Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yep, totally original.

It's what ya put up when you have nothing to say!

I don't know what we are doing today... we do need to go to town so I can get a couple of things from Spotlight...

That's about it!

I really, really enjoyed the sewing yesterday, I am not going to let another 2 weeks go by without sewing.

Today I am going to FINISH that bloody Frangipani Project! Yaaaa.
AND I will make a start on the binding for Brylee's quilt...

OH YES! Today I will go to the gym and join again ! There, I found something to say! Wasn't that hard was it? LOL


(2010... not sure who you are? And I couldn't leave a comment last night on your blog?.. )

It's done! I joined the gym... and my first 'assessment' is on Monday 9am.... followed by another session on Wednesday to go over my proramme. I am thinking my fitness assessment will SUCK BIG TIME! I am dreadfully unfit now. *sob*.... but all that is going to change! I'm excited about that.

I also got the materials I needed to finish two sewing projects.. so it's looking to be a good day. Kids are driving me nuts, but what's new on that front? lol

There is always something with a big family... Mike text'd me.. he's in hospital... seems he has no doubt broken his ankle. I'm worried (as normal)... he hadn't been seen by a doctor when he text'd me.. but he's 100% sure it's broken. *sigh*... seems he did it LAST NIGHT at netball... but didn't go to hospital till this morning... and of course now it's swollen to hell and they probably won't be able to fix it right away. Grrrrrr.

All I want to do is be there and make sure he's ok. He may be 19, but he's my baby. It's broken, he's in a soft cast up to his knee till the swelling goes down, then hopefully they can put a proper cast on it next wednesday. Broke some bones, chipped some bones... lots of muscular damage. Might mean no more netball this year, which is a bummer. He is a Manawatu Rep player... gutted.

My first instinct was to just jump in the car and go down there! Now? Suppose I will just stay here and worry, nothing I can do down there really.

End of Day: I am on track still, I'm motivated, I'm doing good again! Long may it last. The 'Gratitude Diary' is great! Looking on the bright side works! Shit still happens, but it's how you cope with it that counts. I choose to cope with it JUST FINE thanks. nite nite.


  1. Glad that you are back to your sewing and enjoying it! Can't wait to see the pics! I wanted to ask you if you are ok, as I heard about the earthquake. Did you get affected in any way?

  2. Glad you are back to doing something you enjoy!

  3. they are always your baby. Come over to my blog there is something for you to see.

  4. The cartoon is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! Good luck at the gym. I need to do the same thing.. again.

  5. The cartoon is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! Good luck at the gym. I need to do the same thing.. again.

  6. Good for you getting back to the gym...and who cares what your assessment is-you can only improve hey! I'm glad you're excited about it! Looking forward to hearing about your progress! I'm with ya' babe!
    Too bad about the boy...damn-broken ankle sucks! I'm sure he's grateful his mum's worried-even if you can't be there physically.

  7. O Chris - I finally found you! So sorry about your baby getting hurt. I broke my ankle 4 years ago and it still bothers me-hope because he is younger he will heal better!

    Take care and be happy!
    Linda the sewing granny

  8. Good on you getting back to the gym!

    You are right - you can't do much for Mike but a natural instinct to come down. Is he still seeing his girlfriend?

  9. Poor Mike, I'm with you, no matter how old they are still your babies..Hope he copes ok.

  10. I just found your blog, I love it!Love the cartoon rofl!

  11. Oh no... the poor guy. Netball is notorious for knee and ankle injuries isn't it?

  12. Sad to hear about your boy. It's GOOD though that your fitness assessment might not be too good - really easy to improve against once your fitness levels are up a bit, eh?

  13. Good on you for joining the gym and best of luck with your fitness assessment...

  14. ooh, broken ankles are the worst things. I hope he gets it set soon. It's it horrible worrying about your kids and not being able to do anything?

    I had to laugh though. A friend of mine sprained his ankle playing netball. The first question he was asked by his work buddies was "what, did you trip on your skirt?"

    Sorry, but that's what I thought...

    Hope he feels better soon


  15. Good luck with your gym membership..I wish I had the time and motivation to go to gym...
    just too bloody tired all the time...

  16. What is net ball? I hope Mike gets well soon.

  17. I ♥ YOU! You sooooo make me smile....I love that you say it how it is......and I love your attitude about all the chit and chat in your life....I started W.W. A G A I N last really bugs that I put it ALL back on.....but in the two weeks I have dropped 9 pounds or 36 cubes of BUTTER!!!!! I really love the saying up in the right hand corner of your blog.....I am really sorry about your son.....that breaks my ♥ when my son goes through that with his sports....the expression "gutted" was perfect....Brody is feeling that way right now....good luck with the gym and glad you are back at sewing.......have a great day! Oh and love the cartoon!

  18. Just caught up on three of your posts - the pice you were working on is beautiful! The kiddos look like they are having fun and BLAHHH for the heat pump which isn't working correctly! I am glad you started a Gratitude Diary - I have done that before and it really makes you stop and think about all the good things in your life that you could take for granted!


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