Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I took some of my own advice... and decided last night to declutter the toys in the house.. which lead to 4 BIG bags to toys to go to the Hospice Shop, and about 4 big bags to go into the bin!
Ahhhhh... that feels better!

Less clutter = less stress = less crabbiness. MUST be good!

It's the first day of the new term at Patchwork Class today.. and I have promised the tutor that I will TRY and do the class project this term! Maybe I will, but only if it's something I want to do! No point making something I don't want eh?

So, that's where I will be this morning... class

****OH and I'm trying a personal challenge for the rest of the week! I don't know about YOU.. but I seem to always be wearing BLACK clothes... so this week's challenge is to wear no black for the rest of the week! Who is going to join me? It may mean wearing my nightie all week! LOL

FUCK! I'm wearing black knickers and bra... Pffffft... can't see em, they don't count!

ABOVE: proof... no black!


- Class was good, I will probably do the class projects this term, they look interesting.

- Home for lunch and a spot of housework.

- Picked up kids from school then off to swimming lessons for them.

Now home, tired and crabby. I get so darn hot sitting watching the kids swimming.. it's hot and humid and I almost always end up with a headache. *sigh*

End of Day: it's been a long day today, hardly any time to relax...so that's what I'm gunna do now! Got some Totara Cafe' to sip on too. Yum. nite nite.


  1. Haha Go Chris. A girl after my own heart. Why spend hours doing something you don't like.. for one you'll never get it finished!!.... welll I don't! I'm thinking I need a day off this week to finish my grandsons quilt so I can hand it in for quilting on Monday night. And it's so quiet at work this week.. hardly miss me. But where would I sew... eeek... maybe two days .. one to finish sorting haha. I been thinking of all the times I've helped my kids move house ... I expect they'll be knocking the door down this weekend!@? TUI

  2. I am the same Chris, less clutter makes me happier too. I am also in the same boat about the black clothes, but recon if i join you in your little challenge I would be wearing nothing on top, arggghhh to cold for that, but have decided that I am going to try and not buy any more black!! have a great day at your class :-) kelly

  3. LOL Go Chris!!

    Proud of ya on the decluttering!!

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Come to my house!!! We just emptied a storage unit into our garage yesterday and I've got to go through it all and find places for it in the house. At least pass me some of that liquor.

  5. I don't think I could do a week / a day without black. Nearly everything in my wardrobe is black or has black on it.


  6. Unfortunately, I have only two pairs of pants that fit. One of them is black. LOL

    I did the same thing as you three weeks ago, only the kids were out of town. Bwahahahha.

    Three bags of stuffed animals to charity and three bags of trash to the can. Sweeeeeeet.

  7. I'd love to join you but sadly a large portion of my work wardrobe is black - suit jacket, half of the trousers, two shirts.

    I did buy some grey pants and pale aqua tops on the weekend, so maybe I could wear them all week? I only have the black suit jacket though, sorry... :-(

  8. Doesn't it feel great to get all that stuff cleaned out! I always wonder how we end up with so much crap, seems I'm always taking out "4 bags".

  9. Glad that you decluttered your home. I would have a hard time getting rid of the toys...I am a kid at heart. As to wearing black, I never do, except for legggings. Pink is my favorite colour, so that blouse definitely rocks.

  10. Great feeling when you declutter. I always have to do the kids' toys when they're at school though. Not much gets thrown out when they're 'helping'. I'm with you on the black clothes. It is winter though after all.

  11. I understand about the clutter. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm about to go crazy on my house and get rid of stuff!

  12. Frangipani and Brylee's quilt are both superb. *green with envy at your talent*

    What are the projects for class this term?

    You need to set up a 'how to' section on your blog.

  13. hey chris! sorry for missing that little call out you did to me! I guess that i was too excited about the gym visit to notice!

    Hugs, A

  14. LOL @ you not doing the class project if you don't want to - did you adopt that attitude at school too? Strangely enough I could see you doing it!

    I hear you with the swimming thing - I hate it, it's like a sauna in those pools.

    Very smart move too waiting for the kids to go back to school before decluttering toys!

  15. Not wearing black for an entire week . . . good luck and keep us up to date!

  16. Hope that project was something that you liked. I've turned off colors as well. Everytime I shop I go for the black or white. Keep telling myself I need to get away from it. Good luck with your challenge.

  17. My wife declutters toys every week, but it's hopeless because she keeps buying used toys at the thrift store.


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