Saturday, July 11, 2009


So, Steve seems to have fixed a few of me computer issues... and as for the internet disconnecting constantly... might be the Internet Supplier's fault... he's going to talk to them today to try and sort that out for me. The last time he had to do that I ended up getting free internet for a couple of months by way of an apology for their crap service. Hmmmm... that would be nice.

We have the usual Saturday morning routine:
Visit the Doctor for weigh in and the yakkity yak.
Go do a few things in Manukau... want to pick up some bits and pieces to do a couple of jobs around the house, then home to do said jobs!

Spend some time with Steve, he has to go back to Hamilton this afternoon ....

- I lost 1 kilo, Stew lost 1.5 kilos... this is good!
- I have been told by the doctor to join the gym again.. he believes (as I do) that it will help make me a more positive person... as I am always waiting for something dreadful to happen! Shit has happened so often in my past that I tend to live my life just waiting for the NEXT bad thing to happen. This must change.

- I have to get myself a 'Gratitude Diary' and write in it every day 3 things I am grateful for.. and hopefully it will teach me to start focusing on the positive and not the negative all the time. Interesting.... So, that was our visit to the doctor today..

NOW.. we are going to head out for a shop-around and have lunch with Steve.
I am already feeling so much more positive that I can make the changes necessary to lose my weight and live a happier, healthier life FOREVER.... not just lose it, gain it, lose it... like I have been doing.

OOOppps! We went out, and SOMEHOW I ended up buying a new computer! I had intended to buy a small 2nd laptop to use in the bedroom/lounge... but ummmm... we ended up getting a slightly bigger thing:

ABOVE: here is Steve setting it all up for me... such a sweetie!

Amanda and Andrew are going to some Ball tonight, here in Auckland, so they have dropped off Huston and Joel for the night.

So the house is full of kids. LOVELY. Next week we get our other grandson Joshua for the week too. No rest for the wicked eh?
ABOVE: I've been hard at work tidying up the computer area... sorting out all the friggin papers etc that you tend to keep ... all tidy now.
Stew has gone out to get the family Pizza for dinner... not exactly a good choice but...WE BEEN BUSY .... not time to cook!
End of Day: sheesh it's so cold today! I can't wait until monday when we get our new heat pump! Kids are all fed and watered, just waiting to get them all to bed now. Yaaa. nite nite.


  1. Yay for Steve!! Glad that's getting fixed. :]

  2. Often internet dropping out is an ISP problem, so I hope Steve can sort it out for you. A gratitude journal is an awesome idea. Sometimes all the great things get swallowed up by the not so good things. I like to think of these things as I go to sleep at night. If you are one for prayer, that's a powerful tool, if not thinking good things, is a form of meditation and can help take the focus on the things you do have and the things you can change. Congratulations on the weight loss, that's great Chris.

  3. You go girl! Congrats on your weight progress.

  4. Isn't it surprising the number of times we catch ourselves thinking negatively? I wouldn't want to delude myself that everything is ok when it isn't, but I think a gratitude journal will really make you think. AND the gym? That's a lot of change all at once- good for you! And congrats on your losses!!

  5. Well done Chris. That is a great loss this week. And Stew of course.

    I am exactly the same. I find myself always thinking the worst of any situation. I hope you can find more ways to be more positive. If you do, let me know!!

  6. Well done with the loss Chris & Stew!!

  7. Top losses you guys - well done! Computer area looks great. Z xx

  8. well done on the losses the pair of you :) and wow, nice computer.. more blogging :)

  9. Glad you've mentioned that computer problem because I've been having the same problem and thought it was a virus. but virus check hasn't come up with anything .. pain in the butt.
    I didn't get any parcels yesterday boohoo but probably it will arrive Monday and I'll get it when I get back from Lowe Hutt. It's so exciting. I hope you had a great day out in Roxy. Lovely computer.
    Fingers x for me PLEASE XOX

  10. I like the idea of a gratitude diary,,,will have to consider doing that. I tend to not be as positive as I should too. Congrats on the weight loss. If you want to do the excerises at home, I bought a Wii is such fun! I also got the EA Sport Active, and you get to box someone, hit a punchbag, and do fun things like that. I love it. I play tennis, do the step board, and before you know it 45 -50 minutes have gone by...just an idea!

  11. that is a fantastic screen Chris!!! (I'm jealous).

    here's my 2 cents on negativity:

    I had a shitty 22 years... and then I had a change of thought.

    1st... I thought that I had to have the shitty stuff to appreciate the good stuff (and know when the good stuff happened)

    2nd... I got a "power of attraction" attitude (and that was 20 years ago - before 'the Secret'). I believe that if you focus on the negative - that is what you attract. So focus on the positive... and it will come to you.

    I love te sound of the gratitude journal.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!! You go girl !!!!

  12. Beautiful computer area! And so neat! Kids over should fix that! :]


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