Saturday, July 18, 2009


While the kids have actually been really good these school holidays... I am sooooooo over their noise! I hate noise... particularly kid noise. So in two days it's back to school.... I can hardly wait.

I got these in the mail yesterday:

ABOVE: these are the patterns I ordered online last weekend, from Melly and Me... she has some really lovely patterns. I just went to a New Zealand supplier for them... but you can get them all over the world. I ordered a cute wee doll pattern too, but it's out of stock, won't get it till end of year. That's fine, I have masses to keep me busy in the meantime! Not sure even when I will get around to these bags...
Something to look forward to eh? *smiles*

ABOVE: The FINISHED Frangipani Project... Stew loves it and wondered why I was giving it away? Well... ya simply can't have that many wall hangings eh? Anyway, I made it with a certain daughter in mind... she will get it for Christmas.

NOW, today... it's supposed to be wet and miserable all weekend, so I think Stew will take the kids to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World or something... me? I am going to stay home for sure!
I really need a break from the kids....
ONWARD... edit: Stew decided to stay home and do a few jobs around the house...

So far today we have been out and bought some wood.. some to put behind the wallhanging so it hangs 'square' and some so Stew can make a new drop-down door for the attic. The last one fell off, and landed on my van... and there is no way that is going to happen to ROXY!

I have also sewn a label for the wallhanging, apparently you are 'supposed' to label all your quilts etc. So I did! *smiles*.

The closer to Monday it gets the happier I feel... I will be getting the kids back to school AND going to the gym again! Wooo HOOO!

End of Day: Honestly I have felt like committing murder today! With the 3 kids and Stew home making noise all day I could scream! I have been hiding out down in the garage most of the evening just to get away from them! nite nite.


  1. back to school already? your schedule in that part of the world is so much different from ours..

    our little ones dont go back till september..

  2. Underwater World? Wow! And yes, your wall hanging is gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Your finsihed project is beautiful. I love the colors!

    I hope you enjoy your break from the kids!

  4. I do agree with you about kid noise factor. I HAVE NOT had to raise kids twice as you have. Even though I love raising kids, I can't imagine having to do it TWICE. That is amazing of you. :)

  5. O Chris, those patterns are the "cutest"!

    And your wall hanging is neato - peachy! LOL

  6. Love the wallhanging - you done good girl!!! Z xx

  7. Just think by the time you wake up and read this comment there will be only 1 more sleep to go :-)

    I don't know how you do it! I think when my two are at school i'll be glad that i'm a working mum when the holidays come around.

    Wall hanging looks fab - but i'm not surprised with all your talents!

  8. I love the patterns! They look adorable! Can't wait to see the "finished projects!"

  9. I love the wallhanging. That is an outstnading job girl!


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