Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hopefully this wee video will play for you:

It shows the kids having dinner last night, and Teddy doing what he always does...standing under the chairs waiting for something... anything... to drop on the floor for him to eat! Right after I stopped taping Brylee dropped her whole sausage and Teddy had it in a split second and tried to take off with it! I took it off him of course! Poor dog.

When I prepare dinner he stands at my feet gazing at the floor, not moving ... for bloody ages! Sometimes he quickly looks up at me... as if to say "Drop something eh?"... lol.

Not got anything planned for today... just going to grit my teeth and hope the kids behave. We have plans to take them out on Friday, Stew is taking the day off.... I am hoping we can all go to the movies and see the latest Harry Potter movie.

I've given up trying to get any sewing done during the day... it's impossible with the kids home. *sigh*...

I had my car 4 days... and crashed it.

I have had the heat pump 4 days... and it's malfunctioned!

BUGGER... oh... it warms the room! That is the problem. I set it to 16 degrees overnight, no point heating the living areas when we are in bed eh? EXCEPT...last night it kept on heating .. and heating.. and this morning? The room was 25 degrees and rising! Pfffffft.

I have rung the installers... and they will 'Get back to me'... hmmmm, wonder how long that will take? In the meantime, I've turned the heat pump off. NOT IMPRESSED.

KAREN DEBORAH... you are right! I forgot about the sewing machine!!

Sewing machine malfunctioned 4 days after getting it.

Crashed car 4 days after getting it.

Heat Pump malfunctioned 4 days after getting it.

THAT'S my 3 in a row! AWESOME.

ABOVE: I'm sewing !!! I brought the machine up from the garage... and I'm finally getting on with the satin stitch on the Frangipani Project!

Kids are playing semi-happily, I can still hear the bitching.. damn it. I might just have to turn off the Playstation/Wii soon.

ABOVE: we have progress! Still a bit to go, but getting there!
Kids are finally learning how to get along, what a relief!

The Heat Pump.. seems to be working properly right now... will be interesting to see if it plays up again tonight eh? The installer guy said to give it another night to see how it goes.

End of Day: well I've done all I can on the Frangipani Project for today.. will need to go to Spotlight tomorrow for some black material to do the edge... otherwise it's almost done! AWESOME.

Stew bought home some Tia Maria... nummmm num! Off to relax now, he can put the little shits to bed. *sigh*... I've had enough of them for one day. nite nite.


  1. Hi, I am here via Slydes blog. I am in Oklahoma USA. It's 104 degrees farenheit here right now. Your winter sounds lovely. :-)
    Hope you have a great week.

    Cute video. I have a cat that does the same thing.

  2. Bloglines didn't show you'd made a new post, so I thought that with the holidays and my kids being back at school you'd still be tucked in bed, so I was going to just leave a 'good morning'. But you still beat me to it lol.Hope your heater pump gets sorted soon. Is this for central heating? I gathered it may be central heating, because other options that I do know about, don't have a water pump. Hope you stay warm and the kids behave for you.

  3. You crashed your new car? How did I miss that!?!?!!! You know things are not going your way, you forgot to mention the sewing machine.

  4. Do you have a lottery there? I'd say go pick all 4's lol.

    Teddy knows where to find the good stuff ;O)

  5. Hey Chris.
    Hope you have a good day. The kids should like Harry Potter, but its really long - over 2.5 hours.

  6. oh how annoying!!! Our first heat pump was a complete and utter dud. Never did the job - so glad when we had it totally replaced for FREE. I do hope you get your problem sorted (I suspect, knowing you, that you will)

  7. I thought of the sewing machine too. Maybe you have a gremlin living in your house!

    Hope you cool off soon.

  8. The project is beautiful!!!

    The heat pump is busto??? Gracious!! What is up over there?

  9. Ha ha - Laughing at Teddy, my wee boy does rhe same thing you would think we never feed them!

  10. The kids looked cute sitting in a row like that. Of course Teddy knows the best spot. ;)

    We're hoping to see Harry Potter this week too. Can't wait!

  11. When we finally got the heater going at the beach house, it did the same thing! It would be so bloody hot inside, but not long after turning it off the place was cold again... must be just something they do. Keep it set low and see what happens.

    Love the patchwork. Geez you're a clever little genie, aren't you? wish I had the time... and the patience.

    Don't worry about the kids. They'll sort it out themselves. Leave them fight it out - if there's no blood, don't worry about it! haha.

    Good luck.... xxx

  12. LMAO on the vid YA' TART! (Happy hon!) I call everyone's not's Austrican!..or just me....sorry!
    just happens...
    Love the new profile are lookin' fab!

  13. Anonymous7:52 PM

    And I was on my latest diet for 4 days before I blew it!

    ps: I am from Australia (Perth/Adelaide) and returning back there (to Melbourne) next year

  14. hey chicken! I am in stealth mode over the issues at work and so I have started a new blog!

    love the flower!

  15. That frangipani project was what tipped me over the edge. Thanks to you I have spent an obscene amount of money on sewing machine, overlocker, fabric, quilting paraphenalia and patterns.

    And I can't thank you enough!!!

    Hope the heater is fixed asap and your rule of 4 turns to good things!

  16. Anonymous12:00 AM

    The '4th' thing on your blog caught my eye "TIA MARIA"

    Bugger it ... I was doing so well with the 'self alcohol ban' until I read that alcoholic name *Tia* that just 'sings my name' every time I hear it "come get me ... come drink me - I'm all yours"

    Your blog entry turned on a light that made me remember .... I still had a bottle sitting in my booze cabinet compliments of Auckland Duty Free from the last time I came across the ditch.

    **SIGH** 400 calories added tonight - thanks girlfriend!

  17. That's one of my favor albums you're listen too. My dog sits right beside me while I prepare meals. She just loves her veggies and melon. Hang in there with the kids. Hope you get to see that movie.

  18. Anonymous3:40 AM

    I'm so glad to know that there are other people in this world that have things go all wonky too!

    Teddy is so adorable! Now, why didn't you just let him have that sausage?!? Just kidding... I know full well why not! Benny got ahold of a buffalo chicken wing the other night and I about broke my neck getting it back from him... dog farts are bad enough!

  19. I totally feel for you Chris, having an extra kid around isn't easy. Dogs are so much easier! Ha!

    Hang in there - your sewing project is looking great!

  20. will there be a 4th mishap?

  21. You crack me up...that is what I called mine on days like that....number 4 isn't very lucky is it.....I love your is GORGEOUS!

  22. Ohhhhh and our dog Hakko is the same as yours.....right under my feet while I am cooking and begging with his eyes....he is sooooo big....I 'bout break my neck if I turn to quickly and he is in the way....but you gotta love him....


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