Wednesday, July 01, 2009



So... yesterday... I pick up the ladies for our Patchwork Outing.... and we headed off ...

I go left at an intersection, as our Tutor instructed me to do.

Then the Tutor says "oh we are going the wrong way, turn around".

So I look ahead... NOTHING COMING... I look back... NOTHING COMING... I turn right to do a U-Turn.

CRASH!!!*#@ OH MY GOD!.. there was a small white car in my blind spot... and I side swiped him.

He is shunted right across the road onto the other side, bits of his car and mine flying LEFT - RIGHT - AND CENTER!

OH MY GOD, WHERE DID THAT CAR COME FROM???? is the first thing that entered my head.

Then.... I stop and run over to the other car.. the two elderly men inside are climbing out... they are OK! THANK GOD!

My passengers are all OK Too.

I am shaking like a leaf.


WORSE... we have NOT put the new car on our INSURANCE policy yet... SHIT SHIT SHIT.

Once I had exchanged details with the other car's owner... we continue on our expedition. I rang Stew of course, and he was so good about it all!

I felt totally SICK all day, and couldn't even eat lunch.

When I got home Stew rang the insurance company... and we are COVERED (as Stew knew we were).... we have a clause in our policy that gives us 30 days grace to put any new car on our insurance policy! WHAT A RELIEF!

My car is not damaged TOO badly.
The other car is.

MY ROXY IS BUILT LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE. And that's why I bought her..... but I still feel like crying every time I look at her.

I have to take her to the panel beaters this morning for assessment, photos etc.
Then I will go and get my hair done.

And then I will go home and try to think about something else!

ABOVE: these are the materials I bought yesterday.... see.... even when I'm in shock and feel sick, I can still SHOP!

I NEED exercise right? Well that's good then, cos the Panel Beaters have kept ROXY ... and I won't be getting her back till mid next week.... EXERCISE is good! I'M SURE.

NOW... I have to walk to the hairdressers... luckily it's only about 1.5 kms away.

ONWARD......Hair is done, the walk was... COLD AND WINDY... totally messed up the hairdo. SAD.

Walked home... then walked up to the school for a meeting with Griffin's teachers.... that took 1.5 hours.... then we walked home again. All good exercise If I Do Say.... it's all good.

Now I can't be bothered cooking dinner... so we are getting a takeaway! I KNOW... it's not good.... but I'm tired. And wrung out. AND OVA IT. I need to chill out now.

End of Day: well it's been a much better day than yesterday, for sure! Off to bed soon, got a mean as headache going on. nite nite.


  1. OH MY!!! So glad everyone is ok!

    Please tell me you're not naming your vehicle "brick sh*thouse!" I mean, it's picturesque and all... but...

    Yep, I thought as I was reading they might have that 30 day rule there too. *whew*

  2. Glad all are ok and had to laugh that you could still shop. Have a better day today and boy you are lucky with the insurance :-)

  3. Oh goodness! I'm so glad you and everyone else are okay Chris. Also that things are covered with your insurance. So scary!

  4. So glad everyone and everything is or will be OK. Things just happen like that - thank goodness for insurance!

  5. shopping always makes things feel better! glad everyone is ok!

  6. Aren't you glad you bought ROXY .. after all the submarine may not have taken the brunt as well! Poor you, I been there done that.. felt like shit?! but I am only glad you and the others were all okay.
    And I won a prize and got my job on the same day... Woohooo... But ROCKY OR ROXY.. He or she is black, big, strong, dependable, always there and will see you through the tough times... She's proving herself already girl.

    Luv and hugs

  7. You are fortunate. Now 'shop till you drop'...

  8. Thank God everyone is ok!

  9. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I'm glad to hear that your car insurance works the same as ours here.

    My goodness you lead an eventful life!

  10. Oh my goodness, You poor thing! Don't worry about the other guys too much. You've given then something to tell their RSL cronies for years! lol

  11. Shit! Thank god you are all ok. What a bugger for your new car though. Poor Roxy...

  12. So glad no one was hurt and your covered by insurance-sorry you had this happen to you.

  13. Thank goodness you and everyone else are ok! What a pisser though, poor Roxy!

    Could have been so much worse...I'm glad Roxy took good care of you all!

  14. Oh dear, I know that awful sick feeling. I am so sorry Roxy took a bruising, but luckily she is not too bad.

    How were the old gents? I hope they weren't too grumpy...

    So sad my dear. Happy ending was that you were covered (whew!).


  15. sorry, hon, I forgot to express my gladness that you and your ladies were all okay! sorry! xxx

  16. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Glad it was just a little fender bender. And no one is hurt. You'll have it back before you know it :)

  17. I missed this post....Oh God, Roxy looks like she has gone through the war zone. Glad that you are ok, and soon she will be fixed like brand new.

  18. Thanks for the comment Aunty! Glad it was minor damage to Roxy and no one was hurt! And of course that you were insured! Love, Love, Love the fish fabric in the pics! We have some great fabric shops here.....Does your phone recieve picture messages? If I see anything funky that you may like I can take a picture and send it to see if you want me to get you some. Let me know ok.

  19. I'm sooo glad the package got there in one piece ...and it didn't even take a week! Tell Teddy the BONE is for him NOT the socks!
    Redford (my old man-cat) is the one celebrating his birthday ....mine is not for another 23 days, where I'll be 2 years away from the big 50!

  20. Oh Chris you poor thing. I am so glad you are ok and all passengers were ok,,,,,,but still, what a shock, I mean it's a shock having a crash and a shock cos it was your new car. But these things can be fixed, the main thing is you're alright. XCathy

  21. Oh Chris - believe me, I know how it feels to wreck your brand new car! I've had plenty of experience with that.
    As for you having to walk to the hairdresser, then to the school - well that was your exercise for the day!

  22. OMG!!! I'm so glad everyone is okay! Machines can be fixed. It's a lot harder to fix people. I hate that pit in your stomach feeling after an accident! You handled it like a pro!

    She is gorgeous, Chris!! You lucky tart, you! I only dream of owning something so "fine." Enjoy her, pamper her, and keep her tummy full of petrol!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I agree with you about Simon. He really does know what he's talking about. He says what he says to get a rise out of people...and it works! (Look at me and my hubs!)

    Happy walking until Roxy is back in your arms!

  23. Wow! Talk about scary! I am glad that everyone is okay. Remember, cars can always be fixed but people are not the easy to fix!

    Love the fabric.

  24. OMG poor Roxy!! I can just imagine how stressed you were about the insurance. TG you were covered!

  25. Ouch thats a big ding. I can imagine how upset you must be. Too bad it happened but at least no one was hurt. Glad to hear that it is covered by your insurance. Hope your headache has cleared.

  26. I'm new to your site, but it must be kismet that I found you. I took my 16 year old son out today for driving lessons and when he pulled into a parking spot, instead of hitting the brake he hit the accellerator and up onto the curb we went... just missing a parking meter. Alas, some new gray hairs. But more importantly, I'm a quilter too and love your fabrics. I shall continue to follow you. Glad no one was hurt.

  27. OhMiGod! Just catching up on blogs and see you had a crash! Glad to see you (and everyone else) is OK though.

  28. Sorry you crashed your new car, but the important thing is no one got hurt. I hope all goes well with insurance company.


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