Thursday, July 30, 2009


ABOVE: All ready for the cut....we have been here before!

ABOVE: Ikkky

ABOVE: Almost done.... and it cost 1/4 of what we paid 2 years ago!

Let's just call him 'Scar Face' now eh? What with the broken ankle as well.... he's a walking disaster zone. LOL.

ABOVE: my Convergence 'quilt'... not quite finished the top bit... but it's getting there. I can't do any more work on it now until next Tuesday's Patchwork Class...I need instruction on a few things.
That's cool... I can work on another one! *smiles*

Steve intimated last night that he'd like a quilt... hmmmmm. Maybe I will finish the Star Quilt for him? We will see.

Guess what I have been doing today? Another convergence quilt block! SEE:

It is twice the size of yesterday's one, and I havn't even put any borders on it yet! I will have to go and find some matching material to do the borders though, I don't have much to 'go' with it here at home. Oh darn... shopping is necessary! LOL
I really LOVE this one.. it has my favourite colours in it... and fish too!

FISH... aren't they so cute?

End of Day: I've had a good day today. Kept my mind of 'stuff'... tis good. nite nite.


  1. Poor Steve. I hope he feels better soon. Many thoughts, prayers and hugs. :[

  2. Your quilt looks fantastic! The cyst being removed? Not so much!

    I hope all's well...

  3. Chris, I absolutely love your quilts, I want to quilt!!! I want to create beautiful works of art like you do.

    And I love your Food For Thought!!

    Nothing says it better.

    As for the cyst, good on your son for letting the blog world view this, I'm sure he's stoked, LOL!!

  4. Mike is your son with the bum ankle and getting the cyst removed right? And Steve is the funny one (about your computer issues at least). Anyway if they had the same haircut they would look like twins. They're not are they?
    Hope you're feeling better - love the quilt project.

  5. I think it's great your son would like you to make a quilt for him, he obviously appreciates your talents and loves you heaps.

    I am a sentimentalist at heart and I treasure the few things I have from my family. I have my great aunt Ivy's old Singer sewing machine (the pedal one) and it has pride of place in my lounge room, I will pass it down to my daughter who has her middle name.

  6. Hope Mike's face heals quickly, as well as his ankle. We're dealing with illness and strife here, so I can relate.

    Make Steve a quilt! Make all your kids quilts! My mom has made two bed quilts for each of my kids and my niece, two for my brother and one for me, as well as a wall hanging. They are something we can keep always. :)

  7. that looks painful... hope you are feeling better soon steve...
    love the quilt its my favorite colors!

  8. Trust you to take photos of Mike having the cyst cut out. That's why I love your blog. Something different every day.

    Your quilting is amazing. Well done Chris.

  9. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Hey Chris,

    Those convergence quilts are super cute. Maybe you could show me how to make one, one day?

    Hope Dude's ears are feeling better.

    We'll catch up again sometime I guess :-)

  10. Poor guy, do hope he's healed quickly. The quilts are looking great. Do think poor Steve deserves his own quilt. Have a great day.

  11. OUCH!

    ...okay, bloglines has been crazy. It has been telling me that you've had no new posts lately.
    Log on today---21 new posts!

    So much to comment on!

  12. Wow! Hope your son is better soon! The convergence quilt is awesome!

  13. Ewwwww! Yucky pics. LOL. Poor guy. He's got a broken ankle too??

  14. Amazing quilts, Chris! The colors are absolutely beautiful!

    Sorry your son had to go under the knife. Scars add so much character and mystery to a guy... Hope he's feeling well soon!

    Have been on a I'm trying to catch up on your posts!

    Well done, girlfriend, well done!

  15. Poor Steve......

    the fabric is so dang it!


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