Monday, July 06, 2009


ABOVE: look at that! I finished my first ever Roman Blind... I'm rather chuffed about that! Stew did the final bits like screwing the brackets on and hanging it for me... but I did 98.5% of it!

ABOVE AND BELOW: I think Teddy wants to take some credit too... cos I'm sure he thought he was 'helping' Stew do this bit! Isn't he just the MOST adorable wee dog?

Yesterday was an ikky sort of day, showers, cold and just typically WINTER. Late in the afternoon I glanced out the family room window and saw this:
ABOVE: talk about a 'demonic looking' cloud! This photo is totally 'untouched'.. just as I saw it. Freaky.... and luckily it didn't last long!

We heard from the Heat Pump Installers, and they are coming in a week ... I'm thrilled about that! It's cold. He had originally said it could take up to 3 weeks to get it installed, so I really am appreciative that they have pulled out all the stops to get it in sooner for me.

What else? OH yes, Kelly and her two kids are coming for a visit today for a few days... so at least I won't be stuck at home, carless, on me own!

OH I do hope ROXY gets home soon! Even though I have been VERY nervous driving ever since my little accident! Yesterday I kept jumping out of my skin at the slightest thing! Wonder how long that will last???

Yeah .. yeah.. I know I've been slack today on the updates! Kelly and the kids arrrived, I've been playing with me camera.. see!

The 'mosaic' feature on me camera is getting a thrashing! It's just so much fun!

Apart from that.. done NOTHING!

My car is coming back tomorrow! I am soooo happy about that. AND the dealers we bought if off had not changed over the ownership until today... does that mean it was THEIR car I crashed last week! LOL, nah it was mine. *sigh*

It's a weird day here, one minute we are having a hail storm, and the next its beautiful and sunny! Derrr...

End of Day: it's been long, it's been tiring... thank god the kids are in bed and asleep... only 14 more sleeps till they go back to school. *sigh*... nite nite.


  1. You are very clever - I found making a roman blind very difficult to get right and a lot more work than I thought it would be!

  2. great job your shade looks awesome and the pitcha of your man and the wee dog is priceless.

  3. I've just gone and ordered a roman blind for our bedroom. I don't even possess a sewing machine now days so getting a professional. You are soo talened!!

  4. *gasp* it's gorgeous, Chris! Good work!!

  5. It looks great, love the "helpers". The cloud looks like Scooby Doo with a big fluffy hat and sunglasses on to me lol.

  6. Ok, I've been in Nelson for almost a week so time to catch up on some blog reading and some commenting.

    First off, I am really sorry to hear you had an accident in your new vehicle, I don't know how long the 'nervy' feeling lasts but I was hit by a small truck a few years back (when parked at a round about and saw it coming in my rear view mirror and thought, gee, he's going fast he better not,,, (to late, crash) and to this day I still glance up into the rear view mirror and have a few moments of worry wondering if a vehicle is going to stop before hitting me).

    But I think my case is a wee bit different as I saw it all about to happen, the accident where I was hit by a car in the supermarket carpark (when I was again stationary) made me nervous for only about a month then it went away so hopefully you won't feel nervy or anxious for too long either.

    The roman blind looks great, (love those neutral colours and can imagine it would look really good with the colours in your house).

    Your Totara cafe sounds yum, I've just reacquainted myself with my old friend 'Twany Port' and have come to the conclusion its the perfect winter warm up drink.

  7. The new blind looks awesome Chris!! Well done. I wish I had half your talent. Enjoy the rest of your day. :)

  8. I love that roman blind~the fabric is gorgeous. :)

    Love all the pictures too. :)

  9. That cloud looks awesome! So does the curtain :o)

  10. The blind looks great, you are so talented...

    Love the picture of the cloud...

    Teddy looks so cute, helping out...

  11. Another great creation for "Clever Tart Productions" lol!

    Just love the second photo of Stew and Teddy looking adoringly at each other.

  12. Sorry about your car! Nice roman blind.
    I met a kiwi at the hospital....that's a new zealander isn't it?? Nice man and the accent always gets me....ahhhhh.

  13. I love the roman blind, you are so talented, I glaze over just looking at the instructions :-)

    Was the woman who hosted the Style evening called Jo? part Islander & a great friendly personality? If it is the same one I know she is really lovely.

  14. Oh you are a talented girl aren't you - good thing too seeing as you might have to start selling some of these talents to pay for your shopping addictions.

    Good news about getting the car back, photos look great - hope you're enjoying your visitors.

  15. Karen Palmy5:20 PM

    wicked the blind is perfect Chris. I hope you have a wonderful few days with your grandchildren. Same as here. Take care. K

  16. Great photo. It would be perfect if it was Halloween.

  17. Katrina, ACT, Australia7:52 PM

    Teddy looks so cute in the photo with Stew - reminds me of how our dog used to do that too. Oh, and the blind looks great.

  18. Wow, you're a talented lady! That photo of the cloud is amazing!

    Sorry to hear about your car :(

    But I was very pleased to read about your mum *hugs* x

  19. You're a handy woman to have around. The blind looks great. Nice photos of the kids. The cloud picture is fantastic. Weather has been weird here as well. Summer has yet to kick in. Gotta love the pets they just eat your heart away. Glad to hear you're getting your car back tomorrow.

  20. Chris, once again, you astound me with your talent! The blind looks great. It's beautiful material!

    Ok, that cloud? Super creepy!!

  21. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thanks for showing us! It's beautiful.


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