Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Makes Griffin VOMIT.... lets not give him THAT again!

Brylee isn't keen on it either. The rest of us LOVE IT.
So.... today is Patchwork...


I will be taking Mike to the gym before I go to class and picking him up afterwards. He's a gym bunny! Steve... don't know what he's doing... probably sleeping away the morning...
BELOW are two 'Convergence Quilts' by Ricky Timms:
These quilts are made by using 2 or 4 pieces of material.. cutting and splicing them together then adding borders/appliques. It's quite amazing what you can do. Today I am going to try making one... WELL the middle bit anyway!
Class: can you be in a room full of women and feel all alone? YES.
Home: Griffin was sent home with an ear infection, luckily Steve could go and get him.
Later: Had lunch, feel sick. Took Griffin to the Dr.. antibiotics and painkillers.
Even Later: Taking Brylee to her swimming lesson, the boys to the gym and Griffin is going to sit with me while we wait .... and eat chocolate. (Him, not me!)
Dinner tonight is going to be takeaways, I am over cooking right now.
End of Day: we did have takeaways.... it was nice too. Feeling quite tired now.. looking forward to tomorrow when I can do some more quilting. nite nite.


  1. I love those...thesy are gorgeous!!!!! That soup sounds so good...if it only wasn't 116* here right now....I might make it for dinner...hope you are feeling better and life is a little better...

  2. Thanks for making me feel like one of the cool kids. I hope things are beginning to look better on all fronts for you. I am awed by your sewing.

  3. I've never tried pea and bacon soup either. Not sure I'd like it ,but as long as there is no celery I don't think I'd actually vomit.
    Love the quilts - good luck on making yours!

  4. I love making these...you will have so much fun!!!

  5. Maybe the ear infection made Griffin sick - not your soup! We have a huge pot of pea & bacon soup - love it!

    Sad you feel alone in the class.

  6. Well yeah....bacon should make a person vomit! LOL....I'm only sayin this because you are always so honest in telling me what you think about my the food on my blog..hehehe.
    You're quilt should be awesome!
    Cute bag down below!

    cheers hon!

  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Chris, I think you are in very fragile emotional state and that is why you feel alone, You have family and friends who love you, just take it one day at a time, every situation is always temporary, It will change, I know from experience.

    About Griffin, maybe it wasn't the soup that made him sick, poor child he is unwell.

    Take care hugs xxx


  8. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Hope you are feeling a bit better. Hugs.

    As always, your patchwork is stunning!

  9. I love Ricky Timms...I met him once at a quilt show. I am also a member of the Quilt Show that he and Alex Anderson have.

  10. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Hope you feel better soon :) Whats your soup recipe? I love soup! lol

  11. How creative! Very sad that you feel alone in the class - i'll tell ya, it's their loss!!!

    Soup sounds divine - i'm guessing there's a special delivery of it on it's way to Australia just for me? :-)

  12. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather and that Griffin is sick as well. Hope the both of you are feeling better soon. The quilt pattern look very challenging. Hope you find a way to relax and unwind. Take care.

  13. i think pee and bacon bone soup would make ME vomit too...

    none for me, thanks..


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