Friday, July 17, 2009


Karen Deborah, over at Fresh Fixins had a wee competition, the winner could win these lovely scarves:

So, because they were so pretty and blue, I entered! AND WON!

ABOVE: here is Karen Deborah's husband about to do the draw... have you EVER seen a more enthusiastic looking man???? I tell ya!

WOOOO HOooooo.. I won! That is the second thing I have won this year.. THAT IS A LIFETIME record! I am gobsmacked(amazed)! AND rather chuffed(stoked, rapt) ... I can't wait to get them and decide what I'm going to do with them! OOOooooo... maybe some sort of snazzy wall hanging? THANK YOU K/D, you rock!

Now... today:

Stew is home! He took the day off so he could spend a bit of time with the kids... so I think we are going to a movie ... and lunch out of course. I now have to decide if I want to go too... or stay home and have some quiet time to myself and do some sewing.

Decisions, decisions....

- we went out at 10 am... got a few jobs done then

- had lunch at Manukau Mall

- took the kids to the Harry Potter movie, I went too... wish I hadn't... it was stoooopid! Nothing like the book, and if you hadn't read the book the movie would have been hard to follow and totally disjointed. Bitterly dissappointed.

- Then we went to the Dr for our weekly weigh in. Stew gained massively, I stayed the same..... We believe the doctor's scales are crap.... there is NO WAY Stew gained 5 kilos in 6 days .... our home scales say I lost 2 kilos this week... think I will go with them!

Home now... and it's 5.30pm... we have been out all day!

Teddy is beside himself with excitement that we are home at last, poor boy. I'm not cooking dinner tonight, Stew and the kids have been scoffing lollies, icecream and popcorn all afternoon so don't need much. I had NONE!!! Quite happy with myself about that. Usually I indulge at the movies.

End of Day: it's been a nice day all up... time to put me feet up and relax in a comfy chair! nite nite.


  1. of my favourite things! [covers my scraggy old neck]

  2. Congrats on winning those BEAUTIFUL scarves!
    I think I'd pick the time alone ...

  3. Oh, congrats, Chris! Isn't that lovely??

  4. Ok , my beautiful Chris!
    I need a translation: I am gobsmacked! AND rather chuffed

    I absolutely adore it - I just don't understand it YET? HELP!

    And - congrats on your winning the blue scarfs - they are so pretty. You will have to keep us updated as to what their purpose will finally be?

  5. congratulations on winning those scarfs, they are lovely.

    decisions decisions, I'm sure you will have a great day what ever you decide to do...

  6. SEWING!! Stay home and sew! You have the kids everyday and they will benefit from one on one time with stew. Get thee into the sewing room, Woman!

  7. LOL I just love the expression "gobsmacked"!!!
    congrats on winning those pretty scarves!

  8. WOOHOO! your on a roll.

    Have a good day mate

  9. Congrats, Chris!! They are beautiful! It's fun to win something isn't it?

  10. WOW, Beautiful scarves! Congratulations.

  11. Congrats old girl. Looks like you are having a great year this year! Good on you!

  12. And only 2 days till school holidays are over :-) - got to be happy with that.

  13. Scarves are my favourite things! and thank you for your comment on my bloggy.

  14. Oh so pretty! Congrats!

  15. hey lovely

    i have your sticker ready. please email me on and I will send it off asap.

    Hugs to all


  16. What a lovely family day you had with the kids and Stew. Congrats on winning those wonderful scarves!

  17. Congrats on joining the gym and winning another prize. Good for you holding out on the junk. The world is going gaga for Harry Potter. I guess the fans will finds something the like. Keep well and have a fun weekend with the kids.

  18. CONGRATS!!!!! I love those they are so beautiful! My hubby has that same expression when doing stuff like that too....makes me laugh! Good for you not eating any junk....and I love the word gobsmacked....have I told you how much you make me smile....♥ ♥ ♥ you!

  19. ohhhhhh and I forgot to the words "nutter" and "tart"


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