Sunday, July 26, 2009


ABOVE: Heading back on the motorway towards the city... on the left is the Harbour Bridge.

ABOVE: On the Harbour Bridge heading towards the North Shore, on our way to lunch at Albany.

ABOVE: Steve, Their Aunt Khady (Stew's sister) and Mike, out at Bethell's Beach.

ABOVE: Mike putting his foot up... it really throbs after a while being down...

ABOVE: the view of Bethell's from the top of a bloody goat track of a road, which I would like to point out was INCREDIBLY STEEP. The barren land in the foreground is in fact huge sand dunes! Black sand... ikky. Apparently there is a lake up amongst those dunes too.... maybe one day I will walk up them to see it?

ABOVE: another view from a different road...
Right, that's it for yesterday.

Today: don't know! I might try and get my fat quarters ready for class on Tuesday... I went out and found the PERFECT piece of material for our CONVERGENCE QUILT Project! I can't wait to do it.

I might even do a 'dummy run' convergence quilt block.... just to keep my mind off other crap.
ABOVE: the gorgeous ROXY... we gave her a carwash yesterday! I have made a vow to myself to keep her clean! My last poor vehicle only got washed about once a year!

I've been doing washing all morning. That sucks.
I'm cold.
I'm crabby.
I still don't feel like eating.
I just listed my sauna on TradeMe cos I don't use it enough anymore, and I need the room in the garage for other stuff.

THAT. IS. ALL. (for now)

Sunday drive... we took the boys to Maraetai beach... Mike and I had a Latte/Moccha at my favourite coffee shop. Stew, Steve and the kids went for a walk and an ice-cream.
I took more photos:
ABOVE: Pineharbour Marina... mega bucks in boats!
ABOVE: a funky letterbox I saw yesterday at Bethell's Beach.
ABOVE: My Caramel Latte'.... so yum!
I put lamb chops in the oven with mint sauce before we went out... coming into the house when we came home.... what a devine smell! AND what a shame my tummy is still in panic mode and causing me to throw up and 'down' still. *sigh*
2010: who the hell are you? AND Stew was adopted... he is not biologically linked to his sister! lol. It makes us laugh cos people always say Griffin looks just like Stew... and there is no blood link there either!
End of Day: Dinner was really lovely... well, so the family said. When it came time for me to eat my belly revolted AGAIN and I couldn't have any. Just felt sick. Tis good for the diet I suppose... not so good for the nerves. nite nite.


  1. Helen7:02 AM

    Lurker from the UK...very much admiring your two gorgeous sons!

    Love the blog...keep up the good work :)

  2. The pics are just breathtaking! I loved them all, girl!

  3. Your quilting is amazing and such a great hobby.

    Do you know, I had a dream the other night that I went to an amazing fabric/quilting shop in Sydney and bought lots of stuff to send to you? Is that weird?

  4. Didnt realise how alike your boys are til I see a photo of them side by side...
    Great pics... Hope things are settling down for you and your family.. Sorry to hear you are unwell with all the stress ..
    Take care!

  5. so pretty! stew's sis is so much like him i think!!

  6. O Chris, the pictures are SOOOO beautiful - thank you Soo much for sharing them!

    I had to laugh about your vow to keep your car clean because the other one had a hard time getting a bath !!!!!!! Because I have the same thing going on! LOL GOOD LUCK!

  7. Cool reading your Sunday post, especially since it's still Saturday here!

  8. I truly hope that things look up for you soon Chris. You're too nice a person to have to deal with all the stress that you currently seem to be lumbered with. I hope it helps to know that us bloggers care. *Hugs*

  9. Oh ... and as a "post script" - thanks for the pics of the North Shore. I was supposed to be up there for a conference the last few days, but it sadly was cancelled - but at least I can say I saw the North Shore!! :)

  10. Just checking up on blogs before I go offline for a couple of weeks (unless I find an internet cafe somewhere). I hope you're feeling better soon Chris.. YOu're not pregnant are you???? hehe.. ouch you slapped me!!
    I can't wait to see your convergence quilt.. sounds like something Ricky Tims would do.. He's written a couple of pattern books about them.
    Enjoy your boys Chris. And your girls of course... Your Big Girl.. hmmm lucky he didn't get pulled over on the way home... Did he shave his legs???? Hehe
    Take care. Quilt Diva is underway in da motel this week. Luv Karen

  11. One time I got the flu and I lost 13 lbs within a week! I kept it off to so I said, "oh well, losing weight was awesome." LOL. Last year I got the flu again and I was bummed it only last 24 hours. I was hoping to lose 13 lbs again. LOL.

  12. LOL @ who the hell is 2010 - I know but i'm not telling (but it did take me a while to work it out too).

    Yay for keeping Roxy clean - wish that would rub off on my husband, I think i'd be lucky to get my car washed once every 2 years (and before you say it - it's HIS job, I do enough inside the house).

    Oh and i'm a big fan of caramel latte's (and hazelnut latte's) too - can't seem to get enough of them, even if they are 2.5 points!

  13. Do you have a bug or just nerves? I hope you feel better soon :(

    Your boys are all just gorgeous!

  14. Did you know there is a scratch on the Roxy..just under the driver door handle? See it?

    Lovely pics,just lovely.
    I was kidding about the scratch...

  15. What beautiful make me smile....


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