Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This gorgeous wee boy is coming to visit us today... our Grandson Joshua. He hasn't visited us in this new house before... and in fact we have never had him come to stay on his own for so long before.
I hope he doesn't get homesick! edit: Joshua is Russell's son, he lives with his Mum and StepDad, 3 younger brothers and he is getting a baby sister soon too!

Griffin is really looking forward to his arrival. He's coming on the Airport Shuttle from Whitianga this morning. It meant we didn't have to drive 5 hours there and back to get him. Awesome.

Once he's here I expect the kids will play all afternoon! Neat.

At some stage today I need to go out and post the old number plates of ROXY's away.. we got the new ones! D C ROX is now on the Highlander!

Now all I need to organise is the Graphics ... I want "Diet Coke Rocks" and "ROXY" on her next.... KIM? Get back to me on that one ...

Joshua arrived bang on time.. and very excited to be here. First thing I had to do.. go shopping to get him some clothes to wear! His Mum must have forgotten to check his bag.. hardly any clothes came with him. Not a problem.. I will just keep a few sets here for him.

ABOVE: he loves Ben 10, so luckily that label was on sale!

ABOVE: Josh and Bry playing Wii... thank god for games!

ABOVE: mmmmm, this is the BEST spot in the house! Right under the heat pumps airflow.... yeah baby! *snore*

While out shopping, it became apparent that ROBIN is TOTALLY over TOM... cos every time we opened the car door she made a run for it!...

ABOVE: I'm sure that tart jumped outta the car 3 times this morning! So....

ABOVE: I took pity on her and gave her a new pozzie, no where near TOM. happy now?

ABOVE: I found my 'Gratitude Diary' book.. and some pretty stickers to adorn the pages too. Must have it looking pretty! I think writing 3 positive things down each night is great... seems to be working too. I feel much more positive about life in general.

End of Day: and I feel ragged. The kids have been full on this afternoon... arguing over who's turn it is.. what to play... bla bla bla. I have 5 more days of this. Where is the grog??? nite nite.


  1. Awww... he's such a sweetie! Bry must be jealous. :]

  2. Have fun while he's visiting!

  3. He's so cute!!! Enjoy your time with Joshua.

  4. Be a little bit careful about using Diet Coke on your car, I worked for Coca-cola for years and as it is a trade mark patented, ( the actuial words) some nosey parker might sting you for infringement of copy write.

    Enjoy your grandchildren...awesome that he is visiting, whose son is he??

    Hope you surviving the hols.


  5. If you're lucky, maybe Joshua could live with you too.

  6. Thanks for your comment Chris:-)

    We are cosy and warm here, no heat pump instead we have a log fire. All the same it's freezing outside! And yep the pool is heated. Never been so cold as this year:-(

  7. Wow you have got a full house. It's going to be one busy week. Good luck and have fun.

  8. what a cute little boy!

    hope you guys have a great time while hes visiting/...

  9. What you aren't going to send the new clothes home with him ;o) Someone's played that game before I see!

  10. My kids fight over games too! Argh. I always hate it.

  11. Oh my stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE those dolls......I want some like them!!!!!!!

    And your little Joshua and Bry look alike I think.... so cute!


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