Monday, July 27, 2009


ABOVE: see this gorgeous Bag??? I JUST WON IT on Jean's blog giveaway! I am now BEYOND stunned at how many times I have won something in the past few weeks! THREE TIMES I have won a prize. I can't believe it....before this run of winning the only thing I had ever won was a toilet roll holder at a school Gala Day when I was 8 years old! (and I might add I did not think much of my toilet roll holder, what 8 year old would?). ha ha ha.

I am so thrilled... AGAIN! Thank you Jean for your wonderful bag. I will treasure it. It ROCKS!!!

Today after I get the kids to school the boys and I are going to the gym... Steve and Mike can get a 5 day pass via my membership... and after that they can pay on a casual basis if they want to continue going.

I hope to get most of my programme done today... if my legs let me! I have been in a lot of PAIN with sore thighs since friday! Going to the loo has been difficult to say the least! The legs hurt sooooo much. Too much information? Well YOU READ MY BLOG... what do ya expect?

Not too much is kept off this here blog... *smiles*

I am doing my very best to be more positive today... when there is nothing you can do to change a situation.... you have to learn to live with it somehow. I'm trying.

******************* PEPSI WAS UPDATED THE OTHER DAY **************

GYM was neat! I did most of my programme.. there will need to be some adjustments made cos of my knee (it hurts!) so squats might be ruled out.... and friggin lunges! But it's all good. Mike and I feel refreshed and ready for the day now.

Steve ... well he has a cold and is a misery guts, he stayed home in bed. Derrrr.

After my gym workout I was feeling so good I decided to tidy up the garage and do a 'spring clean'... well it's nearly 5 hours later and it's done! I am aching all over.

Now I've got to get dinner cooked... OH Yaaaaaa. Roast Pork....

End of Day: dinner was lovely, and I had some and it stayed down... this is great! I've had a good day..... nite nite.


  1. Do you know your blog name sales went down like hell, it is one of the main marketing researchers being done in the social network. Because ciclamate, that is what it has, causes cancer

  2. not understanding the first comment. At all. I was about to say something but now my English is failing me.

  3. Hiyas Chris! I'm glad not alot is kept off this blog - you tell it like it is! Hope Steve feels better! Glad you made it thru your program. Is that Blondie on that bag you won? I love it!

  4. Congrats on your winnings!!

    Glad you were feeling good enough to go to the gym.

  5. see, there is always a positive in life, you just have to look for it.

    You are a very lucky little lady aren't you?

    keep positive, keep smiling and the world will be as it should be again.

  6. Maybe your winning things lately is a note to remind you that you really are loved.

  7. Hope you feel better soon

  8. I think Mariana is indicating that they have found something else in Diet Coke that causes cancer, from what I can make of her cryptic message :)

    First time back in a couple of months, good to see you have sore muscles, means you're working hard and that is great!!

  9. The bag looks amazing! I used to love Blondie. She wasn't really blonde at all, was she....

    Oooo. Feel for Mike with the ankle. I broke mine a couple of years ago, and couldn't even shower myself. Had to rely on the hubby to set up the shower chair, tape up the cast, blah blah blah...

  10. what a neat bag, does she have another one i think that is so neat and would suit both of us!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  11. my legs hurt when i sit on the loo too!!!! After the bloody wii work!

  12. Maybe the positive attitude is related to your good luck!

    WHat do you mean, Pepsi was updated?

  13. Congrats on the workout and the cute bag! After all that 'spring cleaning', you think you'd like to come here and work on a couple closets? ;) Only kidding!

  14. Thanks for letting me know my business blog's comments are down. I appreciate it!

    I'm trying to fix the problem now.

  15. You are certainly on a roll with winning contests! Congrats! The purse is adorable.

    Good for you - going to the gym even though your thighs hurt. I have been there and you are right - going to the loo isn't too much fun!

  16. Lucky you! Glad to see you are finally starting to feel a bit better. Looks like a busy weekend. Nice to have the guys visiting. Keep up the great work at the gym. Take care.

  17. What's the can't just stand when you go potty...hahahahha...that hurts so flippin' bad when the thighs ache...your dinners always sound so good...and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love that bag...I love Blondie! Pretty awesome that you have some high points in your day now and then.....keep your chin up!

  18. I'm sooo jealous of that purse! Argh! I'm going now...


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