meditative exercises help you out. It has to help to have Mike home where you can make sure he is getting "proper" care for that ankle.

  17. I am thinkin' about sorry about your life that sucketh much right the duvet...hahahaha...but mostly love your seahorse hanging above his "bed"....and love the charger your hubby is eating his dinner it! In pounds...what did you lose? I am not savvy to kilos....ooooooooooo I drove up a mountain like that once years ago with my sister and all our kids in my van and I still think about it and my heart races.....scared the crap right outta me....please take care my friend...

  18. ((hug))

    Good for you on the loss! Your car looks great!

  19. I don't know what Kilos are. :( I'm trying to figure it out so when you say how much weight you've lost, I can understand.

    that is funny about the girl blanket. But so cute! Ha ha.


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